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3 Not-So-Popular Ways To Succeed That Really Work

Introduction Of 3 Not-So-Popular Ways To Succeed That Work

3 Not-So-Popular Ways To Succeed That Work. The first strategy is consistency the truth is that no matter how much we want to accelerate the process of achieving success, getting everything overnight is going to be very difficult to beat someone who is consistent and that every day for you this is the reason why the vast majority of Olympic athletes have been practicing for years even.

A World Competition Is The Same Reason

Since they were children before facing a world competition is the same reason why many footballers emp They started at five or six years of age when they are already 20 years old they can be in a world league to so many times we want to accelerate that process we want to be experts in something we want to achieve wealth we want to be the best entrepreneurs but.

We rarely think about what we need To get there, it is usually a process that we are not going to say that takes 20 years out of 30 years, but it is something that requires me to start from and not give up because it is one thing to start one thing is to have the decision made to have the goal set and start working, but it is another thing to persist until.

The vast majority of people who consider a project do not carry it out even the first year, let take an example, like YouTubers, we have all seen people who through a channel from youtube making videos sometimes even making silly videos they get a lot of money they get in shape they get followers and therefore there are people especially e young people.

The Best Camera The Best Lighting

Who has raised the same thing and we see that they create their YouTube channel they begin to be videos of 20 days a month six months of some give up and the truth is that beyond need, for example, resources, money, sometimes even contacts knowledge expertise sometimes all you need is consistency in the same example YouTubers don’t need.

The best camera the best lighting the best scripts to create excellent video the best stories you need to create videos and create videos consistently one after another after another after another until eventually, we find out who our audience truly is to whom we can communicate in short, but through consistency is that practically all have achieved the same in business.

The same in finance the same in relationships sometimes we even learn through the mistakes we make if we are more consistent the case is that the con Consistency is key to success and although it does not sound as attractive as the magic pill that will allow you to achieve millions overnight, the morning works the second very unusual strategy for success is to do less day by day to achieve more year after year than me.

We Improve Our Chances Of Achieving Success

I mean that many times we are tremendously busy we do a lot of things every day all day but we rarely progress we are busy but we are not being productive and it is here that for example, a person like code Newport gets up early in the morning at 9 a.m. he opens his laptop his computer and works until 5 in the afternoon at 5 in the afternoon he closes.

It and simply does not open it again until the next day at 9 in the morning what happens with this this person probably works fewer hours than many independent entrepreneurial entrepreneurs who have time to dedicate themselves to their business but during this time that person wrote five books A lot of things have been done to them three times and he has three children.

He has a family or rather he is a super productive person what happens is that he has done it for 15 years and has been consistent, we return to the first point for 15 years with this strategy reducing the number of things that are done day by day we increase the focus and increasing the focus we improve our chances of achieving success.

As Individuals In Their Success

We improve our capacity for continuous progress and finally a strategy that truly great companies implement but few people as individuals in their success take into account these metrics monitoring the performance indicators knowing how I’m doing if I’m doing well or not if you have a goal, for example, of earning a thousand dollars.

A month and you are currently earning 300 dollars a month one of the best things you can do is know how much more you should earn per day per week per fortnight ask yourself that to know if you go well this month or not thinking about what things could help you achieve your goal this month and your goal this week your goal.



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