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Is Money The Root Of All Evils?

Introduction Of Is Money The Root Of All Evils

Is Money The Root Of All Evils. Where simply someone with money, a lot of money, has not been able to do so. e dishonest way or through it he takes advantage of other people and it is simply the poor who loses almost always so the good guys here have to talk about something and it is that we cannot deny that there is a reality in which people like politicians.

They Simply Take Advantage Of The Money

They simply take advantage of the money that we pay as taxes and steal it because there are problems, let’s say simply due to the lack of money in poor people who, due to lack of education, suddenly go to the streets to steal the streets are opened and even make committing crimes and that is a mind is a reality but we also have to know that there is a reality in which.

Some people have money and are not bad or they did not achieve it in the way of their destiny they had to pass over anyone 1 and 2 that there are poor people who are bad without money, they are dishonest, they steal and they also cheat to say that simply because they have money, someone is bad is the same as saying To say that.

Because someone is poor is bad or because someone is bad because he is black, it is discrimination and it simply does not make sense because there is no way to correlate one with the other, there are happy rich people, happy poor people / unhappy rich people, and unhappy poor people. that money is hardly the cause or the solution to unhappiness the lack of happiness.

A Suitcase Full Of Money Appeared

That money is hardly the cause of problems what happens if you have a million dollars in a suitcase and you put it away and no one ever realizes it is more what happens if a suitcase full of money appeared in your house without anyone noticing it was there somewhere hidden and nobody realizes that that suitcase until then that appeared in my house.

That appeared in the house of a politician but that no one ever realizes that money that achieves anything money is bad, no money influences, no money does that because people are around them even if they don’t realize it immediately They start to be bad for you not here what happens is that money makes people express themselves in a better way as.

They are if they are bad without money with money they are even worse if they are dishonest without money with money they can still be more dishonest if they steal without money with money they can steal more but they are good because with money they can be good eyes if a person was good before getting money and when.

He Got Money He Was Corrupted

He got money he was corrupted it is because deep inside his way of being personality that person had some imbalance psychologists tell us that we always tend to inhibit any type of behavior to hide parts of ourselves to hide traits of our being that are truly there but some situations make us in one way or another reveal ourselves just as.

We are once you know alcohol the other is money in abundance and money in abundance a person can simply make decisions that a person without money cannot make can do things that they do not begin to organize can do it simply has a much greater capacity and scope the question is what is he going to do with that money and how is he going to manage it.

What decisions is he going to take and this is where we talk about how simply that person can do good or evil to him many people in the evil go out newscasts go out on social networks they go viral we realize it and as we have 99 percent negative stimuli the parties Regarding these types of cases and the positive cases in which people who make money honestly.

How Many Good People Can Name With Money

Who sell products that benefit others who offer services that help people we do not see them viral we do not see them on the news we do not see them In soap operas we do not see it in movies because obviously the proportion is quite distorted for our perception and therefore we tend to think that this money in the cause of let’s say that type of evil what.

We never think is that those people who are there in that position of wealth let’s say so financially doing evil were already bad at some point they simply have the publicity that reaches me and I gave myself count them but surely I have not known enough for a sufficient number of years surely the vast majority of people can name five politicians three famous four rich businessmen.

Who have done bad things how many good people can name with money who have done good things Not because they don’t exist but because we don’t care about meeting these people, many people don’t care about it, but that we deny that they exist is a distortion of our way of thinking and it is simply a fallacy, it is not a reality if you start to analyze.

The Statistics Of Your Country At Least In My Country

The statistics of your country at least in my country the last time I was analyzing some statistics more of 200,000 business owners were producing a higher income that let’s say that forced them to declare income which was simply the reason why it exceeded those 200 thousand business owners, you think that those 200 thousand business owners.

Who according to their income level at least In Colombia it is considered that they are rich that are affluent in the same proportions from different countries because you think that those 200 thousand people are bad they are dishonest they have all stolen how the country would be I know that it is not at its best point but.

You have to Be realistic too and you have to analyze things objectively the vast majority of these people just get up every day to work they do their things well they have their services their products their suppliers their customers happy people who pay them without problem surely you have a business to which you go and pay for something satisfied happy.

I Want To Get That Money At All Costs

That you like a product and do not consider that that person is cheating or if what happens is that we have to put aside the stories of children king Midas who turns everything into gold and simply turns his family into gold because of greed and knowing that greed is very different from ambition The fact that I want to grow, improve, learn more, achieve more, get more money, does not mean that.

I want to get that money at all costs, go over others, take advantage of others, and that the fact that I win means that another loses, it may not necessarily happen. blind to the reality that people are doing it but the question is are we going to keep complaining to those people we are going to give an example that really if you can be rich and be good, be rich and help another be rich and not be a scammer, be rich and be honest of course.



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