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10 Things Banks Won’t Tell You About Credit Cards

Introduction Of 10 Things Banks Won’t Tell You About Credit Cards

10 Things Banks Won’t Tell You About Credit Cards. Credit cards are an excellent resource which people are filtered according to whether they are employees and are independent if they are pensioners of capital and many different categories that each bank has this which implies that you cannot have access to the full range of different credit cards.

The Bank As Independent Have Practically The Worst Cards

That the bank offers necessarily according to your profile or your segment those of us who are independent and have a profile a segment of the bank as independent have practically the worst cards because as they know that the card is used for business expenses, the expenses may be very high so They do not give as high points as they do to an employee.

Who practically uses his cards to spend money and not to invest, however, it is possible if you, for example, have the possibility of your own company, as in my case, of placing yourself as a legal employee and what Governmentally it has the supports so that you receive those monies as an entry instead of as an independent.

You will have access to a much better portfolio with better points, better benefits, better bonuses, and many other things more than those who suddenly have cards for independent, probably you have to see anyway the conditions of each bank but this has been in my experience now practically all the strategy that I use with credit cards is to never make purchases at more than one installment always pay it almost three or four days after buying to obtain the points and not spend a penny on interest but.

The Credit Card And Paying In Installments

If you had to purchase more than one installment, try to defer that purchase to the least amount of installments possible, banks tend to tell you that it differs, you are buying the maximum just in case as if you can pay in three months in three installments that you leave it for twelve months in case something happens in case you have an emergency in case you cannot cover them and that in any case, you can pay

The capital advances the debt in less than that time because what happens is that if you purchase at 12 months, the interest of the first three months is more expensive even if in the third month to the full aid than if you make the purchase in only three installments and pay the three installments with their corresponding interests if you are clear about. You Can Also Read 7 Keys to Getting Rich Starting WITHOUT Money.

How long you are going to delay do not put any more months if you are not clear because possibly using the credit card and paying in installments is not a good idea and you have to reevaluate because that strategy is something else that the banks are that there are means of credit that are cheaper and more efficient to pay a debt in installments than.

The Credit Card Is The Worst Is Perhaps

Credit card the credit card is the worst is perhaps the highest rate that exists in the market outside that some simply charge you a fee handling while the base using depends on each bank some banks offer the possibility that with your credit card you can buy a portfolio as it is called a portfolio purchase or simply acquire debts from other banks if you have a purchase with a credit card from another then.

This one pays the debt of the other and what are you living is him and they lower the rate for a preferential rate sometimes the market is the minimum Personally, one of the cards that I have has that option and I did not know it because that information does not appear anywhere, an advisor told me in the physical branch of the bank because.

I already asked him but the rest would not have known So this is good information that we can keep in mind assuming that the bank offers to ask if they have it now, other banks also offer this type of loan that is like free investment, free consumption with car guarantees and even real estate so then.

The rates are very low and the documents are sometimes very easy and quick to fill out and take out and then you save an incredible amount in interest than with credit cards, something that you will see in practically every bank as a benefit of a credit card. Credit is that the first installment does not generate interest and well if you pay all your purchases at one installment even if all that is purchased online a lot s banks.

Credit Cards That Are Excellent For Travelers

If it is an international purchase, they automatically defer it to 24 months or 18 years and you can pay it in one installment and do not pay a penny of interest but what they do not tell you is that if you are going to make a purchase in installments the first Installment does not charge interest and you pay and you say the payment is only a capital payment but in the second installment.

They charge you interest from the second plus interest from the first of u2 you can use the credit card simulators that are there and verify This is true, there may be a bank out there that does not handle things this way, but at least the ones I have seen do it that way, on the other hand, you have to know that not all credit cards are the same.

Some offer you great benefits for traveling and many people have credit cards that are excellent for travelers and they do not travel other people have multi-brand supermarket cards that they use for their purchases and also purchases in others Parts that maybe if they are going to be used abroad, they charge a fee of one to three percent for purchases in other currencies and then some cards do not charge you that, so it would be better to have one for that there are beneficial cards.

For example to buy in restaurants or gasoline or different categories and use one that does not have the benefits because it is practical to lose money or lose those benefits with which one should put together a catalog of cards for each thing that is going to be used, assuming that youwon’tt continue as that type of route another important thing that banks will never tell you is that the handling fees or annual fees depending on how it is handled in your country can always be negotiated, it rarely happens that one is a good customer if you have a good record if you have good management if you pay on time.


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