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7 Keys to Getting Rich Starting WITHOUT Money

Introduction Of 7 Keys to Getting Rich Starting WITHOUT Money

7 Keys to Getting Rich Starting WITHOUT Money. That financial education is essential and above all import Before keeping in mind who you learn from, many people are dedicated to teaching financial education to tell others what to do with their money to give financial advice and well, I know that this may sound a bit funny coming from my idea that I precisely I dedicate myself to something like that but you must see what are the results of that.

When You Search Financial Education

A person who is achieving in his life that is really what we can see of that person and above all that you begin to form your criteria because let’s say when you search financial education you are going to find all kinds of teachers, so to speak, some will say that credit cards are the worst and that getting into debt is bad and that we had not paid a penny of interest to banks, others teach.

That any amount of interest to the banks is irrelevant if I use that money to leverage and invest in something that returns me much more than what the interest gives me and tra low with the money of others then the truth is that you have to start to train to form your criteria and also to filter the sources of information specifically about the financial part that you begin to accept to receive and practically process naturally.

Because if you do not pay attention they are going to embed in your subconscious now the second recommendation obviously to start without money and reach wealth at some point because it is obviously to earn some money and it is not a disgrace to have a job like that already with minimum wage or to start working for someone in something if it is.

The Financial Leverage Of Taking The Money

What you have to do to start but clearly in wealth it is not simply believed that doing something that makes you rich and you already create wealth through the financial leverage of taking the money you have from something and investing it in other things so the first step is clearly in temporary support, reduce expenses as much as you can and increase your income.

More because there it is despicable that you seek to move towards a profession, career, or even employment in which you do not receive money for the hours worked because there is a limit of hours that you can work in the day while maintaining your health and in any case without maintaining the precision 24 at most but.

That they pay you for results that you receive money according to your contribution of value to the company to the business or the project that is being executed is, for example, the difference between an employee who is paid $ 20 an hour or a person that you earn $ 5,000 for helping commission for helping to sell a million-dollar house or any amount the difference is that simply the work can be the same time it can be the same effort but the value that is produced in the market is different and now.

The Vehicle To Become Rich

The idea is that this is not the final step, much less the vehicle to become rich but that this is the first step to start having Some money that you can use and we are going to see how to create your wealth because the truth is that you only get to a certain point working for others so ideas to open your own business and in this case, there are thousands and thousands and thousands of ways, ideas, strategies, different models and you can simply analyze market needs or models.

That are already profitable and meet a need, you do not necessarily have to look for a market niche that is not satisfied, if there is no competition, it could be a bad idea to start here but ultimately you think from now on unless you have a business in this event what can be a business that allows you to grow almost unlimitedly that you can make as many sales as necessary that you can have as many clients as want and do not have a ceiling or a different limit for example to a supermarket.

Where you can only grow your surface to a certain point see Give it only up to certain people and you have to start growing it is in branches in different diversification models today we have the technologies that allow us to reach thousands to hundreds of billions of people and the costs remain relatively linear even if they are We sell a physical or digital product to one to 10 to 100,000 people so it is a path that you can take into account however you think about what your own business is, on the other hand.

The Rich Avoid Other Things That Poor People

I recently published a content where I talked about some things that The rich avoid expenses that the rich avoid other things that poor people maintain and many people misinterpreted that video as that you have to be stingy and you have to limit yourself and you have to not enjoy the money I earn, people told me that if I did not I’m going to enjoy the money today and I’ll die tomorrow because what does it say all this for and the truth is that people are super short-term, they don’t pi They teach that.

They are going to live 60 more years as many will have to live 60 more years and they do not think about their future on the one hand but there must be a balance or a balance and for me to be able to leverage myself to the maximum, reinvest the money, educate myself and try it. more than I can to grow financially obviously I cannot spend all the money on parties in rumba on gifts for the family and on many other things that are incredibly expensive and that middle-class person and if even some poor people know it.

They spend on that so it is important that they can limit you today to enjoy tomorrow or as the phrase says exactly I do not know what it is like but today I live as others do not want to live tomorrow as others cannot now it is important to know that creating wealth has risked it is difficult not It is simple if not because everyone would be achieving it and the fact that it has risks and that it is not clear where to start that there is no specific plan that does not say by here is that I will achieve it guaranteed because.

The Rich Take Calculated Risks

It is what stops so many people simply because of fear now what do we do when we have a fear of failing in that sense we become experts in risk management experts in calculating what is the probability of losing or winning in this case how much I can risk and what is the most logical decision to make based on the mind not on emotions then in that sense I should practically become an addict to manage risk or not an addict to risk that is all the opposite but to manage it because the risks are forgiven by the rich take calculated risks and in this way it is that.

They can leverage themselves to grow something that seems very curious to me because they do not mention in practically any of the content that one searches on the internet in books and others about getting rich is learning about taxes all you can learn more about taxes or at least in the best of cases cont rather the best accountant in the world the truth is that when you do not know taxes you make stupid decisions you make mistakes simply not because of ignorance and suddenly you are not clear about some strategies that can serve you well, we are already making a lot of money.


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