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5 SERIOUS Financial MISTAKES You Should Avoid With Your Money

Introduction Of 5 SERIOUS Financial MISTAKES You Should Avoid With Your Money

5 SERIOUS Financial MISTAKES You Should Avoid With Your Money. A clear complete financial picture of themselves, not understanding things such as what is their current status in their credit score as has been your credit history what is your debt capacity at this time what is a relatively exact average of monthly income from different sources, not necessarily only employment.

How That Situation Or Those Financial Circumstances

What is the average of expenses and in what categories can we have those expenses in which it rises the most money what things are essential what things are not necessarily what is the total that I pay for taxes annually what is the d Intro maximum that I would need to cover all my needs what is strictly necessary for other words the cost of living leaving aside any luxury any desire?

That has nothing to do with my survival as such the idea is simply to be clear exactly your current situation from carrying out doctor what is strict monitoring of all the money that comes out of your pocket from your bank account your credit cards as well as everything that comes in but I mean all the movements you have even. You Can Also Read How To DOUBLE Your Money – The 3 Factors You Must Know.

If you buy a sweet on the street even if you pay a receipt if you make a purchase from a friend any number of things the truth is that it is good to keep track of it, take a sheet, take an excel table, have an application on your cell phone to write this down and then you can have reported in where you realize what the annual monthly averages are.

The Second Serious Financial Error

Which is basically how that situation or those financial circumstances that you are performing, how to be able to make decisions based on these figures and based on these data, it is very easy to identify, for example, where the money is going monthly and what could reduce those costs, it is easy to identify if you are paying A telecommunications plan that today there is a cheaper one with better benefits as is the case for most people.

If you can call to request that your bank eliminate the handling fees and amount of other things to save as well as also identify how much you are paying taxes how many two as many incomes if they are not enough to cover your minimum expenses know that you need to create additional sources of income and then this situation does not take you by surprise ‘and much more the second serious financial error.

What you should avoid is spending all your money many people simply think that because there is no guarantee that I am alive and Tomorrow we do not know when we are going to die and if we die they do not take us to the grave because we have to spend it all today we have to enjoy the money as if there were no tomorrow these types of people are the ones if for some reason.

Do Not Have Budgets For Even Smaller Financial Decisions

Their income They also increase their expenses and their lifestyle increases are people who do not have a long-term investment plan and when I say long term I do not say five years or ten years I mean the long term they are also people who do not save much less invest and do not have budgets for even smaller financial decisions and this is vital in this case the idea is to understand the true value of money stop seeing a dollar today as a dollar today see it as the ten dollars.

That could be in the future well managed invested multiplied through business through investments through education and financial intelligence the thinking at all times that tomorrow I can die and I have to enjoy today has its advantages in the sense that I can live with mindfulness I can enjoy now focusing on really appreciating being grateful for.

What I have and living life really but I also have to balance that with the future because the future will also eventually come and think about the following imagine yourself saying no, I may just die tomorrow then I’m going to enjoy 10 years ago saying that, what consequences do you have to pay? Nowadays he told us to ask ourselves.

What Is Your Current Financial Situation

What is your current financial situation today and how could it have suddenly been like that, if it was a little different if 10 98 years ago if you had made a little different decision if you had saved 10 20 dollars a month for 10 years How much would you have today if I had invested them, how many would have multiplied?

The truth is that many times we do not think about these things If we do not give the necessary priority to them simply because we make it day-to-day management, but truly rich people project into the future and think in the long term, the third serious financial mistake is to follow their clues, ideas, advice, recommendations. financially unsuccessful people or those.

Who hasn’t achieved much success anyway so they have a certain level of stability before financially unsuccessful people will simply advise you based on fear or the basis of ignorance if they have never tried to create A new business will tell you that it is risky that you can lose money that you can disappoint yourself than that because?

The Truth Is That Finances Are A Different Thing

It probably does not work as well as you plan or simply people who perhaps tried something at some point and failed that is what we mean by failed and never tried again that the truth is that to be a failure is to fail NEC It is essential to stop trying once we fall the first time then these people are going to say no, don’t do it, it is very risky, such a thing it is you who should consider.

What the risks are, who should evaluate with your own criteria, but basically these people tell you They advise from their point of view that many times it is not a point of view of experience and knowledge but rather it is moore to lose and of ignorance, so we must be aware of who we are really going to follow that type of advice and this is independent of.

That person wants the best for you that your parents are even your partner because the truth is that one by one worries about people who really are important but it does not mean that if one has good feelings for someone or even a partner, it is not good at something like for example I have met math teachers who are amazing with math and they are broke and they are terrible with money Or.

He can be excellent at something and be bad with money. The truth is that finances are a different thing than practically any other skill that one may have in life, including numbers and mathematics, but basically, it is about identifying that there is no single answer there is no plan that I can design here for you and for everyone who is listening to this saying this is the financial solution for everyone for all the people on this planet each person has needs different from people has different requirements and desires different interests and for each person.


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