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Make Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Make-up is an art, which is why the make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai is appreciated for their talent. Therefore, as the number of makeup artists in Dubai increases, it becomes difficult for us to choose one.

Then, for your information, we have included a list of 21 such make-up artists or influencers who utilize social media to showcase their skills.

These beauty-industry-affiliated make-up artists have flown to the city of beauty queens, Dubai, to experiment with cosmetics, using the faces of those beauty queens as their canvas. Want to know the names of these renowned craftsmen?

Who is The Best Make Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai?

In Dubai, there are numerous professional and attractive makeup artists and beauty travel bloggers. But, the following 21 finest makeup artists are actually the best make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai. Check out this list if you’re looking for the top Dubai makeup artist and beauty travel blogger. Their artistic talent, amazing appearance, and fabulous sense of style are certain to inspire you.

  • Aliya Fatima
  • Miss Mulberry
  • Najla Gun
  • Sondos Alqattan
  • Befrenshee
  • Diana Chipar
  • Caren William
  • Mona Kattan
  • Huda Beauty
  • Elly Brown
  • Joelle Mardinian 
  • Judy Poulos
  • Estee Stanley
  • Diana Chipper
  • The Tezzy Files
  • Nina Ubhi
  • Mohammed Hindash
  • Tehzeeb
  • SoniaxFyza
  • Amal Al Raisi
  • Nilo Haq

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Top 21 Best Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s most attractive cities and home to hundreds of expatriates from all over the world. If you are relocating or traveling to Dubai, you may want to investigate the top 21 make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai listed below.

1. Aliya Fatima

Make up artist travel blogger Dubai-Aliyah Fatima is a renowned makeup artist, beauty travel blogger, and YouTuber located in Dubai. Aliyah has more than 2 million YouTube subscribers and more than 1 million Instagram followers.

Aliyah is well-known for her unique fashion sense and beauty guidance. The Mermaid Look, her most popular video tutorial demonstrates how to achieve the look in five minutes.

Also, Aliya compiles and evaluates monthly favorites and reviews. The Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer and the Nyx Cosmetics Shade + Light Contour Palette are two of her favorite products.

2. Miss Mulberry

Miss Mulberry is another Dubai-based cosmetic artist and travel beauty blogger. She is a blogger in addition to running her fashion and lifestyle site, Mulberry. There, she does an outstanding job of highlighting the art of clothes. It is one of her greatest interests to write essays on a variety of topics, such as her personal style and international travel, among others.

3. Najla Gun

Interested in makeup expert and travel blogger Dubai, who provides her clientele with unparalleled makeup looks? Well! It’s Najla Gun, whose refined appearance is both understated and endearing.

This make-up artist and beauty travel blogger in Dubai has been active in this industry for some years, and her work can be found in numerous printed and online media. She has more than ten years of expertise and knowledge and has worked for both Abu Dhabi aristocracy and regional figures.

4. Sondos Alqattan

Sondos Alqattan

Dubai-based professional makeup artist, beauty travel blogger, and video blogger Sondos Alqattan. She has over 15 years of expertise in the field and has collaborated with some of the industry’s most prominent figures.

Her work has appeared in periodicals and online, and she is enthusiastic about imparting her skills to others. In 2016, she launched the YouTube channel Beauty by Sondos Alqattan, where she provides cosmetics tutorials for anyone who wants to learn how to apply makeup or who simply enjoys watching them.

Her site, The Beauty Lookbook, gives women throughout the world fashion inspiration from designers and celebrities from all around the world, including herself.

She has over 100,000 Instagram followers and 150,000 YouTube subscribers. Sondos Alqattan strives to demonstrate that regardless of your background or financial status, everyone can look fantastic if they put in the time and effort!

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5. Befrenshee

Popular French makeup artist Befrenshee presently resides in Dubai. She has amassed a following on social media for her stunning beauty looks and exceptional makeup lessons. Her enthusiasm for beauty and glitz is matched by her ability to make anyone feel beautiful and desired.

In light of the large number of followers on her social media accounts and the favorable feedback from her clients, it is evident that she is well-known around the globe. Her popularity, vast clientele, and skill in the realm of cosmetics, beauty, and glitz are evidence of her passion and skill in these areas.

Hence, if you want your makeup done by the one and only Befrenshee, you can contact her via her social media sites.

6. Diana Chipar

Diana Chipar, in addition to being a make-up artist and travel blogger in Dubai, is a former celebrity stylist who is quite active on social media. Since 2007, she has been employed in Dubai as an aviator.

She has also earned expertise as a model for numerous major brands and has appeared in a number of television advertisements. Her early appreciation for beauty and art has brought her to this position since she has committed years to beauty and art.

7. Caren William

Make up artist travel blogger Dubai-Caren William is a renowned makeup artist, beauty travel blogger, and YouTuber residing in Dubai. She has worked with some of the greatest stars in the industry, such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry.

Caren’s distinctive cosmetic styles have garnered her over 2 million YouTube fans. Among her most popular videos are tips on how to get a smoky eye, various face contouring techniques, and the ideal red lip. Her site offers ladies insights into global beauty trends and travel advice. In addition, she provides product reviews for a variety of products you may require while traveling or preparing for an event or party.

8. Mona Kattan

Mona Kattan is an expert makeup artist whose distinctive technique has garnered a devoted following. Her art has appeared in periodicals and on internet platforms all around the world, and she has even won awards for it. Kattan was born in the Turkish city of Mersin and has always been interested in aesthetics. At age 15, she began studying painting, and at age 18, she began studying sculpture.

9. Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan established Huda Beauty. She is a renowned cosmetics artist, an expert in skincare, and a makeup blogger. She is a leading beauty influencer on Instagram with 50,3 million followers.

Her most well-known YouTube videos are instructions on cosmetics, which are wildly popular in the Middle East. Kattan is a Canadian-Lebanese businesswoman who is well-known for her cosmetics, false eyelashes, and beauty equipment.

10. Elly Brown

There are numerous hairstylists, makeup artists, and glam gurus, but few can compare to Elly Brown, Make Up Artist, and Beauty Travel Blogger in Dubai, in terms of her social media following or the number of beauty products and services she provides. Also, she is one of the finest in the industry at evaluating new beauty products for her readers.

Her Instagram feed is filled with stunning images of the most attractive women in the world. With over 200 thousand followers on social media, it is not surprising that her supporters consider her a member of the family. Her approach to cosmetics is straightforward yet effective. She is a true communicator and reveals some of her greatest secrets, unlike most socialites who tend to be aloof. In fact, she provides her followers a glimpse behind the cosmetics station’s curtain.

11. Joelle Mardinian 

Dubai-based makeup artist Joelle Mardinian is highly regarded throughout the Middle East. She is the founder of Joelle Group, which has become an empire in the beauty industry. In the Arab world, she is an inspiration for young travel bloggers. Her popular Instagram account, which recently surpassed 20 million followers, connects her with women.

Dubai’s extreme weather conditions make it tough for travelers to navigate the city, but you can maintain your beauty with Joelle Mardinian cosmetics. She also provides beauty services for television programs like Max Factor.

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12. Judy Poulos

This Syrian makeup artist and travel blogger from Dubai reside in Abu Dhabi. Her makeup looks represent the culture and ancestry of her native nation, which is her area of expertise.

Her cosmetics journey was boosted by her passion for creativity, and she began posting Instagram videos showcasing her work for her fans and followers.

13. Estee Stanley

Estee Stanley is a travel and beauty blogger located in Dubai. Her work has appeared in publications such as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Grazia Middle East, and Marie Claire Arabia. She has been in the industry for over ten years.

Make up artist travel blogger Dubai-Her blog offers everything from beauty lessons to Dubai’s finest spa treatments. Estee is also a regular contributor to Vogue Arabia’s website.

Follow @esteeeee Stanley on Instagram and @esteen Stanley on Snapchat. Follow her on Instagram @esteeeee Stanley and Snapchat @esteenstanley!

14. Diana Chipper

Diana is a Dubai-based makeup artist, beauty blogger, and travel enthusiast. She has over a decade of experience in the industry and has collaborated with some of the most prominent names in the field.

Diana’s blog is an indispensable resource for cosmetic advice, travel recommendations, and product reviews. Her most recent articles are titled 5 Celebrities With Beautiful Glow and 5 Varieties of Body Butters.

She also has her own YouTube channel with instructions on everything from contouring to hair braiding.

Diana travels frequently over the world to discover new towns and try their food. She tweeted a few days ago about traveling on a safari in Tanzania; it sounds like an incredible trip. I am impressed by her work ethic and her commitment to educating others about many cultures.

I appreciate how much time and work she takes into providing readers with real information, rather than jumping on whatever trend is now hot.

15. The Tezzy Files

The Tezzy Files is another makeup artist in the world of beauty whose work is warm, fuzzy, and tezzy. She enjoys applying makeup and educating others about it. She is of Indian ancestry but lives in Dubai with her beloved hubby quite happily. In addition, she informs individuals about current fashions and styles.

The tezzy files are all fun and games in her job, and she ensures that her admirers have a good time while learning about lifestyle. Tezzy’s extensive experience in this environment allows others to comprehend her unique approaches immediately.

If you are interested in learning more about Tezzy Files, you can follow her on social media and get in touch with her expertise.

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16. Nina Ubhi

In Dubai, Nina Ubhi is a renowned makeup artist and beauty travel blogger. She is a Dubai-based beauty specialist who provides services for red-carpet events and bridal makeup. Nina does not achieve this degree of success in the cosmetics market overnight. She was formerly a member of the major beauty brands in Dubai, including Estee Lauder, Kanebo, and Elizabeth Arden.

She is now worldwide regarded as a beauty iconoclast from Dubai. Unique hairstyles and other beauty trends may be found on her site, along with the greatest beauty salon advice and techniques.

17. Mohammed Hindash

This Dubai-based beauty influencer and makeup artist is undeniably a major creative beauty force in the United Arab Emirates. Constantly, he provides his followers with advice on ideal beauty appearances and reviews of cosmetic products.

He is best known for his eyeliner and makeup tutorials. His branded eyeliner (Hindash X Wow) is one of the most in-demand items on the market.

18. Tehzeeb

Tehzeeb is an additional excellent makeup artist and beauty blogger from India. Living in Kuwait has afforded her numerous cultural experiences in the Middle East, despite her mixed background. Tehzeen effortlessly informs her followers through social media platforms about new cosmetic methods and trends. She also discusses the compatibility of certain things, such as clothing, fashion styles, and accessories, with particular personalities.

Tehzeen is also a travel enthusiast. She uploads her recent photographs with stunning appearances in various places of the world. It is bold and inspiring for ladies who are self-conscious about their appearance and who abandon the thought of traveling due to its bad effect on their appearance.

19. SoniaxFyza

Sonia and Fyza Ali are sisters who have amassed a massive following on Instagram due to their astounding makeup looks. They are renowned for their ability to create flawless, natural-looking cosmetics that enhance a woman’s beauty.

20. Amal Al Raisi

Dubai-based cosmetics artisan and beauty blogger Amal Al Raisi has collaborated with numerous celebrities and models. She is renowned for her ability to create emotional makeup looks that are excellent for ceremonial occasions.

21. Nilo Haq

Nilo Haq is a Dubai-based beauty blogger that posts instructional cosmetics videos, beauty reviews, and travel-related video blogs on her YouTube channel. She has a devoted audience who adores her authentic product reviews and cosmetics educational exercises.

How To Find The Best Make Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai? 

If you are searching for the best make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai, you should examine the following aspects.

  • First, you will want to examine the makeup artist’s experience. While there are many brilliant up-and-coming painters in Dubai, you’ll likely want to choose someone with a bit more expertise. And this ensures that you receive the greatest possible results.
  • You will think about the cost of the services. Makeup artists in Dubai might demand substantial fees. So, you will want to ensure that you are receiving value for your money.
  • Be sure to estimate expenditures prior to making a final decision.
  • You should evaluate client testimonials. This is one of the most effective ways to learn what others have said about the makeup artist you are considering.
  • Before making a decision, be certain to read as many reviews as possible.
  • And finally, you should consider your personal decisions. What do you like, a natural or more theatrical appearance? Do you prefer someone who is more cost-effective or who uses only premium products? This is the most crucial consideration when selecting a makeup artist in Dubai.

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Final Thought

Therefore, here is our vote for the top make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai. I hope you enjoyed reading about them and that you will visit their blogs for wonderful beauty-related ideas.

Yet, beauty blogging is a competitive field. With the appropriate website, hard work, and your own unique take on beauty recommendations, you can achieve success. If you have an interest in fashion and beauty, you should start a beauty blog. That could be an excellent way to turn your interest into a career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to expect to Make Up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai?

Dubai is a fantastic destination to work and reside in. You can expect to work with some of the most gorgeous people in the world as a makeup artist in Dubai. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit Dubai’s most exotic locations.

What is important to be a makeup artist?

The most significant reason to become a makeup artist is the excitement you will have when you utilize your skills to enhance a person’s natural attractiveness. Not just models and celebrities desire to feel attractive. You can also assist ordinary people.

What questions should you ask your makeup artists?

There are various factors to consider, such as the cosmetic brand they use, your desired appearance, and whether or not they will be able to achieve it on your skin, among others. It is of the utmost importance for makeup artists to make their clients feel at ease.

How Much Does a Hollywood Makeup Artist Make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean wage for theatrical makeup artists is $81,600.

What are the main duties of a makeup artist?

Makeup artists are responsible for making their clients feel comfortable, enhancing their appearance with cosmetics, consulting with clients about their preferences, and taking their skin tone into account when applying makeup.

Who is the Highest Paid Makeup Artist?

Huda Kattan is the most well-compensated makeup artist.

What is the biggest makeup mistake?

Not prepping the skin before applying makeup is one of the most common cosmetic errors. One must ensure that their skin is prepared by using the proper products and by pampering their skin before applying makeup so that it does not appear cakey.

What should you avoid while doing makeup?

While applying makeup, you should avoid applying it to dirty skin, since it may damage your skin and leave you susceptible to certain allergies.

Who is the No 1 Makeup Artist in the World?

Pat McGrath is the world’s leading makeup artist.

Who is the Most Beautiful Makeup Artist?

Bobbi Brown is the most attractive cosmetics artist.


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