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Korean Wolf Cut – Best Hair Cut for Male and Female

The Korean Wolf cut is an internet-sweeping trendy hairdo. The style is characterized by long, luxurious hair on top and a crisp, shaved undercut. It is the ideal combination of edgy and stylish, and it is undeniably eye-catching.

If you’re considering the Korean Wolf haircut, you’re in for a treat. In this blog post, we will discuss all you need to know about the style, from how to obtain it to whether or not you should adopt it. Read on if you are fascinated about this new trend!

What is a Korean Wolf Cut?

In the 2010s, the Korean wolf cut became popular in South Korea, where it was also known as the Korean mullet. Today’s popular style has been heavily influenced by Korean actors and singers, who have fully embraced the trend.

The wolf cut is frequently compared to the shag haircut of the 1970s and the mullet of the 1980s. It is also less fussy than a shag haircut, with a great deal of natural texture and character.

Combining wispy volume around the crown and face-framing layers on the sides with lengthier cascading layers and shaggy bangs, the Korean wolf cut haircut is characterized by a combination of these characteristics. It’s really adaptable, and fortunately, it doesn’t require much upkeep to look great.

History of The Korean Wolf Cut

The Korean wolf cut is an ancient hairstyle dating back to the Joseon Dynasty. It was first worn by troops before being embraced by the general populace. The style is defined by short, trimmed hair on the sides and back, as well as a lengthy bang that falls below the eyebrows.

The Korean wolf cut became popular in the West when the film “The Last Samurai” showed it (2003). Since then, celebrities and regular people alike have adopted it. If you’re considering getting a Korean wolf cut, continue reading to discover more about its origins and styling techniques.

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How to Style a Korean Wolf Cut? 

To simply achieve the wolf hairdo, go here to view the instructional video. You must separate your hair into three halves. Several divisions of the frontal hair will be made to achieve the desired bang. Then another portion of your hair that was left out must be rounded off. Then, parm rolling matching is utilized to achieve the required curl end hair. This allows you to simply perform a Korean wolf cut.

Dare to cut your hair with the help of TikTok videos. We’ve discovered that the majority of posted videos are bogus. Also, these deceptive films will not help you. Instead, your natural hair will seem worse than it does now.

What is The Difference Between a Wolf Cut and a Mullet? 

During a mullet haircut, all hair typically becomes frizzy in a particular location. The hair will not acquire a wavy appearance. Yet, comparable wolf-cut hairstyles are incredibly fascinating to observe. These naturally curly hairs will blow your head. Wolves also possess one disadvantage. That does not appear to be very well furnished.

Wolf-cut hair does not need excessive protection. On the other hand, mullet hair needs adequate protection to maintain its shape. This is the primary distinction we have discovered between these two comparable hairstyles.

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Korean Wolf Cut for Female Style

Korean Wolf Cut for Female Style
Photo Credit: Allthingshair.com

The Korean Wolf cut is excellent for women with various hair types. With this cut, various styles are possible. Here are only a few:

  • Black mid-size

In contrast to a mullet, the Korean wolf cut has a unique style with a shorter density of hair in the front and a tapering back.

The black, medium-sized Korean wolf cut depicted in the image appears spectacular and inventive. This wolf cut contains numerous chunky layers that have been cut in a certain manner.

  • Bold red 

The color fiery red is strong and draws all attention to you. With this hairdo, you are certain to attract attention. So you can opt to wear your hair long or short, depending on your desire, and the red hue of the densely layered bangs is very recognizable. You might opt for bangs or fringe to give the red a more subtle appearance.

  • Wolf Cut in Pink

You may, for instance, flaunt your uniqueness with a hot pink wolf cut shag, a stylish Korean layered hairstyle that combines two continuing hairstyle trends, the Korean wolf cut and the shag. This is a beautiful way to incorporate the trending style into your outfit.

  • Waterfall Wolf Cut

This waterfall-layered wolf cut is for long, curly hair. It is preferable to add shape and volume to your hair without sacrificing its length and density.

Soft layers of waves and curls drop like a waterfall in this hairstyle, hence the name. The ends of the hair are shaped like a rounded V.

  • Subtle Wolf Cut

With the thin layers beginning lower on the hair shaft, this girl’s Korean wolf cut is understated. As a result, the top has less zing but appears wild and carefree. This cut is ideal if you’re concerned that the standard wolf cut is too extreme for daily wear.

  • Dull Bob

In the 2020s, the popularity of short hairstyles will increase. If you are yearning for a new look, a short, blunt bob may be the finest choice. In addition to enhancing your overall appearance by making you look more put together, the wolf cut bob accentuates your jawline. The sleek cut is also suitable for any occasion.

  • The Long-Layered Wolf Cut

A long, layered, curly wolf cut may be worn curly or straight. However, if you choose to transition between the two styles, you must discuss this with your stylist to ensure that the hair is layered appropriately for both looks.

  • Wolf-like Blonde Haircut

This platinum blonde hair looks fantastic with a Korean wolf-cut. We all know that almost-blonde hair is impressive, but a Korean wolf cut takes this degree of excellence to a new level!

  • Short wolf cut hairstyle

Here is an alternative variation of the Korean wolf cut with shorter hair. The front will include short, choppy layers, while the ears and back will feature slightly longer layers.

Hence, do not worry about the length of your hair. If you have short hair, you can achieve the same results as those with long or medium hair.

  • Wolf cut with bangs

Wolf cuts with short bangs are suitable for everyone. This textured cut is compatible with many hair types, hair colors, and attire. You may choose to wear your hair down or in a ponytail to get a simple and modest appearance.

  • Natural Brown Wolf Cut

Whether your hair is naturally brown or dark brown, you’ll like this attractive hairdo. As your new go-to, it is quite fashionable without being overtly dramatic or daring.

  • Classic Blue

A fantastic compliment to Pantone’s color of the year for 2020 would be to wear nothing but blue throughout the year 2020. Whether you choose electric blue or blue-black tints, there is no denying that a little bit of blue can make your hair appear fresh and lively. Not into the trend of solid colors? Attempt an ombre style!

  • Straight Hair Wolf Cut

Here we have a fascinating variant on a recent trend: the wolf cut in a contemporary, straight shape. If you would rather not wear your hair in waves or curls every day, this elegant alternative is always available. You may achieve this style by flat-ironing and tucking the ends of your layered hair. Moreover, having naturally straight hair is a plus!

  • The Elegant Wolf

The Elegant Wolf modernizes the classic cut by minimizing the number of layers. This creates a sophisticated style that is ideal for formal occasions and everyday use.

  • Rose Gold Wolf Cut

This matted, subdued rose gold Korean wolf cut is appropriate if you desire both sophistication and brilliance. When coupled with the gorgeous wolf cut, the rose gold hue imparts a brilliant light to the hair. Take note of how the layered cut and wispy bangs both delicately frame and emphasize the face.

  • Straight and long wolf-cut hair

If you have straight hair, your wolf cut provides additional allure and sophistication. Wolf-cut hairstyles require volume, so if you have volume and straight hair, you are all set for this low-maintenance style. With straight hair, it is simple to achieve a variety of haircuts.

  • Medium-length hair Wolf cut

Several wolf cuts are layered heavily, with shorter layers on top. With bangs or fringe, a wolf cut gives medium-length hair an overall unobtrusive appearance.

  • Colorful hair Wolf cut

If you want to improve your hair game, you might ask your hairstylist for additional color highlights to give you a daring look. This haircut is a timeless trend that will offer you a contemporary appearance.

  • Layers Wolf cut

Indeed, the wolf haircut is appropriate for all hair types, but it looks particularly good on thick hair. With thick layers at the crown and ends, the hair seems full and attractive.

  • Two-toned Wolf Cut

If you desire a long wolf variant that is more appropriate for everyday wear, a two-tone dye will make your layers blend in more. Remember that certain color jobs require a bit more care! But have no fear, since it is well worth the effort!

Korean Wolf Cut for Male Style

Korean Wolf Cut for Male Style
Photo Credit: Elle.in
  • Choppy Wolf Cut

The choppy wolf cut is another flexible style that men and women can wear. It complements many hair types and practically every face shape, but works best on medium-length locks.

The shorter and less uniform layers provide an edgy appearance. This style can give straight hair texture and reduce the volume of curly hair.

  • Oasis Style wolf cut

Look out at this fantastic wolf cut. Excellent for those of you with slightly wavy hair. This style is ideal for fine to medium hair types. Classic styles never go outdated.

  • Classic Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is an edgy and effortlessly chic combination of traditional shag and mullet. This haircut is distinguished by its thick layers and crown volume. It is quite adaptable and may be readily altered to your hair structure and desired length; nonetheless, the traditional version of the cut includes small layers at the crown that gradually lengthen.

  • E-Boy Aesthetic wolf hairstyle

This adaptable, low-maintenance style complements a variety of facial shapes. Opt for a shaggy texture, keep a little length, and style it either on or off your face. Who wouldn’t like the option to change their appearance daily?

  • Textured Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is a textured cut constructed from multiple layers. It contains shorter layers on top that thin out toward the ends, creating movement and making the hair appear bigger and thicker on top. The wolf cut is adaptable to all hair types and can be a pleasing alternative for straight hair due to the texture it generates.

  • Balanced Out Wolf Cut

Seeking a short, adaptable haircut? Go for this well-balanced wolf cut. The combination of movement in the front and back with short layers on the crown offers you the option to dress it up or down.

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Pros and Cons of The Korean Wolf Cut

The Korean wolf cut is a new hairstyle that has recently become popular in Korea. This hairstyle is crisp and angular, resembling a blossoming flower. The style is ideal for individuals who wish to make a statement with their hair and attract attention everywhere they go.

As with many hairstyles, the Korean wolf cut has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine both sides of the coin more closely:


  • It is distinct and unlike anything else available.
  • It is highly sleek and contemporary
  • It is attractive on both men and women.
  • It is easy to maintain and style.


  • It requires frequent maintenance and salon visits.
  • If you have coarse or wavy hair
  • It can be challenging to get the ideal appearance.
  • Some individuals may find the style excessive.

Final Words

Without a doubt, the Korean wolf cut is a unique and fashionable hairstyle that is now on-trend. This celebrity’s preferred hairstyle received over 1.7 billion views on social media sites such as TikTok in 2022 alone. The nicest aspect of the wolf cut is that it looks great with both long and short hair.

So, those considering this new haircut should not be too concerned about their hair length. Also, you can style your Korean wolf cut with numerous hues and blonde hair as well.

Frequently Asked  Questions (FAQs)

What is a Korean wolf cut?

Wolf cut haircut is said to have originated in South Korea before becoming a TikTok phenomenon. Several individuals inquire, “What is a wolf haircut?” The wolf haircut is a combination of the classic shag and the mullet. It has thick layers at the crown and wavy ends in rear.

Why did wolf cut become popular?

This style is gaining popularity on social media sites, particularly TikTok, and for good reason — it is fashionable and adaptable. The wolf cut is inspired by two iconic hairstyles: the classic mullet of the 1980s and the shag cut of the 1970s. It is essentially a combination of these two genres. This distinctive cut may differ today.

Are wolf cuts popular in Korea?

The Korean-born wolf cut hairdo is gaining popularity among young people as a result of TV dramas with retro settings, nostalgic vibes, and, of course, all the DIY wolf cut hair tutorials on Tiktok and Youtube. Yet, many of the vloggers sharing this cut do look good.

When did the wolf cut first become popular?

The wolf cut is the younger sister of the shag haircut, gaining popular among K-Pop stars in South Korea in the 1970s and 1980s.

What are the benefits of wolf cut?

In addition to its attractive appearance, the wolf cut is extremely low-maintenance, particularly in terms of styling. (According to Mohapi, it is essentially a “wash-and-go” hairdo),

Is wolf cut still fashionable?

The medium wolf cut is an update to the classic fashion of 2021, and as its name suggests, it is performed on hair of medium length.

Is wolf cut suitable for women?

A wolf cut is ideal for edgy ladies with thin or fine hair who desire greater volume. If your hair is thick, it may become overly heavy, necessitating more salon appointments and making morning styling more time-consuming.


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