5 Lies People Believe About Successful People

Introduction Of 5 Lies People Believe About Successful People

5 Lies People Believe About Successful People. The truth is that we tend to have a very negative mentality around failure being a failure is bad a failure is a disappointment a failed child is a child that we see poorly compared to a successful child however successful people know and always have It is clear that failure is necessary for success, moreover, many of the people.

Who Have Achieved Great Successes

Who have achieved great successes in their lives at an early age is because they have achieved great failures in their early life, it is still necessary to make mistakes to learn the practice usually requires mistakes to be able to reach perfection or perfection using perfection itself but many times simply We think that these people that these people.

That these successful people are wrong have not made mistakes or that even at the point where they are now because then suddenly if it is possible to think that they were wrong and failed before they are today experts, for example, perhaps billionaire investors who think that nowadays they do not make investments that result in losses when perhaps if so.

We think that people who have a super healthy life never skip they never have as a taste a meal suddenly what we talk about junk food or eat something high in sugar high in fat calories from time to time does it is not about never failed in never making mistakes it is about what the result is on average and what is that consistency and that trend.

What We Believe About Successful People

The second lie What we believe about successful people is that their secret weapon in the organization is that they are super productive people super organized s Super strict with everything they do I do not know if at some point and everyone saw the desktop of a successful person and most of the time not always but most of the time it can be a total disorder in sight now.

There is a big difference between disorder and disorganization because perhaps the person has disordered things but they know where everything is and perhaps they suddenly have a mechanism to be faster and more efficient and that implies that they have a bit of paper on top and any way that it does not look clean that it does not look neat but sometimes.

There are even people who do not have an organizational system as such there are people who do not get up even every day at the same time if they are independent and that suddenly there are days when that they simply do not feel the courage to work and do not work because, well, many times one thinks that people are the most productive and that.

A Lie That A Successful Person Has Contacts

Those people who work for themselves l The truth is that they carry out everything they propose and it is not like that all the time we tend to make the wrong images of successful people simply because of their results and worse still sometimes we conclude lies like the third one that is that they have been lucky.

They simply have contacts or resources to precisely achieve the goals that are proposed and well I am not going to say that it is a lie that a successful person has contacts, they probably do have resources, of course, perhaps they have them but luckily they probably did not get the contacts they did not fall from the sky they did not get their father or mother the resources probably were not obtained at least not in all cases.

They were an inheritance it is logical that there are cases that are exceptions to this rule but in the vast majority of people who They have achieved success on their own they have achieved it from scratch and when you meet a truly successful person that everything that is proposed will take you I am doing it and it is super that he takes action at all times, one realizes that.

That Person Does Not Need Contacts

That person does not need contacts, he can lose all his contacts, he can simply say that everyone stops talking to him and that he goes to another country and starts from scratch. and that person immediately begins to create those relationships to solidify those relationships and to establish contact practically with strategic partnerships.

That allows them to achieve their goals and also knows that that person has to help those other people or those contacts in quotes to achieve their goals and This is how the resources are finally obtained because we talk about resources, for example, financial resources, let’s talk about work resources, human resources, let’s talk about creativity.

Who knows how many things come from other people and I want to sell them, I have to sell to a person if I want to establish a company and build a company I have to do it with a set of p e people if I want to lead I have to lead a group of people then all this comes back and joins with the ability itself of me to relate to those people and that ability does not fall from the sky either that.

The Fourth Lie That People Believe About Success

I am developing little by little and throwing myself a little to the world as well so that I can improve a little each time those skills and personal capacities the fourth lie that people believe about success is that they have a super focus and are never distracted they never think about anything other than their goals and The.

Truth is that you are the biggest lie of all, in fact, a successful entrepreneur usually already when something is just starting to work has 4 or 5 new projects that they would like to think about for the same project that is carrying out two or three activities to the same business for which you have two or three successful products probably has the idea of how to get five more and how to improve twice as many as.

What you currently have this is a distraction because it simply does not allow you to focus on continuing to be successful in who you are and further develop what you have but it makes you think in different ways it makes you think about how you could do things differently That can be good but it can also be bad and the approach as.

High Level Of Success In Results

We think about it is not always part of life for these people but as you can see it is not always necessary because no I do not need to be a perfect person in terms of that approach but to have systems established sometimes I forget things and I have to have a cell phone reminder that tells me what to do but that system makes it a bit easier for me to live a life a little more relaxed, perhaps more disorderly, without affects me as a personal level and that is where I can suddenly.

That without so much focus and so much concentration and relatively full of distractions day ad I would like practically everything we are still able to achieve the results that I propose and finally the fifth lie is that because of their achievements they have a lot of self-confidence, in other words, they feel capable of achieving more and more more and sometimes.

It is the opposite, sometimes you achieve something and do well in something but when you face a new challenge suddenly you have doubts it will be that this time if it will work it will be that the previous thing was luck it will be that this time I will to be able to deal with any unforeseen event that I am going to encounter and these people of very very very high level of success in results and those who are just beginning both have to battle against this feeling of lack of confidence in themselves.