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PDF Drive Alternatives – Search and Download PDF Files for Free

PDF Drive is like Google for finding PDFs. It has by far the largest list of eBooks and audiobooks, with more than 80 million entries. It has free books to download on every subject imaginable, from business to education to entertainment. You can find both classics that have been around for a long time and the most popular books right now. You might even find an old favorite book that you thought you had lost a long time ago.

On the other hand, there are no proactive ways for books on the platform to be checked out. You are pretty much on your own, so be careful about what you download.

We can imagine that if you’re new to PDF Drive, you have a lot of questions. PDF Drive is free, yes. Is downloading books from PDF Drive legal? How can I find my favorite books and download them? This quick guide has everything you need to know. Let’s dive in!

What is PDF Drive?

PDFDrive.com is a free online search engine for PDF books that has been called one of the best places to download free books. PDF Drive has more than 80 million PDF e-books, academic articles, reports, and textbooks as of October of this year.

All PDF books are put into different categories, such as art, science and research, technology, religion, and business. If you don’t know what to look for, look at the Editor’s Picks or the Most Popular column to see if there’s anything worth your time.

PDF Drive is easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about that. This online PDF search engine is easy to use and works a lot like Google search. Users only have to type in the search box, and the results will show up in a few seconds. PDF Drive.net also shows the date of publication, the number of pages, the file size, and the number of downloads. If a PDF e-book is published again, an icon will also show up in the search results.

Is PDF Drive Safe to Use?

PDF Drive is one of the safest places to get files to download. It doesn’t have any annoying ads or hidden links that might seem dangerous. The site also makes it easy to find free eBooks and doesn’t cost anything.

Depending on the format of the book you are looking for, you may need to download something extra, like EPUB, to be able to read it.

Is PDF Drive Free Books Legal?

PDF Drive works like Google, which lets you search for images and videos. But when you use PDF Drive, you can only search for PDFs. The site searches through different websites for free files, which they then add to their service.

The PDF Drives Copyright disclaimer says that they are not responsible for users who download content from their website and will not take legal action against them if they do. So, PDF Drive’s free books are not legal. They only help you find PDFs, but they don’t have the right to copy, share, distribute, or make copies of the final content.

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Why are PDF Books Important?

In today’s electronic world, PDF files are very important. They make it easy to store and share documents all over the world. PDF books are the best way to read books and other files on computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

They make reading a good experience. You can change the background color and font size to suit your tastes. They give high-resolution images of the files and use different optimization techniques to make it easier to read on small screens like smartphones and tablets.

It can be used for many things, like storing school papers, research articles, magazines, and books. These files are important for students and professionals because they let you read articles online without taking up too much space on your computer or tablet. You can also save these files to your phone or tablet so you can read them while you’re on the go.

How Does PDF Drive work?

This PDF searcher is a free place to download files, and most people will be able to find the PDF e-book they need by using the search, preview, and download tools. Let’s look more closely at what PDF Drive has to offer:

  • Exact search: This online PDF searcher lets users do a deep search in the database by choosing the number of pages, the year it was published, and the languages they want to see results. Don’t forget to check the box next to Exact Match to get more accurate results.
  • Free download: As we’ve already said, this website is a non-profit PDF library with millions of PDF files that you can download for free. But neither the servers nor the maintenance of the website is free. This is why people who read them give them money.
  • Preview: There is no cost to use the preview service on the PDF book website. Users can be sure that this PDF ebook is the one they need.
  • Convert: This PDF searcher has an online PDF converter built in. Users can choose between PDF, EPUB, and MOBI as the output format. By the way, there are no fees for the conversion tools.
  • Share: PDFDrive.net will send the chosen PDF book to your inbox or Kindle if you need it. This one-click service is helpful for people who read on their phones.
  • Subscribe: Users who want to use PDF Drive often can leave an email on the site to subscribe. You’ll be the first to know when similar files or popular free books become available.
  • Cloud storage: PDF Drive has its own storage space in the cloud called “My Drive.” Users who are logged in can save PDF e-books to the space with just one click, so they don’t have to search again. Also, there is a Like button when you want to add a book to the list of My Likes.

How to Download Free PDF Books from PDF Drive?

  • Pick any PDF book and click on Download.
  • When the progress bar is done loading, click Download (or Go to PDF if it’s there), and the PDF e-book will be automatically saved to a local folder or opened in your browser.
  • Go to the top right and click Download. After a few seconds, the PDF book is automatically saved to a folder on your computer.

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Benefits of Reading PDF Books

The most common benefits of reading PDF books are that they are easy to get to and carry around, they have high-resolution images, they are easy to share, and they are fun to read. You can get to them from any device that has an internet connection and a PDF reader installed.

The best way to read PDF books is on a small screen, like a smartphone or tablet. PDF files are easy to store and take up less room on your computer. You can mark where you left off reading in PDF files by adding digital bookmarks.

It can help you calm down, get ideas, and learn new words. You can also learn about different cultures and ways of life by reading different books. Reading can also help you sleep better by putting your mind and body at ease. Last but not least, it can help you meet new people and find new ideas.

Best 80 PDF Drive Alternatives:

  1. Kindle
  2. Bookboon
  3. Europeana
  4. Internet Archive
  5. Booknet
  6. Online Programming Books
  7. Smashwords
  8. Open Library
  9. Freda
  10. Free-Ebooks.net
  11. Manybooks
  13. Scribd
  14. Perlego
  15. BookFusion
  16. Rakuten Kobo
  17. Project Gutenberg
  18. Authorama
  19. LibriVox
  20. Feedbooks
  21. Bookyards
  22. Google
  23. OnlineProgrammingBooks.com
  24. Open Culture
  25. Read Print
  26. Page by Page Books
  27. Readanybook
  28. Idoc
  29. Academia
  30. SmallPDF
  31. Oceanofpdf.com 
  32. Freepdf-books.com
  33. Lagout.org
  34. Faadooengineers.com
  35.  Getfreeebooks.com
  36. Engineeringbookspdf.com
  37. Ebookscart.com
  38. Twirpx.com 
  39. Allitebooks.in
  40. 8freebooks.net
  41. Epdf.pub
  42. Blog.free.fr
  43. 12min.com
  44. Overdrive.com
  45. iEltsmaterial.com
  46. Ebooks.com
  47. E-booksdirectory.com 
  48. Xoobooks.com
  49. Smtebooks.com
  50. Openlibrary.org
  51. Easyengineering.net
  52. Droppdf.com
  53. Buecher.de
  54. Zuj.edu.jo
  55. Bsu.az
  56. Index-of.es
  57. Holybooks.com
  58. Globalgreyebooks.com
  59. Freecomputerbooks.com
  60. Easypacelearning.com
  61. Bokus.com
  62. Pdf-archive.com
  63. Pavleck.net
  64. Paulminors.com
  65. Kupdf.com 
  66. Freevideolectures.com
  67. aceondo.net 
  68. Slader.com
  69. getabstract.com 
  70. Gbv.de
  71. Foxebook.net
  72. Epdf.tips
  73. Theswissbay.ch
  74. The-eye.eu
  75. Obooko.com
  76. Genderguesser.com
  77. Index-of.co.uk
  78. Engineeringstudymaterial.net
  79. files.wordpress.com
  80. bookwordpress.net

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Download your Favorite PDF books for Free with PDF Drive

PDF books can be searched for and downloaded for free in many places, but PDF Drive is by far the best. PDF Drive gives users an unbeatable experience with its easy-to-use interface, huge library, and tools for sorting files.

But even though the platform is a great place to get free eBooks, we don’t want people to use it in a way that is wrong or careless. Make sure to read the platform’s terms of service, respect the copyrights of any titles, and avoid downloading files with strange names or on devices with sensitive personal data.

How to avoid getting a virus from a PDFDrive?

  • Use an online library that has already been checked out and makes you sign up (like Scribd).
  • Make sure that both the name of the book and the name of the author are right. If there are, it’s possible that you’ve found a fake.
  • Instead of opening files you’re not sure about on your computer, use cloud readers like
  • PocketBook Cloud or the preview features in Google Drive.
  • If you need to open the book on your computer, turn off third-party plugins and
  • JavaScript execution in your e-reader settings.
  • Before you open the PDF file, it should be checked for viruses with antivirus software.
  • Don’t click on any links inside the book or document.
  • If you think a PDF file has already infected your computer, run a full antimalware scan with your antivirus software.

Where to Find Free of Charge PDF Books?

There are many websites where you can find free PDF books and download them, but it’s hard to find one that doesn’t require you to sign in or make an account. PDF Drive is a downloader for PDF books that you can use on any device with a browser and a good internet connection.

PDF Drive has a huge selection of things to read, from the newest books to old favorites. The site has books in many different languages, so readers from all over the world can find the best books to read. The site also lets people who want to be writers use it for free. PDF Drive lets you get the books you love for free.

Why is pdfdrive.com Blocked?

pdfdrive.com is blocked because it has content that is not appropriate.

Final Thoughts

The best thing we can think of to replace PDF Drive is Kindle, which has millions of books in many different genres. All of the books on Kindle are legal to read. You don’t have to worry about breaking the law if you buy them or download free copies.

You can also store your books on the Kindle Cloud Reader, so you can always read them on all of your devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PDF Drive

How does Pdfdrive work?

PDF Drive lets you use its servers to get files from the public web. The servers act as your proxy. This means that we don’t have any control over the data you send to us, and you must have the legal right to download the content you access through our servers. You shouldn’t use this site for anything else.

Where is Pdfdrive located?

PDF Drive’s main office is at 6888 Friars Rd Unit 307, San Diego, California, United States, 92108.

Can I use PDF Drive on my mobile device?

On Google Play, this PDF search engine has a mobile version. Android users who want to read PDF e-books, newspapers, textbooks, or magazines on their devices can download the.apk file.

Does PDF Drive.com have audiobooks?

Yes. Most of the audiobooks on PDF Drive are textbooks for learning a new language. This PDF search engine is also more of a database than a place to publish e-books. Simply put, users can usually download an e-book in PDF format, but to get the audio version, they have to click the links (which are usually in the appendix). All of that depends on whether the PDF e-book has a podcast or an audio version.

How trustworthy is PDFDrive?

PDF Drive is generally safe because most people who use it don’t have any problems. However, it is better to be safe than sorry. PDF Drive is a database that is managed by the public. This means that most of the titles come from users themselves.

Is free PDF legal?

Yes. Is it illegal to get a free PDF copy of a book? If the book is in the public domain or is listed as free on a website for a book store, then no. BUT, if it’s a pdf of a book that has a value right now.

Are free pdfs safe?

Are PDF books safe? A PDF file is not an executable file, so it can’t infect your computer just by sitting there on your hard drive. The malware in a PDF file needs to be read and run by PDF reader software in order to do its damage. This is why most older e-readers and most new e-paper and e-ink books can’t get a PDF virus.

How much does PDF drive cost?

Sign in to PDF Drive from any device, and your files will be there waiting for you. PDF Drive Premium costs just $3.99 a month or $29.99 a year after your free trial.

How do you check if a PDF has a virus?

How to Check Virus in PDF? If you get a PDF from someone you don’t know or trust, you should scan it before you open it. Email services like Gmail have a built-in way to check file attachments for malware. They use VirusTotal’s technology so that you can be sure.

How many books are in PDF drive?

PDF Drive is your PDF file search engine. As of today, you can download 82,868,750 eBooks for free.

Which app is best for free PDF books?

One of the best ways to read PDF ebooks on an Android device. The app works with both 18:9 and other screen sizes. It lets you make changes to the PDF, add notes, fill out forms, and sign it. It also lets you store some things in the cloud.

Can a PDF track you?

Can you find out who opens a file? Yes, but you need a licensing system to identify the user and the ability to lock a PDF to a device so you know for sure who you are tracking.

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