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How To Make Your Hotel Linens Last Longer?

Properly maintained hotel linens create a feeling of luxury and comfort for your guests. Clean and fresh sheets or towels can encourage guests to prolong their stay or refer their loved ones to your business. Investing in quality hotel linens wholesale is an excellent option for long-lasting linens. Here are a few other ways to make your hotel linens last longer:

Invest in Top-quality Linen

Top-quality hotel linens last longer because they are made of solid fabric like cotton. When you invest in quality sheets, towels, napkins, and pillowcases, maintaining them can be easier. Buy in bulk to get a fair price from your vendor. With quality hotel linens, you don’t have to replace them quite as often.

When you opt for poor-quality sheets or towels, you need to buy new ones after a short period. You might end up spending more money if you keep buying substandard linen. Your hotel guests may be able to feel the difference between top-quality and sub-standard products. Impress guests with the right hotel linens.

Check for Stains 

Stains ruin linens and make them appear unsightly. Check for stains frequently to prevent them from damaging sheets or towels. White sheets can be bleached so that you can remove stubborn marks easily. If the fabric has stains, act on the issue immediately.

Separate the stained linen for spot cleaning to avoid ruining white laundry. Use suitable detergents that prevent the white fabric from yellowing or graying. Dry the linens properly to control any stains. Provide disposable wipes for guests to remove makeup and prevent such stains on sheets or towels.

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Replace Linens as Needed

Hotel linens suffer wear and tear even with proper maintenance and care. Replacing textiles depends on usage, quality, and age. Here are the items you need to replace when necessary:

  • Sheets
  • Towels, including washcloths, bath towels, and hand towels
  • Napkins
  • Pillowcases

If the sheets are badly damaged or stained beyond saving, replace them immediately. Buy new towels after a few months to meet your guests’ expectations. Search for linens that feel soft and comfortable to the touch. Choose absorbent towels that are gentle on hair and skin and won’t leave fibers behind.

Have the Right Amount of Linen Stock

Each guest room should have adequate linens. It is harder to run out of hotel linens when you have sufficient sheets, pillowcases, or towels stocked. Buy hotel linens wholesale and stock up to meet your guests’ needs or high demand.

With plenty of extra linens, you don’t have to wash the available items as frequently. Your linens can last longer because constant washing subjects them to wear and tear. Keeping enough linen may help save labor expenses and prevent overuse.

Follow the Right Cleaning Practices

Use non-toxic detergents depending on the fabric of the linen to prevent damage. Wash new bedsheets or towels using mild detergent. Use the proper water temperature for colored linens to control fading and harm to threads. Soft water is perfect for washing hotel linens due to the low metal traces that ruin the fabric.

Remove buttons or velcros on sheets before putting them on the washing machine to prevent damage. Avoid overloading your machine because it can cause creases in your fabric. Rinse all the linens properly to prevent detergent buildup.

Store Linen Properly

Proper storage boosts linen’s durability. Avoid keeping your hotel linens in damp places that have the potential to grow mold. Clean the storage units to remove dust that can build up on the linen. Store the towels, sheets, and pillowcases in a dry place free from mold that can eat away at these items.

Avoid storing hotel linens in plastic since it can lead to mildew growth. Rotate your linens regularly so that you are not always grabbing them from the top of the stack. Make sure you are using each item equally to spread out the wear and tear they will experience.

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Purchase Quality Hotel Linens Wholesale

High-quality linens designed for hotel use can last longer with proper care. You can buy hotel items in bulk to control overuse and constant washing. When you have extra towels, sheets, napkins, and pillowcases, you can deal with unforeseen emergencies. Choose quality linens from reputable experts who have the right products.


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