How To Ensure Progress On Your Goals And Purposes This Year

How To Ensure Progress On Your Goals And Purposes This Year
How To Ensure Progress On Your Goals And Purposes This Year

Introduction Of How To Ensure Progress On Your Goals And Purposes This Year

How To Ensure Progress On Your Goals And Purposes This Year. We always start with the illusion that this year we really have a new life, however, when we return to what is work or study to daily activities we find ourselves With the day to day it is difficult to cope alone now much less adding new activities new tasks new occupations and we remember that.

The Vast Majority Of People Do Not Achieve The Goals

We have certain obligations and responsibilities so we tend to think that focus and concentration productivity organization is the key but This is not always the case the vast majority of people do not achieve the goals they set for themselves or the New Year’s resolutions simply by forgetting it. It seems that it is not like that.

Day one is not thinking about those objectives on the day one is not aware that at some point one is planted eó achieve these results, whether for example financial results of creating your own business, taking it to a certain level of sales or personal results in terms of health regarding what exercise is, food reaches a point and we think about

Those things not so much because we are not concentrated all the time but simply because we do not have an oratory every day, perhaps it is also possible that some of these objectives are not achieved simply because they do not have a true reason in our life because the usual only better health more exercise eating better earning more money and what does that mean in your life.

We Have Even At Any Other Time Are Goals

Because you want to achieve it, what are the results that are going to bring you? we have even at any other time are goals as other people propose we consider that we also Others of us should propose ourselves so obviously, it is a question of asking if these goals are truly yours if they are going to lead you to a better life to greater happiness many times we also overestimate.

What we can do in a week and underestimate what we can achieve in a year there are times that they tell us and how long it takes you approximately doing this work or carrying out all the activity and the second is it takes two or three days or a week and it takes much longer than we think so we are used to each time we set a deadline to achieve something, usually.

We do not achieve it this is something negative for our subconscious mind that is used to failing even in simple things, therefore we think that in a year it is difficult for us to truly achieve our goals and we underestimate everything the potential we have to achieve things in the year that are 52 weeks in 52 weeks is a lot what I know.

Our Progress In The Goals Measuring

It can be achieved even without so much effort if we manage to always keep abreast of our progress in the goals measuring the result knowing that if I, for example, want to obtain an income for saying something financial of three thousand dollars a month I have to be achieving 100 dollars by day and therefore the day that I did not achieve, even if.

I compensate it with another day that I achieve more than 100 and if not this will be achieved 100 150 or 30 in what way can I expand my income or get more customers, diversify my products and who knows how many other strategies the same if we talk for example about a health issue of eating better eating five times. You Can Also Read The 7 Most Common Financial Mistakes And How To Fix Them.

A day doing more exercise carrying out a goal for example of physical activity daily anything else you can measure almost everything that is success Personal can be measured and of course, when I imagine those goals in a year I can translate them into what they mean in a month what does it mean n in a week and what do they mean in a day because.

The Same Goals Every Year And Carry Out The Same Activities Every Year

It is difficult to translate for example some things such as I want to be happy what it means to me to be happy suddenly can mean a set of various things spending free time with my family traveling doing what I want, In short, I like different activities but I can say that what today implies that tomorrow implies that next week implies and that.

That daily performance and even for hours that I say in the morning I will do this in the afternoon it will do the other thing for me. translate into weekly progress and translate into monthly progress and ultimately it becomes my goal in a whole year and logically it will be very difficult for us to achieve new things new results in a different life.

If we keep doing the same things over and over again some people set the same goals every year and carry out the same activities every year, therefore they do not achieve them every year, for example, many people consider themselves the goal of losing weight or toning muscle of anything some go to the gym the first 15 days and stop going sometimes.

Their Own Goals So There The Question

They pay a membership for a longer time and gyms to earn money from people who do not that is one of the benefits of being the owner of a gym that people fail to meet their own goals so there the question is to know that to achieve something that I have never achieved I likely need to do something that.

I have never done leaving my comfort zone trying new things different strategies different elements that they can include in my life that I have not considered before and that suddenly even sometimes have been against them but that could work the truth is that we do not realize we are going to realize if something works or not for us unless It is also important to take into account what motivation and state of mind are, one thing is I is to be clear about having a goal that I define for myself.

I know that it is important and that it has a great reason, such as a financial goal, a health goal, a personal goal, a family or social goal, or whatever, but something else is that I woke up one morning without wanting to work on that goal without the desire to take action to have activities that lead me towards achieving that goal and this is.

Where it is important to also align your energy level that is for those that have a lot to do with many things on a physical level such as sleep and food and others but also with how you manage your well-being daily your level of self-esteem your level of mood in general of motivation but then at the level of taking action of things one thing is the motivation that we have to carry out something like For example.