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i’m Feeling Curious : Exploring The Google Tricks and Fun

Recently, a new feature was added to Google Search. This innovation allows users to search for i’m feeling curious facts within the search engine. The elements are displayed on the results page when a user searches for “Entertaining facts” or “I’m handling curious.” The trick consists of a busy box that contains a frequently-asked question and its answer from Google.

Simply visit Google and type “I’m feeling curious” or “fun facts” into the search bar. Google will then return an interesting random fact, usually culled from Wikipedia or news websites. Then, you can continue to press “Ask another question” and Google will continue to provide you with interesting information.

What is “I’m Feeling Curious”?

This is a brief introduction to Andrew Ng’s “I’m feeling curious” feature for Google. It is a tool that can assist you in discovering relevant articles or content for a particular topic. Using a variety of filters, search algorithms, and keyword lists, can assist you in locating relevant content.

For example, Andrew Ng’s I’m feeling curious tool enables you to query Google for interesting content on a particular topic or problem. It enables you to locate relevant articles or content, as opposed to just general pages for a topic.

Here is one illustration: This tool can be used to locate articles on statistics and software updates. Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about AI and the people who work in it, or about cybersecurity/privacy issues affecting your organization.

It can provide a list of articles and content that can be utilized. You may also filter for particular subjects, such as AI and machine learning. Trends in AI security and privacy, with an emphasis on the most recent developments.

Similarly to machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) applications, Deep Learning (DNN), and computer graphics programming, it can provide a list of articles and content that you can search for, filtered by topic. I’ve compiled the following list of AI-related articles and content using this tool:

Nevertheless, here’s another way Google can help you find the best news. Instantaneously locating relevant content on a given topic is simple for Google. And if it is something you are seeking, Google can provide you with a list of articles and content that will be most helpful to you.

When was “I’m feeling curious” Launched?

2015 marked the debut of the “I’m feeling curious” technique. Google announced the launch of the process, unlike most other initiatives. Since most other tricks do not receive the same treatment, the announcement emphasizes the significance of the feature significantly.

It was introduced in September 2015, which means that it has existed for nearly five years! Also, because the feature is entertaining and educational, it is safe to assume that Google will not remove it soon.

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Benefited from Using I’m Feeling Curious

Google’s online games can be utilized to alleviate boredom during free time. I have an inquiring mind. It is a magnificent data generator that enhances data deployment in a random question-answer structure. This method of providing you with information is not novel.

People utilized the “I’m feeling curious” feature to navigate the Internet in 2015, and they enjoyed it. Parents encourage their children to engage in amusing online activities, such as gaming, chatting, and data collection. I’m intrigued by the ease with which they can obtain a large number of unknown facts with this technical con artist.

How Does Google’s I’m Feeling Curious Work?

When feeling curious, it is difficult to resist the urge to click on a link and learn more. Google’s new search feature “I’m Feeling Curious” is based on this premise.

When you search for something on Google and then click the “I’m Feeling Curious” button, you will be taken to a random result. It’s similar to a game of chance, but with the added benefit of knowing that the outcome will be intriguing.

An algorithm generates the results, taking into account factors such as the result’s popularity and its social media sharing frequency. This means you are more likely to receive something that is interesting and timely as opposed to something that is simply popular.

If you don’t like the first result, you can continue to click the “I’m Feeling Curious” button to obtain a different one. Moreover, there is a link to the original source if you wish to learn more about the outcome.

Note: Currently, this feature is only available in English, but it will soon be made available in additional languages.

Google Fun Facts!

Google Fun Facts
Graphic Credit: Huffpost.com

The new Google search function enables users to “exchange ideas with their computers.” (Photo: Replica / Google). This novelty is included in “I’m Lucky.” When the user hovers over it, the text changes, allowing searches to be performed on specific topics without having to type them into the search bar.

In place of “I’m feeling fortunate,” there will be additional buttons that allow you to search for nearby eateries in “I’m handling hunger,” view photos of selected landmarks in “I’m feeling great,” and make donations in “I’m feeling abundant.” In addition, the “I’m feeling lucky” process necessitates that the user utilizes the website rather than the regional variations of the search.

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What Happens When You Type in “I’m Feeling Curious?”

Google has developed a new trick that caters to inquiring minds. Simply type “I’m feeling curious” into the search engine, and it will return a random fact that you can store for future trivia competitions or whip out to impress friends at the appropriate time.

Each fact is drawn from a website, with Google providing a link to the source. The anti-boredom tool is quite addictive. After reading the first fact, users can click “ask another question” to receive additional information on any topic imaginable, from space to Santa Claus.

Interesting Facts from Google I’m Feeling Curious

Here are some instances of fascinating facts and the algorithm’s succinct responses:

  • Only 10 to 12 percent of the world’s population resides south of the Equator.
  • Approximately 800 million people reside below the equator.
  • This represents a small portion of the 7.8 billion to 8 billion people living on Earth.
  • How long does it take your eyes to adjust to the dark: Your retinal rods must adjust to night vision for approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

What Should Be Done If It Does Not Work?

If searching for I’m feeling curious does not return any random facts, the trick is not working. This could be a temporary condition, and the function should resume.

We recommend clearing your browser’s cache until further notice. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Use the shortcut Ctrl+H to open your browser’s history.
  • Click the Delete browsing history link.
  • Tick the options which are displayed below and hit clear browsing data.


‘’I’m feeling interested ‘’ is probably one of Google’s finest tactics. It was immensely popular at its beginning and remains in style now. Even now, several YouTube videos are made showcasing the feat.

I’m Feeling Curious helps millions throughout the world kill boredom, and obtain knowledge in the process. It gathers data from a near-limitless collection of information and applies it to push individuals toward new routes of study. It might be hoped that Google will further improve on the algorithm, and customize it to better its users’ informational blind spots.

In dramatic contrast to previous Google gimmicks, this ploy has persisted in the public consciousness, years after its beginnings. Perhaps it too will one day fall out of common imagination, and be replaced with a newer trick. Yet, until that day comes knocking, we can continue to enjoy ourselves with the trick and learn information in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is I’m Feeling Curious trick popular?

Google I’m Feeling Curious Trick engages people. It delivers intriguing facts in question-answer format.

How to find Google I’m feeling curious trick?

Type I’m Feeling Curious on the Google home page to have a search box with the Ask Question button to hit and it will work fast to offer you answers to questions.

Who invented I’m Feeling Curious Trick?

Google released its Google I’m Feeling Curious trick feature way back in 2015.

What is an Alternative to Google I’m Feeling Curious Trick?

The finest options are WTF Fun Facts and Google I’m Feeling Playful.



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