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What is Wpit18? Sabong Registration, Login and Dashboard in 2023

Wpit18 is a well-known online platform where Filipinos can register for roster bouts and place wagers. The website is one of the most popular in the Philippines since it not only hosts little rooster fights but also arranges large tournaments in which anyone can compete.

The online contests go no longer than five minutes, and only one rooster is named champion at the conclusion. While rooster fights are prohibited in certain parts of the world. Whatever they are allowed and are a popular pastime in the Philippines.

This website is popular in the Philippines, is recognized by WPC, and is linked with it. If you carefully follow our instructions, the registration procedure is complicated. This will assist you in understanding how to register for

Quick Facts About The Wpit18 in 2023

The website Wpit18 has been precisely designed to amuse Sabong fans. The origin of the website is the Philippines. Furthermore, the Philippines govern all activities on this website.

Thus, all actions are permitted on the website. Here are a few peculiar facts about the website. We feel this position is unrelated to cockfighting or gambling.

  • This job posting was also shared on social networking sites.
  • According to advertisements, clients can earn between $5,000 and $15,000 with relative ease.
  • We guarantee weekly payouts and Availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • They are looking for gold and silver agents, as well as 1% commission-based gamers.
  • Registrants can pay by bank transfer or online, according to

What is Wpit18?

Wpit18 is an online gaming platform where users can participate in real-time cockfights. The Wpit18 game lasts three to four minutes, and only the victorious rooster lives. Registration on the website is free and available to anyone desiring to make money by training birds to battle. wpit18 is a method of connecting with worldwide pitmasters that is more direct. A small number of members and hens who participate in these games are required to play this game.

They are all from the Philippines and compete against one another as well as their roosters. Every Wpit18 member must abide by a set of rules and regulations. Depending on where you place and how challenging the game is, you could win varying amounts of money.

Despite the fact that these competitions are prohibited in many nations, several sites continue to function, demonstrating that there is still interest in them. Among these nations is the Philippines.

The World Pit Cup is an exciting and tense competition. Spectators observe these formidable competitors compete until a winner is determined. That is an extraordinary sensation that will leave you gasping for air.

What is The Purpose Of The Game?

According to Wpit18 Registration, individuals bring roosters to fight in an open field. At the conclusion of each game, the winner is the player with the most surviving roosters. The most difficult aspect of this event is that many roosters ultimately perish. Roosters are commonly injured and bleeding heavily.

Many foundations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are currently working hard to end the bloodshed. Every day, we should treat animals with respect and affection. Animals should be accorded the same regard as humans. Hence, individuals should consider how they would react if they were treated as roosters.

This heinous act of violence demonstrates how vicious people can be. We must express our opinion on this competition and request that Wpit18 Registration be restricted. People in the Philippines are aware of these events since they can generate income. Both the champion and the runner-up receive a substantial amount of money. No one should be concerned if their roosters are injured or killed during the game.

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  • offers HD resolution for live broadcasts.
  • This platform offers services that are always accessible.
  • Several copycat sites, such as Wpit19 (where roosters fight with knives), Wpit20 (where roosters fight with hatchets), and Wpit21 (where roosters fight with chainsaws), have been launched because of the site’s popularity (where roosters fight with axes).
  • This website offers the opportunity to earn money.
  • This gaming platform provides access to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Everyone who earns 100 points may participate.
  • allows money transfers online. Every game offers between $5,000 and $15,000 in earnings.

Is it Legal and Safe to Register for Login?

This is a contentious question with a very brief response. In the majority of nations, it is unethical, unsafe, dangerous, prohibited, and illegal to inflict pain on an animal and compel animals to fight for pleasure and entertainment. Also, due to the nature of the platform, Login is prohibited in the majority of nations.

People do not simply arrange battles between their roosters in the competition; there is much more to the story. This online combat platform also allows for the live viewing of matches and the setting of wagers on animals, which may be categorized as gambling.

How Does Wpit18.Com Work?

How Does Wpit18 Work
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The World Pitmasters Cup (WPC) is an online competition held in the Philippines. There are numerous competitors in the tournament. But, you should understand how operates. Using Wpit18 requires the following actions, which are outlined below:

  • Registration is required in order to access the site due to wpit18’s policies. Thus, users must provide personal data and create an account.
  • To put wagers, users must fund their Wpit18 accounts after registering. Among payment options, the website accepts credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets.
  • Wpit18 provides information about participating roosters, including breed, weight, and performance history, so that users may make an informed decision.
  • After selecting a rooster to wager on, individuals can place wagers using their Wpit18 account dollars. The application offers a variety of wagering options, such as picking the victorious rooster or predicting the number of rounds the fight would last.
  • The combat can be viewed using the platform’s real-time streaming service from any internet-connected device. If your wager is successful, your Wpit18 account will be credited with incentives. These prizes are redeemable for cash or can be used to place additional wagers on the platform.

How to Register Wpit18 in 2023? 

Follow the instructions below if you live in the Philippines and are ready to participate in such a horrible act:

  • Visit and complete the form.
  • Register a new account.
  • Provide the requested information, including your name, phone number, and Facebook ID.
  • Complete the form and wait for its approval.
  • Also, these steps can be followed.

Note:- If you cannot establish an account on the site, you can also “Contact Us” if you are a resident of the Philippines. The following are the numbers’ specifics:









How to Login Wpit18 in 2023?

To visit, merely adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Choose Sign In.
  • Please provide your email address and password in the appropriate fields.
  • Kindly send it.
  • To complete the sign-in procedure, follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Access The Wpit18 Dashboard?

Need information on how to register for Wpit18? If you are also interested in logging in and registering for the WPit18 dashboard, then continue reading. Participation in this event is more difficult than you believe. You must comply with the rules and guidelines listed on its website.

  • You should visit its website at
  • On the website, you will see the current status, such as an agent.
  • You must submit an application for the job.
  • You can earn between $5,000 and $15,000 after becoming an agent.
  • So, You may also view the advertisement and its benefits via social media advertisements.
  • You can check “ agent hiring” on Facebook.
  • You can receive money via bank transfer or online payment.

Online Registration System

There are numerous hazards associated with Wpit18, including aggressiveness against roosters. Not only is the WPC match illegal, but it may also be inhumane to other animals. Registration for the World Pitmasters Cup can be completed online, making participation simple. The best way to ensure safety is to be aware of every potential danger. There is no reason to put your money at risk when you may sign up and begin earning money within a few weeks.

Registration on is legitimate and secure. This website for playing games includes games in which you must capture chickens. Even if the event has its own rules, participants must adhere to them and register with the management.

There are also a significant number of WPC website enthusiasts. If you wish to join, you need to be cautious and cautious.

Top 30 Alternatives to Wpit18 in 2023

Wpit18 is the largest online cockfighting competition in the world. A user must register on this website in order to attend the event. Here are the top 30 alternatives to Wpit18 for 2023:

  1. WPC15. com
  4. Wt765. com
  5. One456. com
  7. Wpc16. com 
  8. Wpit18. com 
  9. Wpc15. com
  14. SL634. live
  15. Pitmaster. live
  18. Sw346. live
  20. Wpc2022. live
  21. Wpc2021. live
  22. Wpc2025
  24. Wpc2026. live

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What are The Benefits of Using Wpit18?

Wpit18 is a dashboard for monitoring and analyzing the performance of a website. It gives users precise insights into the performance of their website and offers a variety of perks.

One of the advantages of utilizing Wpit18 is that it can assist in enhancing website performance. It can discover problems early on and expedite their resolution. This can result in higher client satisfaction and sales.

Wpit18 also provides other benefits, such as tracking user interaction and SEO analysis. This enables you to comprehend how your website is performing in comparison to the competition and can assist you in optimizing your content for greater visibility.

Wpit18 is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a dashboard that will assist you to boost your website’s performance. It provides a variety of advantages that will benefit you and your consumers.

Pros and Cons Of The Wpit18.Com

After joining, you can select whether or not to play. After registration, you can instantly begin playing. Register if you desire to compete in the contest.

It will be more difficult for you to win if you do not. You will not win too frequently. But, you may continue playing. This is an important benefit of Wpit18. If you know how to play online poker, you can participate in WPIT’s games.


  • As there are no constraints or rules, players can devise their own strategies and employ the most effective tactics. As a result, it is truly unique and personalized.
  • Wpit18 is user-friendly, meaning that anyone can browse the menus and find the desired information.
  • The game is free, as there are no In-App Purchases or advertisements. It grants gamers limitless control over their experience, without restrictions.
  • is an interesting and simple-to-understand game. It can be played by anyone, regardless of age or gaming expertise.
  • The game’s varied levels of difficulty may keep players engaged for hours.
  • It is enjoyable for people of all ages because of the high-quality visuals and sound effects.
  • Its online multiplayer component significantly increases the game’s difficulty and excitement.


  • is linked with animal abuse.
  • It is a sin to kill for the sake of a game.
  • is a betting and gambling website.

What is The Difference Between Wpit18 and Wpc2027?

Every event-planning agency establishes rules and regulations, such as these and WPC2027, to assure the success of the event. Remember, if you wish to participate in this event, you must adhere to the following essential and primary management rules and regulations:

  • This is the registration page for WPC.
  • WPC will host a cockfight on a specific date following registration.
  • Whenever this event is held, a significant crowd will be present.
  • Online visitors and cockfight enthusiasts can view the fight live on “”

Without a doubt, they are responsible for ensuring the safety and success of this event, and they go to tremendous efforts to do so.


Wpit18 is a harsh practice in which birds such as roosters are exploited for profit. Many roosters are harmed and killed as a result of this inhumane struggle. This material is provided to raise awareness of the fact that we should not participate in any such action. We must raise our voices and put an end to all animal and avian cruelty.

In addition, there is no assurance that you will receive your winnings. so avoid these fraudulent sites. Before registering for Wpit18, it is recommended that you read internet reviews of previous users. It is important to avoid these websites so that you do not participate in these terrible crimes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wpit18 legal?

In the majority of states, keeping fighting roosters is legal, but a few have declared it illegal. In other situations, the owner may be held liable if a fighting rooster causes injury or property damage. As part of their animal legislation, several municipalities prohibit the ownership of fighting roosters.

Where will Wpit18 take place?

Each, World Cockfighting Championship is hosted at various locations throughout the globe. A tournament is a week-long competition consisting of daily rooster fights. Many nations, including Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines, host the event.

What is the Wpit18 Abbreviation?

Wpit18 is an acronym for “World Pitmasters,” an online platform where competitions like as the WPC are hosted.

Is the Wpit18 tournament sensible?

No, Wpit18 is not a rational game, hence it has been prohibited in the majority of nations. In contrast, Filipinos use the website and play the game with great passion. Several non-governmental organizations and bird welfare groups are seeking to end contests in which birds are injured or killed.

Is it Safe and Legal to Use Wpit18?

Certain nations, such as the Philippines, do permit the WPC event, whilst others do not. WPC is an official and secure game for the Philippines, thus they may host this event without difficulty. According to Philippians, Wpit18 and WPC are legitimate games.

Is the website Wpit18 secure?

Yes, the website is completely secure.

What are WPC2027 and Wpit18?

Wpit18 is the primary website where Filipinos register for WPC2027 events, after which they conduct “roosters battles” with one another. The WPC is the acronym for the World Pitmasters Cup. Anyone may participate in this event, which is hosted by


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