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5 Expenses Rich People Avoid

Introduction Of 5 Expenses Rich People Avoid

5 Expenses Rich People Avoid. Who has gotten their money in a way that is a bit strange or suddenly or at least we are talking about people like artists who explode from one moment to another and They have a lot of money and we see it spending in amounts of things but let’s talk about the truly rich people who have built their wealth?

The First Expense That Truly Rich People

Who has carried out progress from zero to millions with their businesses with their investments with their own decisions people who are financially intelligent there is a big distinction between being rich just because they have money and being truly rich even on a mental level so the first expense that truly rich people.

It is social events the truth is that many people spend a lot of money on social events, let’s talk for example about weddings, a marriage can cost a lot of money and for other people to see to impress the neighbor to have beautiful souvenir photos, the vast majority of marriages even end a few years and all that money is lost sometimes.

We put those social events on top than the true love that can exist between a couple or if we talk about a 15-year party so popular in Latin America sometimes just parties social issues family gatherings because simply Going out of our budget a bit now I’m not saying that the rich never have parties, much less than the rich never get married and have weddings because.

What Is Expensive For A Poor Or Middle-Class Person

They are expensive, what happens is that you have to differentiate between what is expensive for a rich person and what is expensive For a poor or middle-class person, maybe at this moment that you are seeing me because you are not poor because you have access to cellular internet or a computer with which you can watch these videos, but perhaps.

If there comes a point where your expenses can be a lot more than you can afford by simply succumbing to social pressure from partying to partying I am not saying that is your case but it is the case with many people who contact me all the time and tell me how they can improve that situation and the truth is that since.

What social pressure is in itself can be quite difficult especially for an extroverted person let’s say that introverts have the advantage that In general, we do not go from social gathering to social gathering, but as this can become a pain at home and many people spend much more, it is more if we analyzed if these people used.

Which They Write Down The Expenses By Category

The application in which they write down the expenses by category and they would realize at the end of the year what the percentages are they would realize that social events form a large part of their expenses and that if they had removed that from zero roots from one moment to the next they would have a little money available the amount of money that they could use to grow their businesses to grow.

Their financial education for assets for anything that helps them achieve true wealth another very common expense that rich people avoid is cars now eye you have to understand very well why I know that many people love me You can misunderstand here just the people who have money are the ones who can afford cars but not all those who have.

They have especially luxurious sports cars, beautiful, expensive, they are rich, many of them, it is more, you would be surprised to know that around 80 to 90 percent of the Lamborghinis Ferraris are bought on credit, they are paid in installments, most of the ones we see on the street, simply the owner does not He has paid it in full and is in debt to him now.

The Truly Rich People Avoid The Expensive

If you understand what I mean by that the truly rich people avoid the expensive ones are an extreme expense you buy it and when you take it out of the dealer immediately they lose 20 percent or more of its value if you wanted to sell it again after a while because apart from what are normal expenses such as gasoline and consumer items and parts such as tires and others because they have.

What are the taxes that must be paid to the government for only have to take out the preventive maintenance and without counting any damage that may be, much less because what are insurance and accidents and everything else because the truth is that it can simply become a snowball now does not mean that you should not buy cars that you should not maintain the one you have?

I have a car but I have an economical car in gasoline economical in cost a car that in proportion to my income it does not mean a headache it does not give me a headache having to think about paying for maintenance even paying for a repair if it were the case to pay the insurance monthly or annually insurance is necessary to change the tires in change.

The More Expensive Cars Have More Expensive Parts

Whatever the truth is that it depends and each car will have different levels and the more expensive cars have more expensive parts more expensive maintenance more expensive insurance more expensive taxes more expensive then the rich avoid buying a car that becomes an exaggerated expense and They are generally looking for a car.

That is more suited to the need than to invest their money in more productive things than when do you learn to invest when you are putting a dollar in something and it is returning two dollars suddenly you begin to see things in terms of whether it is an expense is an investment and you realize that a car is a tremendous expense and there are very few situations in.

Which my car can be a real investment that will return money to you and likewise with cars it happens with houses that this is the third the third expense that rich people avoid I know many highly generated people who do not have their own house however when you talk to people even poorer people who have suddenly received some salary from work.

Their Life They Seek Invest Or Spend Their Savings

That uses a minimum wage have made some savings or something usually at the end of their life they seek invest or spend their savings on a house or younger people suddenly think that the number one priority is a house and this is where suddenly many people cut their money We used wings because because a house can cost a lot of money in proportion to what.

I manage monthly it can cost a lot more money than I can earn in two, three, four to five years, most home loans are planned for 10, 15, and up to 30 years. So when I am starting my financial life and when I am structuring my finances perhaps to be rich, what everyone is going to recommend is that I buy a house.

That is the best investment of all these houses they also have taxes that I have to pay annually also sometimes I have to pay the appraisal if things happen construction around the house that increase the value which may or may not be represented at some point if I sell it and when we think that a house can be an investment perhaps we do not think of a crime to be able to make it an investment of tranches that in principle sell it and not have it anymore then it will happen a while until I can like who to be claimed of that profit that.


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