Features of e-wallet app and the costs to develop such apps

Features of e-wallet app and the costs to develop such apps

Cash payments for the delivery of goods or as exchanges are a thing of the past. Plastic cards have gradually replaced cash, allowing the economy to become cashless. This makes it easier for people, as they don’t have to carry money or bags. The introduction of eWallet mobile apps made payments even more accessible, as … Read more

Windows 11 – Our new hope

Announced with great fanfare this summer, Windows 11 promises a relifting of its graphical interface alongside new features (including the integration of Microsoft Teams, new widgets and a new marketplace). But among manufacturers ready to begin their transformation towards ARM processors, the OS is more interesting for its different versions. Microsoft could not miss it: … Read more

What to know about Disney+ Platform

Disney +, the SVOD service of the Disney group, launched on April 7, 2020. Launched on November 12, 2019 in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, the subscription video platform finally arrives in France on April 7 2020. Disney + brings together thousands of episodes and films classified by genre. The platform highlights the … Read more

bitcoin blockchain Vs Ethereum blockchain

The bitcoin blockchainBitcoin is the most well-known use case of blockchain. It was created in 2008 by an unknown man whose pseudonym is Satoshi Nakamoto. It designates both a secure and anonymous payment protocol and a cryptocurrency. Anyone can access this blockchain (it is public, therefore open to everyone) and therefore use bitcoins. To do … Read more

Blockchain: What You Need to Know

Blockchain is the new buzzword in the tech world. All sectors are starting to work on concrete use cases, but few players can claim to have developed revolutionary solutions. For good reason: blockchain technology is still very complex to understand. Blockchain (which is translated into French as blockchain) is a technology that allows information to … Read more

How are cryptocurrencies created

People who make cryptocurrency are called miners. They are said to be mining a cryptocurrency. Minors are an integral part of the process. Without them, the Blockchain would be frozen. A miner in fact confirms the transactions that take place on the Blockchain. For example, imagine that Peter gives 3 Bitcoins to Paul. The transaction … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum: the 3 Biggest Cryptocurrencies

How many cryptocurrencies are there? This often asked question sounds simple but in reality it is very difficult to know the exact number of virtual currencies. No site lists them all. The Ministry of Economy and Finance counted more than 2,871 in 2019, without having updated since. Today there are over 8,035 cryptocurrencies listed on … Read more