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Amazon product listing image design: “The Power of Creative Services in Driving Amazon Sales – Case Study Revealed”

New shopping platforms emerge yearly, but Amazon remains the number one e-commerce platform. During the second quarter of 2023, Amazon generated total net sales of approximately 134.38 billion U.S. dollars.

Nowadays, sellers on Amazon have more control than ever over their branding. Amazon is constantly trying to empower brands with its features and creative tools. The features and creative tools they require to tell their brand story are as follows:

  • Amazon Stores
  • A+ Content and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  • Premium A+ Content

As an agency that has managed 70+ brands, Ecommphics believes high-quality creative content can effectively convey your brand story. Amazon is the perfect platform to develop your brand identity in contrast to other platforms on the web.

We witnessed these creative features from Amazon improve brands’ aesthetics, drive traffic to their product catalog, and increase the conversion rates of detail pages.

Brands must invest in creative content to make their brand successful on Amazon. In our latest blog, we will cover the power of creative services in driving Amazon sales and reveal a case study.

What is the role of creative services in driving Amazon sales?

Creative services can be a game-changer on Amazon, enhance your product listings, and boost sales. Eye-catching images, engaging product descriptions, and informative videos grab shoppers’ attention and build trust. They convey a seller’s product’s unique selling points and value and make it stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Creative content will improve your search rank and increase the product’s visibility in front of potential buyers. Moreover, well-crafted content will address customer concerns, decrease return rates, and get positive reviews and higher conversion rates.

By investing in creative services, you can make your presence on Amazon trustworthy and attractive, win over potential customers, and drive sales.

What is the benefit of Amazon Stores?

Amazon Stores is a self-service product that allows brands to design and create multi-page stores. Amazon copy writing.Thus, stores can showcase their brand, unique value proposition, and products for free on Amazon.

For its shoppers, Amazon Stores provides a curated collection of a brand’s products in a fully customized, brand-centric shopping experience according to the mobile and desktop platforms.

You can use several templates and set up your Store accordingly:

  • Highlight: Displays products and related content.
  • Marquee: Designed to act as a brand or sub-brand gateway page.
  • Product Grid: Showcase items and related content.

Why must businesses use Amazon Stores?

You can take the following steps by using Amazon Stores:

  • Capitalize on both external and internal traffic sources
  • Boost your organic ranking on Amazon and increase your sales volume
  • Promote newly launched products to existing customers
  • Introduce your brand to a completely new audience
  • Enable users to have a good mobile experience

Due to Amazon Stores, brands can maintain their brand identity in an online marketplace with massive competition.

What are some of the new features released by Amazon in a few years?

Amazon has released some new features in the last few years so the brands can display their products better.

  1. Shoppable Collection Images

Using shoppable images, you can select and make any of the products in a picture clickable, enabling customers to view basic information by clicking on the featured products, such as name, customer ratings, price, and Prime availability. Eventually, customers can add a product to their cart or easily open the product detail page from the image.

  1. Links to Stores

Amazon has started adding your brand logo at the bottom of your landing pages of Sponsored Brands ads. Customers can head to your Store by clicking it. They’re also trying other ways for shoppers to discover your Store on Amazon.

  1. Images with Text

Brands can now add text to images on their Amazon Stores and describe products or selections they want to show better. The text on pictures will improve your Store’s SEO and help increase traffic from third-party search engines.

  1. Bulk and Out of Stock Product Management

Now, brands can upload products in bulk to featured-deals tiles and product grids on Amazon stores. You can now also hide the out-of-stock products.

  1. Store Version Control and Scheduling

Previously, you didn’t have the option to revert to your Amazon Store’s previous version after editing. But now you can save your previous version and use the scheduling feature for keeping your content fresh.

  1. Background Video Modules

Sellers can now add looping and autoplay video to their Stores. This technique can grab buyers’ attention once they land on your Store. Your video must be five or a maximum of six seconds.

Amazon Store Insights

Amazon Stores give brands access to every day and aggregate views of their Store’s performance through their insights. Amazon Store Insights presents the following data:

Traffic Source

  • Headline Search Ads: Traffic a store got from Headline Search ads on Amazon.
  • Amazon Organic Traffic: A store gets traffic from Amazon, search results, or brand detail page links.
  • Tagged Sources: Traffic is tracked with the help of a custom source tag.
  • Other: All uncategorized traffic sources.


  • Daily Visitors: Total users or devices that viewed one or more than one page on your Store on a day.
  • Views / Visitor: Average number of unique pages viewed by your Store’s daily visitor.
  • Views: Number of pages viewed during these days, and it also includes the repeat views.
  • Sales: Approximate total sales generated by store visitors within fourteen days of their visit.
  • Sales/ Visit: Average sales per visitor.
  • Sales/ Visitor: Average sales visitor.
  • Sales/ Order: Average sales per order.
  • Orders: Estimated total orders placed by store visitors after fourteen days of their visit. Orders mostly contain one or more units sold.
  • Units sold: The estimated number of total units purchased by store visitors within fourteen days of their last visit to the Store.
  • Units/ Order: Average units per order.

A+ Content and Enhanced Branded Content

It is globally available to vendors and sellers who are Amazon-registered brand owners. Amazon A+ content combines rich images, detailed product descriptions, charts, and narrative copy and has the following benefits:

  • Helps customers to make informed buying decisions
  • Overcome their purchase hesitations
  • Convey a product’s value in a better way
  • Drive brand affinity

Amazon provides two tiers of A+ content: Basic A+ content and Premium A+ content. Basic A+ content includes 13 standard modules, and five modules are allowed per page. (We will elaborate on Premium A+ content later.)

Are A+ Content and Enhanced Branded Content the same?

Amazon merged A+ content with Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) in 2019, allowing Brand Registered Sellers to present the unique value proposition of their products with their amazing brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.

In 2022, A+ content contains the modules previously only EBC had, and sellers can access them through Vendor and Seller Central. Amazon product listing image design. However, Premium A+ Content is only accessible through Vendor Central.

EBC modules give brands additional space within their detail pages to provide answers to common customer queries and provide information about their product. Thus, it can increase conversion rates and allow customers to have a good shopping experience.

How did Dream Water benefit from creative services’ power in driving Amazon sales? (Case Study)

A+ content provides brands like Dream Water with additional space within their detail pages. It helps answer customers’ common questions and give relevant details about their products.

Dream Water modified its product description fields and built its custom creative, including its brand story, text placements, and enhanced images.

Gary Jiang, the digital marketing manager at Dream Water, says, “Amazon releasing A+ content has been good for improving the buying experience. Suppose a customer lands on a listing and sees a coherent story for the brand and products designed attractively and pleasingly. It improves both conversion rate and experience, which is highly beneficial.”

What is Premium A+ Content?

Amazon launched Premium A+ content in 2017, and brands got invite-only access to more visually rich multimedia content on the details pages of their product. It includes features like:

  • Mobile-friendly A+ Content
  • Full-width imagery
  • Video loops
  • Carousel/slider modules
  • Interactive comparison charts
  • Hover and click interactive content
  • Product FAQs
  • Featured testimonials

Manage Your Experiments for A+ content

Amazon announced its new “Manage Your Experiments” (MYE) feature in 2019. This feature enables sellers to do A/B testing with their A+ content and make data-driven decisions to increase sales.

Amazon states, “Experiments can help you statistically look for the best A+ content for your listings to improve your future content and drive more sales. Follow the three steps given below to do A/B testing with your A+ content:

  • Experiment: Running controlled experiments to test the performance of you’re A+ content.
  • Analyze: Understanding results backed by statistics and can make data-driven decisions about your A+ content.
  • Optimize: Maximize sales by launching high-performing A+ content that resonates well with your customers.

Below are a few A+ content test ideas from Amazon Brand Services:

  • Add or remove a company/ brand logo
  • Add a comparison table
  • Move your existing A+ modules around
  • Update or replace the text in your modules
  • Change the order of your images
  • Display the same images and text using a different module
  • Experiment with lifestyle images
  • Introduce new A+ content modules

What are some of the Amazon A+ Best Practices for 2024?

Amazon must approve your A+ content application before your new product pages go live. Here are some of the Amazon A+ best practices for 2024.

  • Sizing and Resolution: All images must be the right size and resolution. The requirements will differ depending on your selected module. You must follow the requirements, or Amazon will reject your A+ content application.
  • Proofread Before Submission: Amazon claims that it takes up to 7 days for approval, but they approve or deny your application before that. Proofread all your content and check the images before submitting. If you’re A+ page gets approved and later you find a grammatical error, you need to resubmit.
  • Avoid Content Errors: Some special characters and symbols, such as the registered trademark and registered brand symbol, are forbidden. Moreover, you also can’t add hyperlinks to other websites.
  • Listen to Reviews: Check what your customers say about your brand in product reviews. If they ask the same questions repeatedly, you may need to address those concerns by utilizing the space in your Amazon creative.
  • Use Text, More Visuals: A+ content must be more visual, and text must convey your message concisely and directly. Prefer maintaining a healthy balance of product and lifestyle images.
  • Use Banners: Banners are the best way to break up your product detail page. It presents a new section to the buyer, grabs attention with pictures, and presents more information about your product and brand.
  • Leverage Charts: You can use a comparison chart to display similar products and highlight their features. This will allow your customer to discover other similar items without requiring navigating away from the detail page.
  • Uniform Design: While designing your A+ content, you must have your entire catalog in your mind. Your A+ content must be consistent across the board and will act as an extension of your website and brand.

How to Use Amazon Creative Services for Big Sales Days?

Amazon Creative Services can be a game-changer for maximizing your sales during big sales days such as Prime Day, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. You can take advantage of these days and use Amazon’s Creative Services and drive more conversions:

  • Eye-catching Graphics: You can create visually appealing product images and banners highlighting urgency, special offers, and discounts.
  • Keyword Optimization: Include relevant keywords in your creatives, boost your discoverability, and improve your chances of appearing in search results.
  • Engaging Videos: Create short, compelling videos to showcase your product’s features and benefits. You can use storytelling to captivate potential buyers.
  • Mobile Optimization: Ensure that your content looks fantastic on mobile devices as several shoppers browse and shop from smartphones.
  • Testing and Iteration: Continuously check and optimize your creative content based on the performance data to stand out.


You must recognize the power of creative services in driving sales on Amazon. Currently, listing your products online is not sufficient due to massive competition. To stand out, sellers must utilize the power of creative services.

From eye-catching images and product descriptions to engaging video demonstrations or innovative advertising campaigns, creativity is necessary for capturing the attention of Amazon’s users.

We have provided our EBC A+ services to more than 70 brands, and you can be the next, so contact us today and make your brand shine.



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