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Amethyst stone- How to carry around your body to absorb its energy

If you’re an amethyst stone lover then you probably know how magically effective this stone is and what wonders it does to someone. The word Amethyst is linked to the Greek word, Ametusthos which means Purification and helps in remaining focused and clearheaded in whatever things we do.

Every crystal has its unique quality as it comes from nature and what’s better than nature healing you in so many ways, that’s why every crystal is different from the others. Amethyst has the ability to heal in so many ways but mainly this stone helps in reliving the stress within you and problems like headaches, anxiety, and fatigue not only these, but there are many other healing factors that will also be discussed in this blog.

Just like so many people I was never a believer in crystal theories but after getting an amethyst crystal the changes that stone has made within me just surprised me and that is what made me believe that yes, they have some natural energy that helps to heal.

Why wear an amethyst stone

Well, there are many healing qualities of an amethyst stone but if you want to attract positive energy around yourself then this is the perfect stone for you. February Birthstone healing powers that you should know: 

  • Helps in keeping negative energy away. People who are suffering from negative energy can use the amethyst stone to bring some positive energy
  • People believe that this stone keeps away all the bad spirits, Well in ancient times people used an amethyst stone to fight against bad spirits and keep them protected from dangerous situations.
  • This crystal activated the spiritual energy. Many who practice getting healed with amethyst stone used to believe that it improves the spiritual power that might help them in the afterlife
  • This semi-precious stone has the ability to elevate the intuition power within oneself
  • While wearing this stone you can feel a positive vibe around yourself  and it keeps the toxic energy away 
  • In ancient times, people used to meditate with amethyst crystals but nowadays people are not aware of this very useful effect of amethyst stones.

There are other factors also why chose amethyst over any other stone: 

  •   Easily Available: This crystal is easily available throughout the world and the big source of amethyst in Brazil
  •   Budget-friendly: Well its price range is less than sapphire and diamond so it’s quite affordable.                                                         
  •   Color: Amethyst stone comes in unique colors but the most known colors are purple and green
  •   Strong: Well its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale so it’s a durable stone.

How to wear Amethyst as jewelry

There are so many ways to wear amethyst stone but the most common way is to wear it as a necklace and earrings, 

Wear an amethyst earring to open your third eye

Amethyst stone can be worn as earrings to awaken crown chakras as well as the third eye. Wear amethyst earrings to experience the aura of these chakras as they help deepen the spirituality, and bring wisdom. Well there’s no proof to support these statements as they’re not scientifically proven but it’s meant to believe by a lot of tradition 

Amethyst as a ring to keep you away from negative energy

The unmatched healing power of amethyst will keep you safe from all negative energy, when worn as a ring you can feel the transformation as it activates the chakra that will keep you away from the negative energy, and it eases you to get into routine in day to day activities. It’s impressive that a lot of people choose amethyst as their wedding ring for a new beginning they need a positive outlook 

Amethyst Necklace for the warm heart 

Turn your inner magic with a trending amethyst necklace. The stunning purple color stone will open your heart. Wearing Amethyst Stone around the neck not only activates the third eye but also has some healing properties that encircle your heart.  

Amethyst Bracelet for Divine Balance 

Elevate your spiritual balance with Amethyst Bracelet. Amethyst Stone has got some unmatched healing energy that helps you get over negative energy and will give you a touch of bright outlook in life.

I guess nature heal us like no one else can heal and these stones are part of nature. It’s that feeling “you walk into the room full of positivity and the amount of healing amethyst stone gives is magical, there are end number of healing factors of amethyst stone. We have an amazing jewelry collection of amethyst stones in Chordia Jewels.   


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