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Mental Conditioning For Wealth

Introduction Of Mental Conditioning For Wealth

Mental Conditioning For Wealth. A wealth that truly allows me to produce value in the world then As such change of mentality but it is a change that implies being fully aware of what are those stimuli that are around me because the question is how our mind has been programmed to achieve the result that I have today in my life.

The Can Amount Of Money That You Know

If you are rich your mind has been programmed for that result if you are not rich you are poor you are middle class or whatever the can amount of money that you know what is your net fortune what are your assets the question is how your mind took you to this current point because if you have the vision that in the future that perhaps in the next few years financial situations.

You must think that that mind that took you to the point where you are here if it remains the same, your results will probably continue the same or they will continue worse your mind was programmed from the beginning with what you have seen on the news on television in social networks in the movies even with what you have heard from other people of what others say to you directly on the radio through different stimuli of popular sayings and with what you have experienced with the results.

That you have obtained with the experiences you have had with certain types of people with rich with poor with wealthy people with people without money all this has created what we call a pattern not a belief system regarding wealth to finances to money management in general and this pattern is the one that.

Our Mind For Wealth

Today you use consciously or unconsciously to make decisions to carry out or not carry out certain things and ultimately win or spend the money or invest it and multiply it or invest it and lose it because then this is where we say that your mental programming and your mental conditioning has led you to results so to condition our mind for wealth.

I have to analyze what are the sources of negative influence on money for the vast majority of people it is very easy to turn off the television at noon on the news because it is one of the heaviest, negative and terrible sources that exist and that go against any goal success achievement happiness well-being and harmony that I can plant why because.

The news only filters everything bad that happens in the p aís and he sometimes internationally and they only show me the bad of a person who did something bad I am not going to mention that for example how many people did something well never know in the news of a person who is scamming a businessman tycoon who is cheating.

How Many Employers Are Doing Good Things

How many employers are doing good things are paying their employees’ wages on time are giving good benefits providing products to the society that serves how many times the news comes out this is where the media that we can root out, in my opinion, there is no need I’ve been seeing them for years and years and years without seeing news and instead of negatively affecting me it has served me to live a better life in every way now when I need to find out what is supposedly the objective of the news I go to google.

I find the information that I need or am I going to the place where I can have the specific and punctual information that I give That is not the one that others want to practically put me in my subconscious without my having control over it. Another very clear influence is social networks, either friends or in quotation marks, family friends who publish things.

Pages that we follow publish things that sometimes seem like jokes. Sometimes we see memes about financial things or about at least in December and in January nine very curious questions about what people’s expenses are or that they have no money in January and they take it as a joke as something funny and that seems to be harmless and that it does not have any problem but.

The Wealth That You Want To Achieve In The Future

It is not a program mentally it depends on how seriously you want to take your wealth or the wealth that you want to achieve in the future if at this moment you do not have wealth because well -According to that level of seriousness and commitment that you have written, you are going to start telling those influences that do not serve you, just be pe People.

Whether things are pages, or videos, any kind of influence and this can mean drastically reducing the time you spend with certain people, there is nothing wrong with it because it is not that you are a bad person, it is about you you are clear about their objectives and these people are not aligned with them unless.

They change unless you suddenly can teach and educate them why you think differently and why you don’t like to talk about it but the truth is that in my experience in that of many of the people that I have been in charge of, because how to train that is simply useless because those people believe that one simply by thinking about money is leaving aside.

The Truth Is That Sometimes It Is Difficult

The family and others are not about that it is about that when I am focused on achieving a goal I would like to be able to achieve it without everyone around me is against me and the truth is that sometimes it is difficult therefore e any advice that has to do with scarcity with poverty with avoiding success with not leaving the comfort zone when they tell you.

That it can is to fail and everything else I consider that these kinds of things must be avoided now it is important to know about that if you have a goal, an objective and you want to achieve it and someone warns you that you can fail and you try anyway, there is the possibility that you will fail, the same is the possibility that that person comes and tells you.

I told you so But one thing is that other people tell you and that you take their advice depending on their position, their status, their achievements, their equivalent results and relative to what you want to achieve, another thing is that you want to experience it for yourself with which there is no problem because.

The Most Important Of All Start A Transformation Process

I can also begin to acquire my knowledge my own experiences my criteria when making decisions with my life and with my money and the most important of all start a transformation process with new habits aligned towards financial success with new thoughts aligned towards financial success with new influences as well as.

There are influences there are positive influences that are aligned with your financial success that your day to day does not pass or better said that not passion only makes you have at least one and much better if there are more positive influences regarding money than you that money successful relationships with happiness with harmony and well-being as it can be and as it is in the lives of many people at this time so that you continue to align with that and that.



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