Tips for Hiring a Food Truck for Your Party

When catering for parties, consider hiring a food truck to feed your guests. A food truck can provide a customized dining experience, including mixed cuisines to give your party an eclectic feel. Whether it is a Mexican food truck for parties or one that serves chicken tenders, here are five tips to help you hire the best food truck for your event:

1. Know Your Budget

You should have a list of potential food trucks for your party. Think about which food trucks fit your budget for the party. Your budget can determine how many food trucks and what types of trucks you can hire.

Depending on your menu, food truck catering costs range between $10-$35 per guest. Confirm your guest count to determine how much it would cost to hire a food truck. One food truck can cater to 100 to 125 people per hour. You may need to hire multiple food trucks to feed all of your guests if your event is particularly large. When interviewing different food trucks, ask for a quote to know what to expect with cost and output.

2. Check for Permits and Insurance

Before you hire a food truck, check whether your party venue has permits that allow food trucks onsite. Municipal regulations may also place restrictions on food trucks. Noise ordinances in commercial and residential areas may restrict food trucks since many use loud generators.

Consult your town or city manager’s office on requirements for food trucks in your area. Ask how long it takes to secure special permits so you can get any needed permits in time for the event. Then check whether your chosen food truck’s insurance is up to date and what it covers, including breakdowns and accidents.

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3. Check Availability 

Most food trucks that offer event catering operate on a schedule. Avoid waiting until the last minute to hire a food truck for your party to avoid scrambling for a last-minute option that may not offer your desired dishes.

Start interviewing food trucks at least a month before your event, if not even further in advance. Ask each food truck owner about their schedule and whether they can slot you in on the date of your party. Different food trucks have rules on how far in advance you can book them. Some have month-long event lists. Others prefer customers who book a few weeks before the event. Early consultations can help you book a food truck on time.

4. Communicate With Food Truck Owners

Once you book a food truck, meet with the owner to review the event details. Discuss crowd size and the best way to serve your guests to eliminate the possibility of complaints during the party. Determine where the food truck will be parked during the event and make sure it can get there. Discuss whether the food truck will remain parked outside and serve food there or if the catered food will be brought inside the party venue. Meet the chef and review the menu to verify the options for your party.

Some things to clarify before the event include:

  • How much parking space the truck requires
  • Whether electrical and water hookups are necessary
  • Accepted forms of payment
  • Whether the caterer will make the food on site or carry pre-made meals
  • How long it takes the caterer to deliver orders

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5. Decide Your Preferred Cuisine

Deciding on your cuisine can also help you create a menu for your event. Ask different food truck owners how many meal options within your preferred cuisine they can make for your party. If you want a unique party theme, some food truck owners suggest meal and drink options for your theme. The number of options you want for your party may affect your budget. One food truck may also be unable to handle multiple cuisines. In this case, consider hiring more than one truck. You could even combine cuisines, with Chinese food trucks, Italian food trucks, or a Mexican food truck for parties.

Get a Mexican Food Truck for Parties

A food truck can be an excellent way to provide guests with delicious food and an enjoyable experience at your event. Once you find a suitable food truck within your budget and timeline, prepare for an awesome event.