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Everything You Need to Know About Anti Wordle Game [Latest Updated 2023]

Anti Wordle is a game that can only be played in daily mode; we have tried it and have not stopped playing till we have lost. As a challenge, you must avoid guessing the word of the day in this game. The program merely stops your previously used letters and pushes you to place them in the exact order, making it extremely difficult to not guess the hidden word in Anti wordle today.

The game is quite basic. It entails not attempting to predict the word of the day; it is a reversing wordle. If you solve it, the game displays your time and the number of attempts you made. It then provides the opportunity to share it on social networks. Spread the word to your friends!

Wow, that appears simple! The resolution of the game is made more difficult by the need to adhere to certain regulations and by the requirement to use dictionary words. If you attempt it, you will discover that it is tougher than wordle and that this anti-word game has gone popular because it is more difficult.

What is Anti Wordle?

“Anti wordle,” a unique variant of the popular word game Wordle, inverts the traditional rules, presenting players with the challenge of avoiding learning the secret word. Unlike Wordle, there are no constraints on the number of times you can play the game, albeit there are certain limitations.

Anti-wordle requires players to employ strategy and quick thinking to enter as many yellow letters as possible without placing any gray or red characters. You may discover more about how to play Anti-wordle and how to become an expert player by continuing to read.

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Anti Wordle Game Answers Today 2023

Anti Wordle Game Answers Today 2023
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Wordle publishes a daily word of the day, and users have unrestricted opportunities to answer each problem to date. So that you never lose a word game again, we have compiled a list of all the correct solutions to every puzzle.

This page will be updated daily with the most recent solutions, so be sure to add it to your bookmarks by clicking CTRL + D. Following are the highlights of today’s 5-letter Antiwordle Game Word of the Day, after which you may view the most recent word of the day solutions.

Game Name

Anti Wordle

Developed By


New Puzzle Time

12 am (local time)



March 2023

Recent Added


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Anti Wordle Game Rules

  • When a letter is highlighted in red and in the correct position, the following word must contain that letter.
  • If the letter is highlighted in yellow, it indicates that you must use that letter in the following word, but not in the same location as before.
  • You cannot use any of the grayed-out letters in the following term, as you are already aware that they do not exist.
  • In anti wordle, the objective is to lose.

Is Anti Wordle Unlimited Safe?

While the original AntiWordle is fully free and secure, the clones in the App Store are laden with advertisements and charged memberships. According to the website 9 To 5Mac, the original Wordley was created by the author. Josh Wardle has vowed to keep the game free and ad-free, despite not owning the name’s trademark.

How to Play Anti Wordle?

Anti-wordle is a simple, equipment-free game that may be enjoyed by people of all ages and ability levels. To play, you must just guess the concealed word while avoiding the letters in grey, yellow, and red. Here is a detailed explanation on how to play Antiwordle:

  • Start by guessing a letter you believe may be part of the concealed word.
  • If the letter you guessed does not appear in the word, it will turn gray and you will no longer be able to utilize it.
  • If the letter you guessed is in the word but in the incorrect position, it will turn yellow and you will be required to utilize it for your next guess.
  • If the letter you guessed is in the correct location, it will turn red and you must utilize it for the remainder of the game.
  • Continue to guess letters, using yellow letters in the correct position while avoiding grey and red characters.
  • The objective of the game is to arrange as many yellow letters as possible while avoiding placing any grey or red ones.

How to Play Antiwordle Online?

Wordle is a useful tool for creating attractive magnets from your favorite words, but have you ever considered removing letters? Antiwordl achieves precisely this. The game allows players to gain an understanding of which characters are present and where they should be positioned on their axis canvas with each attempt.

Antiwordal is a game with rules, similar to Wordle. In addition to correctly typing all three characters before time runs out, your objective is to drop as many times as possible throughout this period.

There are more hints available on the antipodal website than there were for words during the previous week’s difficulty, so make it possible to avoid utilizing combinations that have already been used. The game is immediately playable online via the official Anti-Wordal website. The hues vary with each effort. Your objective is not to win, but to continue the relative decline.

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How to Win at Anti Wordle?

  • Simply guess one vowel in the initial and initial few words. There are a limited number of vowels, and you know that at least one must be present, so avoid using them all at once.
  • When you receive a yellow card, use it in the same location. You will realize that this word is not the answer.
  • If you dare, you can combine red and yellow letters. If there is just one of that letters, the second one will appear in gray, but you are free to guess it again. Nonetheless, the original guess is dangerous.
  • Do not attempt to appear intelligent by using all unusual letters at first. If you know the term has an E, it’s not a big deal; many words contain an E. If you know it has an X, your pool of possibilities has just shrunk significantly.

I am undecided as to whether I should attempt to guess the exact word while playing. Typically, I try not to dwell on it lest it consume my thoughts to the point that I cannot think of anything else. But, knowing the exact word is also advantageous so that I can avoid placing a T in that spot, etc.

And with that, I am out of useful suggestions. Simply try it out and observe the results. Good luck. You will lose.

Anti Wordle Best Techniques

There are numerous strategies for playing Antiwordle. No strategy is ideal since the secret word changes daily. These are some of our suggested techniques for achieving the highest possible score in Anti wordle:

  • Try using words with double or triple-letter combinations. It can occasionally fail but typically succeeds.
  • In the beginning, use uncommon letters such as Q and Z.
  • Strive to determine the word so that you can predict the opposite of that word.
  • Do not get thrown off by the yellow letters. You are not required to relocate them; you may leave them where they are. Use the yellow squares as a hint for the secret word, though.

You should consider the most uncommon letters for your starting term. Additionally, you should reuse a letter as often as possible within a single word. Some days this will backfire, but on average this will be advantageous.

Here are some useful introductory words:

  • Aquae
  • Exeem
  • Feeze
  • Jeeze
  • Jocko
  • Kazoo
  • Keeve
  • Kooky
  • Mezze
  • Neeze
  • Tuque
  • Quaky

Tips and Tricks for Playing Anti Wordle

One of the most important strategies for Anti-wordle is paying great attention to the color-coding system. Observing the color-coding scheme is also among the most important methods. It is advised that you avoid the gray letters, use the yellow letters in your subsequent guesses, and get the red letters as quickly as possible.

Experimenting with various interpretations of the word is another useful strategy when playing Anti Wordle. By experimenting with various letter combinations, players can enhance their chances of successfully detecting the concealed word and placing as many yellow letters as possible. This will allow them to place the maximum number of yellow letters.

Anti wordle, in contrast to Wordle, has no time limit and participants are permitted an unlimited number of attempts. This emphasizes that participants should not rush their guesses, but rather carefully evaluate each one before making it. If you attempt to complete the game as quickly as possible, your chances of missing grey letters and failing the game will increase.


Wordle similar game Anti Wordle is a challenging variant of the original game. To succeed at Antiwordle, players must exercise critical thinking and invert the rules of conventional word games. It has more attempts than Wordle, making it an excellent game. This guide explains how to play Antiwordle and provides helpful hints. But, keep in mind that Antiwordle is not the only game you may play with your family and friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is anti wordle?

Antiwordle is a game in which the purpose is to miss the word of the day using identical rules to wordle, but with the opposite objective. It is more challenging than wordle, and the clues are distinct. You can view additional information on antiwordle.

How to play anti wordle?

The objective of the game is to fail. With each attempt, the color of the blocks changes to indicate how close you are to guessing the word, yet the objective of antiwordle is to lose. If you guess a letter that is not in the word, it will be disabled and you will not be able to use it again. So, if you correctly guess a letter, it will turn yellow and you must include it. If you guess the exact position of a letter, it will turn red and be locked in place.

How do I win Anti-wordle?

Antiwordle players must correctly identify the hidden word while avoiding placing any letters with the grey hue and placing as many yellow letters as possible. The objective is to properly guess as many red letters as possible while predicting as many yellow letters as feasible.

What’s a good score in anti wordle?

If you can consistently solve Wordle in three guesses, you’re quite skilled. A score of three is much above average and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Especially with difficult words such as “cynic,” “vivid,” and “swill,” three is an excellent number.

What are the rules of Anti wordle?

In Anti wordle, you must avoid guessing the hidden word. You get unlimited attempts (unlike Wordle, which limits you to six), but there are a few traps. Once an incorrect letter is guessed, the word goes gray. In this game, that letter cannot be used again.

Is Antiwordle available on mobile?

Antiwordle is currently unavailable on mobile devices, however, it can be played on a computer or internet-connected tablet.

How many tries do I have in Anti-wordle?

Unlike Wordle, Antiwordle does not limit attempts to six. Gamers get as many opportunities as possible, allowing for greater strategic and analytical thought.

How many guesses are there in Antiwordle?

In the new word game, you have infinite opportunities to not guess the word, unlike its predecessor. You may continue to square off as long as the remaining letters form words.

Can you win Anti wordle?

How is Antiwordle won or lost? You continue with as many word variants as possible, striving to place as many yellow letters as feasible. Once you have locked in a red guess, you must continue to use it, therefore it is advantageous to continue utilizing yellow letters in position.

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