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7 Habits That Make You Lose Money Every Day

Introduction Of 7 Habits That Make You Lose Money Every Day

7 Habits That Make You Lose Money Every Day. The first negative habit that the vast majority of people have and that makes them lose a lot of money is spending all the money they receive monthly when you analyze, for example, the account statements of The vast majority of people analyze income and expenses and generally, they will always be at a very similar level, otherwise.

The Money Would Not Be Enough To Save What You Cost

They would have enormous savings, their bank account would have their investment funds full, so ask yourself if this is something that happens in your case and that suddenly you try to justify by saying that it is out of necessity that you do it or that in any case, the money would not be enough to save what you cost. Let’s see what is a lie later in this case here.

The idea is, first of all, to know where your money is going in each of the categories to know exactly how you spend each for this it is advisable to have either an excel sheet or a Notebook on paper or an application on your cell phone where you write down each expense also each income, all by categories and then you can see a statistical report that tells you the enigma that your money is going as such and later make a budget in which You say this is the most that.

I can spend in this category every month and well this is where people say but it is that making a budget because it is boring is I feel that I am limiting myself and others but I think you think of an I want you to think about it differently than if you make a budget you are consciously deciding the financial destination that you want to direct your life, you are also leaving money for other things.

It Is Also Important To Take Into Account The Money

That is also important such as the creation of your wealth in the long term and here it is also important to take into account the money that goes into alcohol in cigarettes for people who apply fast foods and in all other addictions that we could consider since sometimes we simply consider them part of normal expenses but we could change them for other healthier things or eliminate them and free up.

A large part of our money the second habit that would make you lose money every day if you have it is that you care about your status that you care how other people see you that you buy expensive clothes expensive shoe jewelry watches anything that makes others see others show others your friends your relatives your work colleagues what you are worth it and the truth is that.

Ultimately nobody cares if you have a lot of things and you have a to the big house if you have a late model car that you bought new it is a luxurious car or if you are using an old car simply the truth is that many people do not even know the difference in level differently and well if they know the difference and you are deciding to save on the car in the house.

Financial Decisions Based On Wanting To Project

Where you live if you are focused on creating your wealth because it should not matter to them what are the decisions that you make financially and why they do however make financial decisions based on Wanting to project a certain level of status is a mistake that I see that many people make in fact, many people who watch my videos tell me that I do not look rich that.

I do not have rich clothes for example this shirt I do not even know what brand it is, I do not It matters so that probably around 10 dollars for it and about four years ago and it is still good the truth is that for me it fulfills the same function of the comfort of comfort and well it is not that it is simply damaged there are decisions that are made financially in me but.

The progress in favor of growth and in favor of wealth that makes you leave out little other categories that perhaps are not so relevant now there is that deciding which categories are relevant to you in any is let’s say so investing your money for some people is spending it completely, for example, I love technology and I invest a lot of money in technology however each piece of technology.

A Lot Of Money From Many People Every Day

I try to make more money What I spend on it then basically is not buying these things by status but because I see it and practice it as an investment the third habit that takes a lot of money from many people every day is not to be aggressive with the debts of people who have big medium or small debts basically should deal with aggressively.

I mean pay them m It is faster to pay them in half or in a tenth of the time that they are supposed to pay them to make capital payments above the minimum installment look for portfolio purchases debt transfers from one bank to another from one card to another to reduce the rates look for whether the insurances that are being paid monthly are obligatory or not because.

There are laws of certain governments that make these insurances not obligatory I can take them off and in general look for as much as possible to reduce and network and the payments that I am doing to get out of debt as quickly as possible assuming that this debt is simply not a strategic debt that I have because I made a long-term investment and the debt strategically has to be paid in the long term.

We Begin To Lose Money If A Brand Has Us As Customers

That is a topic for another day, most of the People are not in debt because they wanted to use money strategically but because they wanted to buy something for which they did not have the money, be it a car or a house or Anything else, another habit that takes a lot of money from many people is not looking for the optimal price for everything.

You know that when it comes to, for example, looking for a better price in a shopping center in different businesses, people are embarrassed to go and ask Each site to see which of all has the same product cheaper and when it is, for example, a service such as a telephone plan or fixed internet or something similar, they are lazy to search and if they suddenly find something that is more economically they are lazy to change there are times that we have such an excessive law towards brands.

That it stops being healthy at the point where we begin to lose money if a brand has us as customers and does not take care of us as customers by giving us good offers Even giving us the prices that you are giving to people who are just becoming customers, that is very common to happen, let’s say in companies that are They focus on getting new customers and new customers and new customers.


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