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The Psychology Behind The Love and Attraction of Cupcakes

Cupcakes Relished Most:

Cupcakes are the source of happiness as it is a mixture of creamy and sweet frosting that combines to make a small but delicious cake. Estimated sales of cupcakes every year are determined as 770 million cupcakes. The question arises as that why cupcakes are loved so much. Cupcakes are commonly loved by everyone due to their shareable nature.

The main psychology behind cupcakes is that they are portion control. They can be used as a lunchtime treat for school-going children. The history of cupcakes is not much inquisitive. These were introduced when a young woman Eliza Leslie, published a book on cooking named Seventy-Five Recipes of Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats.

The book of Ms. Leslie got famous around the world in 1828. The cupcakes are innovated till now from that time. But one thing to notice here is since then the packaging of cupcakes has been an important figure for the business. Every baker uses it to introduce their custom cupcake boxes.

This article shows some of the facts about why cupcakes are loved and relished most among people of all ages on every occasion. A few are discussed below;

Cupcakes are Celebrated on all Occasions:

Cupcakes are used and celebrated on all occasions. Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes are common from then which revolutionized over time. Cupcakes are also special among the seasons.

If someone craves a cupcake during the summer season then an airy lemon meringue seems to be the best treat. Cupcakes are even now used after daily meals as well. Modern chefs and bakers have turned the idea of cupcakes from sweet to savory. When it comes to birthday celebrations, then cakes and cupcakes are the most versatile.

Portion Controlling:

In case you are a sweet lover but when you look at your waistline, you have to cut back sugar. Eating cake or a big slice of it can be alarming for your dietary habit. But still, you crave something sweet? Then, you don’t have to worry cupcake is a solution to your problem.

Cupcakes are small and portion control. They are individually wrapped in the cupcake box. You can have one or a half of it for your craving. Cupcakes are guilt-free desserts you can enjoy them as it contains 10 % of recommended calories per day.

Multi Flavors to Enjoy at a Time:

Unlike cakes, cupcakes can be enjoyed in multiple flavors at a time. When it comes to buying a cake, you have to decide the flavor and frosting with your mates. It can be one flavor at a time.

But, when you order cupcakes from a bakery you can enjoy a surprise custom cupcake box. There can be a variety of flavors in one box at a time that will surprise you and your taste buds.

Easy Packaging and Transportation:

Cupcakes can be easily carried anywhere. The custom cupcake boxes are designed with adjustable cavities of perfect size. They never tip to the lid of the box as they are perfectly fitted in the cavity.

They do not crumple with each other. The cupcake box can be put aside on the passenger seat while you are driving, you don’t have to hold it like a cake box in front of you.

Enjoyed by Each Age Group:

People of each age group love to eat sweet confectionaries. Cupcakes are the best sweets that are loved by kids and adults. Whenever you crave eating something sweet and tempting, whether you are at the office, home, or anywhere you can order a cupcake that is portable and easy to handle and finish.

Cupcakes are the best delights that can be enjoyed at family gatherings with the different tastes of every single person.

Great Gifts:

Cupcakes are great gifts for occasions. You can treat your special ones with cupcakes. Whether it is someone’s birthday, graduation ceremony, wedding celebration, or promotion celebration, you can bring portable and easy-to-carry cupcakes according to the number of people.


Home bakers are innovating the business market day by day. if you are a home baker and have a startup of a cupcake business, you can order cupcake boxes wholesale to avoid any kind of inconvenience in delivering the cupcakes to your customers. Cupcakes surprisingly travel well and reach the next person in the same freshly made condition.

Final Words:

Although cupcakes are a luxury these are small and portable as well as less priced for consumers. Starting up a business of cupcake won’t charge you much but you must have extraordinary skills to make and design the cupcake. If you have baking and icing skills then the next step would be the packaging of the cupcakes.

You have to collaborate with the package designer and tell them about the theme, idea, and flavors of your cupcakes. They will design attractive and embellished design of cupcake boxes that will indicate your product. Getting the cupcake boxes wholesale will also be beneficial.



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