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Bless Yourself with These Trending Amethyst Earrings in 2023

Don’t know which amethyst earrings are trending right now then worry not as we’re here to guide you. As a gemstone lover, I always want to know what kind of jewelry amethyst is in trend. In this particular blog, we’ll discuss what kind of earrings are in fashion right now and we’ll discuss some of the major theories about amethyst in between so that if you don’t know much about this stone then you will get some amazing yet basic information about it.

Amazing yet elegant purple hues earrings will give you a stunning look with any outfit you wear. Amethyst has always been a major choice for lots of people because of its vibrant color that always gives a bold vibe and some amazing theories. It certainly doesn’t matter in what form of jewelry you wear amethyst whether it’s earrings, rings, pendants, or necklace, the magic will still be the same, and not just that it’s also a birthstone for February so if your loved ones are born in the month of February then you know what to gift them

Amethyst earrings that can’t go out of fashion

The purple color of amethyst stone always represents power, boldness, and wealth. Well, we’ve selected some top trending Amethyst Earrings for this blog. So here they are:

  • Amethyst Long Dangle Earrings

Attracted yet captivated long dangle earrings have always been in fashion and have always been a first choice and the popularity of Real Amethyst Earrings has grown so much in the past few years. These beautiful purple colors always go best with gold and amazingly give the royal look. You can wear it on any kind of occasion and never be able to get over it. Amethyst will never go out of fashion and certainly with more modification it will definitely be the perfect choice for anyone. This kind of earring will never be out of fashion 

Amethyst represents spirituality and is also known as a healing stone as it has some magnificent healing effects that can do wonders for you. This stone works as an aid to so many wounds and works as purifying to any suffering. Well, many people who own amethyst don’t know the healing benefits of this stone. I’ve also discussed some of the healing effects of amethyst stone in this blog. 

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  • Diamond and Amethyst Drop Earrings

A perfect statement with a style, these stunning earrings will make your look complete. Earring lovers this earring will be an add-on statement in your collection. What better than a diamond accent with amethyst stone earrings? Undoubtedly these kinds of earrings will give you a luxurious look 

Amethyst Stone came from pyrogenic volcanic rocks are the main source of amethyst stones. They are formed due to volcanic lava becoming vessels then these rocks get into the form of amethyst. Pyrogenic volcanic rocks are also known as basalts. Minerals and water is the main component needed in this particular process.  

Amethyst is way more common and can be easily available in Brazil, Africa, South America, and North America. But Brazil has been the global producer of Amethyst stone 

  • Amethyst Hoop Earrings in Sterling White Gold

Let’s hook yourselves with these amazing hook earrings. These amazing stud Amethyst earrings will be the perfect choice for your day-to-day jewelry and will go perfectly with any outfit. These amazing amethyst stud earrings with solid white gold give you a perfect royal look and can be a perfect gift

  • Amethyst Lever Back Earrings

The bold and vibrant purple color goes best with everything. The lever back earrings collection in amethyst stone will be something that you need to add to your earring collection. You can wear this elegant pair of earrings in your day-to-day routine or in any special occasion 

One of the most beautiful stones to wear but what specialty does amethyst have? 

Benefits of having an amethyst stone: 

  1. A tranquilizer that relieves stress, anxiety, and mood swings and improves your sleep cycle
  2. Add some extra quality like getting intuition and enhancing mental abilities   
  3. The amazing factor that I heard about Amethyst is that helps you to remember and understand dreams 
  4. Helps in staying focused in life and builds the ability to never lose hope 
  5. Keep the skin smoother, clean the skin, and keep the hormones in balance
  • Amethyst Hoop Earrings 

Next in line is the unique amethyst dangle earring with a sparkling diamond accent in it. It’s crafted so beautifully that you can wear it in your day-to-day routine or any occasion. 

Birthstone of February month: Lucky are those born in February month. It adds some additional quality to those people. It activates two chakras: the crown as well as the third eye chakra and heals any kind of abnormalities

  • Amethyst Religious Studs

The last one is the religious amethyst stud earrings that perfectly blend with solid rose gold. This might not be the one you’re looking for but still, this looks lovely and elegant. A perfect combination of spirituality and royalty.   

Amethyst earrings will always go well with gold(white gold and yellow gold), silver, and platinum but move over it always look best with Gold 

Whether it’s a drop-dangle earring or a stud earring, the amethyst earrings collection has always been proven to be best for the earring section. February Birthstone shares so many spiritual qualities that can be beneficial for a lot of people but it doesn’t matter what birthstone you choose to wear in the end what does matter is you look best on that jewelry so visit Chordia Jewels Website as they’ve some amazing gemstone jewelry collection and taken all the above photos from Chordia Jewels. 


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