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Top 60 Flixtor Alternatives for Online Movie Streaming

In November of last year, the popular streaming site Flixtor went offline all of a sudden. The people who made the website didn’t say anything ahead of time. Many people were surprised that Flixtor was down all day, which led to rumors that the website may have been shut down by the government. All traces of the website were erased from the internet, including the domain name. It was as if it had never been there.

But it turned out that the developer team did it on purpose because they were making changes to the back end of the platform. Even though Flixtor was back online a week later, it was still useless because it didn’t have any content. The development team promised users that their favorite platform would be back online with new features.

It was a huge letdown for the VIP members of the website who had paid to use the platform. The team promised their VIP users that they would be compensated in some way once the website was back online.

What is Flixtor?

Flixtor is a well-known online streaming service with a large library of content. It works a lot like those other streaming services, but there is one small difference. All of the movies and TV shows that are on the site have been put there without the rights to do so.

This means that anyone who goes to Flixtor can watch movies and TV shows for free… But that also means that the platform is illegal in many places, which means that you can’t watch or download movies through Flixtor. Sometimes it is outright illegal, and sometimes it is just not a good idea.

You can binge-watch on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and Peacock, among others. What if you don’t want to pay, though?

Flixtor is one of the best illegal sites for free movie streaming in terms of how well it is made. It doesn’t have ads because it only gets money from VIP members, and you can stream or download your favorite movies and TV shows.

Is Flixtor Safe?

We’ve never come across any malware or viruses when using Flixtor. It’s even safer than YouTube because it doesn’t have any ads or dangerous links from outside sources.

Flixtor is part of the Kodi community, and as such, it uses open-source technology to bring you free movies and TV shows. If you want to watch your favorite videos online in a safe way, you should definitely try Flixtor.

There are a lot of questions about what security risks Kodi addons pose, but the truth is that Flixtor has been around for years without giving users any trouble. So it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best ways to watch free online videos.

You also don’t have to worry about streaming content that isn’t yours because everything on Flixtor is completely free.

Flixtor doesn’t need any information about how you pay, and it’s totally anonymous. Everything you want to watch will be streamed directly to your device, so you won’t have to download or move anything.

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Is Flixtor Illegal?

Even the official domains for Flixtor, like flixtor.to, are usually thought to be illegal. The people who made it can get in trouble for keeping it online, just like the people who made KickassTorrents did a few years ago. Authorities are trying to shut down Flixtor, and people who stream content from Flixtor could also get in trouble with the law.

Because Flixtor shares movies and TV shows online without the creators’ permission, which is against the law. This is a crime in almost every country in the world, though there are a few exceptions.

Features of Flixtor

  • This website lets you watch movies, TV shows, trailers, and cartoons all at the same time.
  • The older version of the website worked with both Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast. The support for Cast and AirPlay has been taken off the website.
  • It has more than 2 million HD movies that can be streamed up to 1080p.
  • There are different ways to look around and search, which will make your search easier.
  • Everything is neatly put into different categories based on when it came out, how popular it was, what kind of music it was, and how many times it was downloaded.
  • The interface is easy to use, and you can also stream from the contributions of VIP Members.
  • You can also send an email to ask for any movies or TV shows to be added.

How does Flixtor work?

Sites like Flixtor are very smart about getting around different laws. The content of this site is never saved on its server. Instead, the people who made the website made it into a search engine or index where they put links to videos from other places.

So, when a user searches for a certain piece of content on this platform, it will take them to the most convenient link from the list of links to that content. With this method, sites like Flixtor try to avoid the legal consequences of breaking cyber laws.

How to Download Flixtor App?

  • Click the Android App button on the Flixtor website. The iOS app store doesn’t have the Flixtor app.
  • Click the button that says “Download for Android.”
  • Your phone will be set up with the APK file.
  • Give all the permissions needed to install APK files from sources you don’t know about.
  • Then, put the APK file on your phone and open it up.
  • Use your account to sign in. Skip this step if you don’t have an account.
  • Find the video content and play it on your Android phone by looking for it.

How to Use Flixtor?

Before you can use the site, you have to make an account. You can either use your Facebook account to sign in, or you can make a new username and password. After making an account, you can start streaming movies, TV shows, and TV-series on FlixTor.

You can watch free movies and TV shows, but you will need to make an account first. So you can also join the watch lists of other users by making your own profile on the website and entering their username in the “Followers” section of your page.

You can watch movies online for free by streaming them directly from the FlixTor website or downloading them to watch when it’s convenient for you. This site is great for movie fans of all ages because it has thousands of titles to choose from and adds new ones every day.

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60 Best Alternatives to Flixtor 2023

Best Alternatives to Flixtor
Credit: dashtech.org

Now that we’ve talked about all of that, it’s time to start talking about sites like Flixtor. After testing dozens of other sites like Flixtor for speed, video quality, library size, reliability, and even safety, our team chose the sites below. The majority of them won’t even need you to sign up. Some, though, are supported by ads, which you can easily get rid of by downloading a good ad-blocker. Let’s dive in.

  1. flixtormovies.xyz
  2. flixtor.movie
  3. flixtor.cc
  4. flixtor.me
  5. flixtor.life
  6. flixdump.com
  7. iwatchonline.org
  8. theyshootpictures.com
  9. free-tv-video-online.me
  10. putlocker2.net
  11. orban.com
  12. kanali10.gr
  13. wawa-film.org
  14. letmewatchthis.name
  15. flixtor1.pro
  16. flixtor.fi
  17. flixtor.tk
  18. flixtor.gy
  19. flixtor.id
  20. flixtor.ch
  21. flixtor.click
  22. lastmovies.ga
  23. flixtor.nu
  24. flixtor.vc
  25. flixtor.vip
  26. flixtor.run
  27. 101movies.fun
  28. www9.flixtor.one
  29. flixtor.video
  30. popcornflix.stream
  31. flixtor.it
  32. www1.flixtor.life
  33. onionplay.eu
  34. streamm4u.com
  35. flixtor.to
  36. movies4free.online
  37. flixtor.site
  38. flixtor.stream
  39. flixtor.is
  40. flixtor.one
  41. flixtorme.github.io
  42. safelutions.com
  43. bestvpnprovider.co
  44. vpnboss.com.au
  45. appreviewsbucket.com
  46. flixtor.top
  47. flixtor.im
  48. projectfree-tv.net
  49. versuz.org
  50. 321watching.com
  51. moviego.cc
  52. projectfreetv.pro
  53. nilesat-live.net
  54. clip2clips.com
  55. tele-live.com
  56. films-direct.net
  57. tele-live.net
  58. moviemania.co
  59. beta.lookmovie.ag
  60. tmchannel.net

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Best VPNs for Flixtor Alternatives

  • ExpressVPN
  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN

How to use Flixtor Alternative safely in 3 easy steps

  • Get a reliable VPN. A good VPN should protect you from online threats to your security and privacy. We’ve put together a list of the best VPNs in 2023 to help you choose.
  • Choose where the server is. Choose a server in an area where the streaming services you want to use are supported.
  • Watch the shows you like. After you connect to a server, you can watch movies and TV shows on any streaming site you want.

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How to Watch Flixtor2.to on Android?

Launch the browser of your choice and input this on the URL Box (https://flixtor2.to/). Just wait for the website to load and you are ready to watch anything that you want.

How to Watch Flixtor2.to on IOS?

Like with Android, you can get to Flixtor by opening the Safari browser and typing this URL into the URL Box: (https://flixtor2.to/.) So, now you can use your iOS device to stream on Flixtor.

What Can Happen to Me if I Stream From Flixtor?

Depending on where you live, different things can happen if you stream from Flixtor. In the US, the DMCA works with ISPs (internet service providers) to keep track of people who use Flixtor. You probably won’t go to jail, but you might have to deal with a lawsuit.

In the rest of the world, what will happen will depend on how closely the government is watching Flixtor. Most likely, you won’t have any trouble streaming from Flixtor in places like Eastern Europe or Latin America, where laws against piracy aren’t enforced well or aren’t enforced at all. Some governments let private users stream pirated content.

But that could change in the future. No matter where you are, read on to learn how to be careful about the websites you visit and stay safe on the internet in general.

But before that, I want to warn you about something. Most of the time, we don’t recommend streaming content from Flixtor. First of all, it’s against the law in a lot of places, and if you don’t take the right safety precautions, you could end up in court. Second, it’s not fair to the people who made the content you’re streaming, and there are other ways to do it that are legal and fair.

But if you’re going to do it anyway, maybe because you live in a country that lets people stream pirated content for personal use, you should know how to use Flixtor in the safest way.

How a VPN Offers Secure Streaming?

So, what did you think of our list of sites like Flixtor? We’ve talked about how important VPNs are all throughout this post. This is because you need a streaming VPN when you go to sites like these Flixtor alternatives that let you watch videos for free.

This is because websites that let you watch videos for free can be hubs for hackers and other people who want to steal your information. By giving you more privacy online, a VPN makes sure that you are safe and secure online.

Pros and Cons


  • It costs nothing.
  • You can ask for the movies and TV shows you like.
  • It has thousands of full-length HD movies, TV shows, comedies, and dramas.
  • This site will have all the new releases before any other site.
  • The screen for playing back is well made.


  • In many countries, the platform is against the law.
  • Some of the links given don’t work.
  • A lot of ads.


A lot of people use Flixtor as their main place to find entertainment. At first, it was said that it would go down by the end of 2018, but now it is going up. But you can’t tell when it might go back down. So, it would be best to have a list of Flixtor alternatives.

You can find a list of streaming sites like Flixtor in the box above. These sites can help you get your entertainment fix. To protect your privacy and security online, it’s a good idea to use a VPN that you can trust. Good luck streaming!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which FlixTor websites work?

In this guide, we’ve listed eleven websites that work and are usually online. You might need them because the original Flixtor website isn’t always available.

Can you get Flixtor on Roku?

No, It is not available on Roku.

Can you download it from Flixtor?

Yes, It can be downloaded from the site.

Does Flixtor have viruses?

No, it’s not dangerous to download Flixtor.

Is Flixtor safe to use?

Using Surfshark with it makes it even safer.

Is Flixtor live?

No, Live content is not available on Flixtor.

Is Flixtor free to use?

It is free, yes. But you can become a VIP Member and get access to all streaming slots by doing so.

Are there ads?

It is free of ads.

Is it available for streaming on Firestick?

Yes. Just use the Silk Browser or any other browser you have installed.

Is it available for streaming on Android?

Correct. You can stream Flixtor on smartphones and tablets with Android.

Is it available for streaming on IOS?

Of course. Just open your favorite browser and go to flixtor2.to.

Do you need a VPN for Flixtor of sites like it?

You don’t need a VPN to see what’s on Flixtor and other sites like it. But if you use free streaming sites, we recommend that you use a VPN. This will help you stay anonymous online, stop malware and other bad software from getting to your devices, and stop your ISP from slowing down your bandwidth. So, you don’t have to use a VPN, but you should anyway.

What are the best alternatives for Flixtor?

You can find content like what’s on Flixtor on a number of other sites. We’ve given you the 60 best alternatives to it that you can use right now.

Why is Flixtor offline?

Some of the content on Flixtor is still protected by copyright laws, which makes the site illegal in many places. Also, some ISPs block the website, and its availability has been spotty in the past because it’s been the subject of lawsuits.

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