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Have you ever eaten out, taken a picture of your food, and wished you could make it again? Well, that’s why I started this blog about hot chilli food and travel blog can help you whether you want to improve your diet or see the world.

On my blog, you’ll find a lot of hot and spicy recipes, as well as a lot of resources that will help you feel confident on your way to a healthier life. If you want to travel and eat spicy food around the world, my blog has a lot of travel tips and guides to help you get where you want to go.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy my writing as much as it was fun for me to visit every place on my site. Please share this post with your friends on social media if you like what you see.

What is Hot Chilli?

Hot chillies are any kind of chili pepper that has a hot taste and is moderate to very spicy, hot, and burning. They make foods taste piquant, which means hot or spicy. Some of the hotter kinds of chili can be mildly addictive because they stimulate nerve endings and make you feel good when you eat just a little bit.

But if you have too many of these feelings, they quickly turn into pain. People have said that eating very hot chilies is like having your mouth on fire.

Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Author

I’m Rosana, and I write a blog about food and travel called Hot Chilli. I was born in Brazil, but my family is from Europe. My blog is all about luxury travel, cruises, and exciting trips.

We have recipes for dishes with chili peppers and tips on how to find unique things to do and amazing hotels with hot chili pepper recipes. Welcome to Hot Chilli, a blog about food and travel.

How to Start a Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog?

Have you ever thought about making a blog about food and travel? If so, you need this guide! It’s easy and takes only a few steps to start a Hot Chilli Food and Travel blog.

  • Find out what you want your blog to be about. What is it that you want people to know?
  • Think about what kind of blogging platform you’d like to use (WordPress, Tumblr, etc.).
  • How many posts per week or per month do you want? What about how often you post?
  • Find the best place for your blog to be hosted.

Why is Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog Popular?

  • We help you find the right cruise for you.
  • We share tips, tricks, and secrets about luxury travel that will make your time at sea even more fun.
  • We share knowledge, stories, and experiences that you can’t find on other blogs.
  • We have recipes with chili peppers in them.
  • The blog offers a unique service to chili pepper connoisseurs like you. This is a list of all the new posts from all over the world.

What are The Health Benefits of Hot Chillies?

It is well known that chillies can speed up your metabolism and make you burn more fat. Studies show that eating capsaicinoids, the active ingredient in chillies, makes you burn an extra 150 calories a day.

This effect lasts as long as your body is exposed to them, so eating a spicy meal will help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Also, eating a lot of chillies lowers LDL cholesterol, or “bad” cholesterol, which lowers the risk of heart disease. Researchers think this is because capsaicin makes the intestines make more bile acid, which makes more cholesterol leave the body.

Lastly, if you have diabetes or are on the verge of getting diabetes, eating a lot of chillies may help lower your blood sugar. One study found that people with type 2 diabetes who ate just half a teaspoon of red pepper every day for three months saw their fasting blood sugar go down and their insulin sensitivity go up.

But there needs to be more research on these possible benefits. So if someone asks you if you want some spice with your food, why not say yes? It might be very good for your health.

Tips to Eat Hot Chilli Food

Tips to Eat Hot Chilli Food
Photo Credit: Medicalnewstoday.com
  • If you’re not used to eating spicy chili, start with a small amount and add more as you get used to it.
  • You can control how hot your food is by slowly adding hot chili sauce.
  • Try out different kinds of hot chili sauce until you find one you like.
  • Chili can be made less spicy by adding yogurt or coconut milk, which are both cool.
  • Drink a lot of water to keep from getting thirsty.
  • Don’t eat too much spicy food at once. Instead, eat it in small amounts throughout the day so you don’t get too hot.
  • Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables to stay hydrated and give your body vitamins.

You should also drink a lot of fluids, like herbal tea or lemon water, to help quench your thirst. The best way to avoid getting heartburn is to stay away from chocolate, coffee, alcohol, and dairy products.

Heartburn symptoms can also be relieved by not smoking cigarettes. This is because smoking narrows the blood vessels in the esophagus, which stops reflux from going back up into the stomach.

What is The Hot Chilli Food You Ought to Eat?

Eating hot, spicy food not only makes your mouth feel warm and spicy, but it also helps your body wake up. So, if we want to stay healthy, we should eat more of these foods. Here are eight kinds of hot and spicy food that we should eat.

1. Suicide Chicken Wings, America

There might not be anything bad about this dish of spicy foods. They are called suicide bird wings for no reason. Need more explanation of why this is true? This dish is made up of chopped chilies, spicy purple chili sauce, pepper, and more chopped red chilies.

This recipe has Korean, Mexican, and Chinese peppers in it, so it’s no surprise that it’s called that if you’re not used to very spicy foods.

2. Hot Chilli Pluckers Wing Bar

The dry rubs at Pluckers Wing Bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and all over Texas are better because you don’t have to keep wiping your fingers. Chili Lime Dry Rub Wings from Pluckers are a great example. The citrus from the lime, the salt from the sea salt, and the spice from the chili all work together to make the tastiest wing ever, even without any sauce.

At Pluckers, the wings are huge and tasty enough to make you full on their own. Even though you can share at Pluckers, we recommend ordering more because there are so many options. This restaurant also has regular specials and happy hours, so you won’t break the bank if you eat here.

3. Sichuan Hot Pot, China

This dish of spicy food should be eaten in the winter. Sichuan hot pot is often eaten in the winter to improve circulation. It can be a very spicy soup that makes your mouth feel numb. Your need for hot, spicy food is satisfied by the hotpot, which is a stew made of just about anything you can find.

The main things in this stew are a lot of onions, garlic, ginger, Sichuan peppers, pork, beef, and other meats, mushrooms, vegetables, duck blood, a pig’s brain, chicken feet, soy sauce, fish sauce, and anything else cooked or stewed in a broth made of peppers and pepper oil. Watch what you say! Many foreigners have said that they couldn’t taste anything for months because their mouths were numb.

4. Original Doozy dry-Rubbed Boneless Wings

Wing Doozy is in West Michigan, and they serve wings with different sauces that are made in creative ways. Try some of their boneless chicken bites while you’re there. The dry rub boneless chicken is cooked fresh when you order it and has all the same delicious spices and sauces as traditional wings.

The dry-rubbed boneless wings at Wing Doozy are a good example of how the flavors are always spot on. When you combine that with the fact that you can eat your food without worrying about bones or making too much of a mess, it’s clear that Wing Doozy is the best place to get whole-wing dishes. If you order fries or onion rings with your whole wing, you’ll have a delicious meal.

5. Kimchi Jjigae, Korea

Don’t tell us you have never eaten spicy Korean Kimchi pickles. Ah, the versions you tried in the U.S. and Europe were pretty bland compared to the spicy Kimchi Jjigae that is well-known and eaten as a stew in Korea. The ingredients are from the area and look easy enough to use.

The recipe calls for a lot of scallions, garlic, mushrooms, tofu, red chilies, and vinegar, which are all simmered together until the stew has just the right amount of heat. The chilies are used to boil the stew, and slow cooking turns the fiery hot broth into a mix of pure spice that you can taste in every spoonful and on your tongue.

The dish is served very hot and is very spicy. People make fun of the fact that the food probably needs both water and a fire extinguisher, so they say that people in the east use water instead of toilet paper.

6. Vindaloo, India

Goa is a state in India that has been ruled by the Portuguese for more than 500 years. Because of this, its food has a lot of Portuguese flavors. The original pork version is kept fresh with red wine, garlic pods, and green peppers. To make it spicier, the Goans added palm vinegar, green and red chilies from India and Kashmir, and more spices like cinnamon, cumin, coriander, and turmeric.

Modern versions of this Indian dish use bhoot Jolokia, which is the world’s hottest chilli and is sometimes called “the dreaded ghost chilli.” Serve it with sannas, which are fermented rice idlis, to shock your taste buds.

7. Wings With Lemon Pepper and Chilli

The lemon pepper chicken wings at the Wing Factory in Atlanta will make your taste buds do backflips. Chicken breast and lemon are common flavors for main dishes, so it makes sense to put them on chicken wings, which have a crispy fried skin.

Wing Factory has milder options that go well with blue cheese and vegetables for those who want something less spicy. The friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere of the restaurant are a great match.

Wing Factory has great chicken wings, but it also has a wide range of delicious sides, like tater tots and house-cut fries, so everyone can find something they like.

8. Classic Hot Chilli Wings

The food in Buffalo is well-known. This is a popular spot for tourists because it serves big burgers and spicy, tasty wings on a stick (complete with carrots and celery). You can also get the traditional chicken wing here. Here, the traditional hot wings come with blue cheese dressing and will make your lips feel a little tingly.

There are also “suicide wings,” which give off heat for a long time. But be careful when you order, because you can’t tell how Buffalonians will like your dish. Always choose the milder options for wing sauce. If you want more room to move around, you can turn up the heat.

Top 15 Places in The World to Eat Hot Chilli Food

1. Thailand

Do you know how good it feels when you eat something very hot and spicy and your face turns red? That’s exactly how it feels to eat hot chilli in Thailand.

When it comes to hot, spicy foods, Thailand is the best place to go. The country is the most popular place for people who like hot, spicy food to go. It has the best spicy food in the world.

2. Japan

This next one isn’t really a dish, but more of an ingredient or side dish. But it’s on this list because of how explosive it is and because it’s the only spicy food on the list that doesn’t come from peppers. Wasabi hits your nose more than your tongue, just like horseradish does. It is usually served with sushi or as a snack with nuts and peas.

3. Ethiopia

To taste Ethiopian food the way it was meant to be, you have to use the right amount of spices. “Berbere” is one of them. It is a mixture of powdered peppers that is used in most dishes. Mitmita is a well-known sauce that has Piri Piri, cardamom, clove, cumin, cinnamon, and salt in it. You should try Doro Wat, which is a chicken stew with hard-boiled eggs and “Berbere.” It is spicy and delicious.

4. Mexico

Without a doubt, Mexico is one of the places with the spiciest food in the world. In Mexico, you can have a haughty dinner made with Habeneso, Pabwan, Serrano, Jalapeno, and Anchor peppers, which will make your cheeks burn so deliciously that your body temperature will rise a little.

5. Mozambique

Piri-Piri Chicken has become famous all over the world thanks to Nando’s winning combination of juicy chicken and a spicy but complex sauce. Did you know, though, that it comes from Mozambique, not Portugal? Piri-piri, which is also called “bird’s eye chili,” was first made by Portuguese explorers in what used to be Portugal’s Southern African colonies. Because of this, piri-piri chicken is very popular in Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Angola.

6. Tunisia

Tunisia is another place where the food is the spiciest. Harissa and Oja are two of their most well-known dishes. You can choose how hot the spices are, but the majority of people like them very hot. Some of their spicy foods were made there, but others were adapted from foods from other countries.

7. Malaysia

Want to know what “spicy” means? Try Otak, which is Malaysia’s spiciest dish and has different kinds of chilies mixed together. Also, the hot chili food in Malaysia is a mix of Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Thai chili recipes.

8. India

In India, you have to try the mix of red curry, garlic, pepper, cardamom, coriander, and different kinds of chilis. Someone who likes spicy chili foods would not want to miss it. Red and green chili peppers are used to make food taste better in most of the country. “Goa pork vindaloo” is India’s most spicy dish, and you should try it. Ginger, garlic, pepper, vinegar, cinnamon, cloves, and Kashmiri chilies are used to add flavor to this food.

9. Bhutan

When you go to Bhutan, you’ll notice that green chilies are used like any other vegetable, so you can taste them in most of the typical dishes. Jalapeo peppers are used to make Paksha Paa, which is pork cooked with red hot chili, and Momo, which are dumplings filled with meat, cabbage, or cheese. Ema Datshi, which is the national dish, is made with cheese and green chilies.

10. Italy

Go to the South of Italy for very spicy Italian food. Chilies are a popular ingredient in the heel of the boot, and chefs aren’t afraid to use them a lot. Spaghetti all’assassina, also called “the assassin’s spaghetti,” is an old dish from Bari, Puglia, that will blow your mind.

It is made by cooking raw spaghetti in tomato purée with lots of pepperoncino (hot chili peppers) until the pasta is slightly burned. This assassin’s spaghetti is a real killer because it has great tastes, different textures, and strong spices.

11. Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan food is one of the most reliably spicy on the planet. From breakfast to dinner, you can be sure that whatever you eat there will be spicy.

Kottu is a heavily spiced dish made mostly of deep-fried roti bread. You can find it on almost every menu. Deviled fish curries taste just as devilishly tasty as they sound. And Pol Sambol, a tasty topping made of coconut shreds and chili pepper, is often served with breakfast.

Meals in Sri Lanka rarely cost more than $5, and it’s hard to find a restaurant in this beautiful country that doesn’t have a view of the beach or mountains.

12. Jamaica

When you go to Jamaica, you can’t miss Jerk Chicken, which is one of the best spicy foods in the country. Some of the best spicy dishes, like Jamaican curried goat with Scotch Bonnet pepper, are also made with goat meat. The unique spicy taste of Caribbean food comes from this pepper. To make the dish less spicy, people in the area add potatoes or coconut milk. If you go to Jamaica, you will never get tired of the tasty and spicy food there.

13. United Kingdom

You might be surprised to learn that the spiciest curry in the world doesn’t come from India, but from the UK! The Phaal Curry came from restaurants in Birmingham that were owned by Bangladeshis. The Phaal Curry is even hotter than the famously spicy Vindaloo because it has habanero, scotch bonnet, or even Carolina Reaper peppers added to it. This tomato-based curry is only for real daredevils, as many people have said it doesn’t taste good and hurts a lot.

14. Peru

Don’t let the light colors and creamy sauce fool you. This Peruvian dish is very strong. Papa a la huancaina is an appetizer made of boiled potatoes, queso fresco, and sautéed aj amarillo, which are yellow Peruvian peppers that will make your mouth burn. But this sauce is very popular and is often brought to picnics because it is cold (only in temperature) and goes with almost anything.

15. USA

Cajun and creole food come from Louisiana in the southern United States. Onions, tomatoes, and cayenne pepper are used a lot in creole cooking because they smell good. The “holy trinity” of Creole ingredients—onion, celery, and bell peppers—are used to make shrimp creole. Then it is spiced with a hot pepper sauce or a seasoning made with cayenne. This dish can be made in many different ways, but one thing stays the same: it’s very spicy!

The Award Winning Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blogs

Do you enjoy hot chili peppers? Do you like to travel? If you said yes to both of these questions, you will like spicy food and travel blogs. If you want the best blog about spicy chili food and traveling, you don’t have to look any further. A hot chili food and travel blog tells about people’s food adventures as they travel and gives you new recipes for hot chili food from all over the world. Here are some sites about spicy food and travel that have won awards:

1. Sinfully Spicy

Tanvi moved to the United States and started to miss India. She found that cooking helped her connect with her culture, so she started posting her recipes online. Tanvi shares the North Indian recipes she cooks from her home in Las Vegas. These include main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. Her blog is full of tasty recipes that are spicy and full of flavor. There are dishes with meat and dishes without meat.

The recipes in Sinfully Spicy take a multicultural approach to Indian cooking, so you’ll find both traditional Indian dishes and new ways to make family favorites. I also use their fusion cooking ideas to make tasty, easy-to-make meals.

2. The Curry Guy

This is one of the hot chilli food and travel blogs that has won awards. You might think that curry is only good in Indian restaurants or as a late-night takeout, but many dishes can be made at home with little work.

Hot chili is one of those easy-to-make foods that tastes even better when made at home. It is used in Thai, Vietnamese, and other cuisines. There are many ways to make great hot chili meals at home. You can stir-fry your protein of choice quickly or roast it slowly.

Dan started The Curry Guy in 2010 because he loved Indian food so much. He started a blog so he could learn more about spices and come up with his own recipes. During the launch of his blog, he and his family eat nothing but curries for a year, which got the attention of major news sites.

Dan’s recipes have changed over the years, and he has now written seven cookbooks with recipes from his British Indian Curry House.

3. Chili Pepper Madness

After getting hooked on chili peppers, hot sauce, and spicy food, Mike made the game Chili Pepper Madness. ChiliPepperMadness is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and shares recipes with a spicy twist.

The blog has recipes for hot dishes from all over the world, as well as recipes for classic American dishes and hot sauce. You can follow their recipes on YouTube and get more fiery ideas from their blog. Chili Pepper Madness has a lot of different kinds of hot sauces.

So many dishes to make, but so little time. He will help you save time and money by focusing on recipes that can be made in less than 30 minutes or don’t need many ingredients. So, you can do other important things with your time, like run errands, catch up with friends, or read a good book.

He uses a lot of unusual spices when he cooks, so his food can be spicy. But he changes every recipe so that it can be made to suit different tastes and levels of heat tolerance. They think that the taste is just as important as the heat.

This blog is for you if you want to try traditional dishes with an American twist. You can get Cajun food, which is a favorite, as well as BBQ and other Southern treats. They also have our favorite family recipes and anything else we think you’ll like.

4. Korean Bapsang

Hyosun likes to cook because her family has a lot of Korean traditions and culture. In 2009, she started a blog about Korean dishes to teach her children about their history. Hyosun has been written about in many newspapers and magazines, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and Saveur. This is why it is on our list of award-winning hot chilli food and travel blogs.

It can be hard to find real hot recipes that are easy to make. On Hyosun’s website, you can find more than fifty recipes with easy-to-understand instructions and information about where to find the ingredients.

Try her recipe for Gochujang or her spicy Korean Fried Chicken. Hyosun is a blogger who writes about cooking. She makes a lot of spicy dishes that readers and cooks like to read about and make. Her most well-known dish is her recipe for spicy tteokbokki, which are rice cakes that are stir-fried.

5. Stella N Spice

Stella was born and raised in the United States. She is best known for sharing spicy Korean and Mexican recipes on TikTok and Instagram. Stella worked as a bartender and went to school for accounting, but she decided to become a chef because she loved the Food Network and her mother’s tasty recipes.

Her main goal these days is to make dishes that will inspire her followers from all over the world. With recipes for homestyle Korean dishes like Spicy Cold Noodles and traditional Mexican food like Elotes (spicy corn) or Mangonadas Paletas (a sweet mango popsicle), she has become an inspiration for many food lovers around the world.

Stella’s tortas ahogadas are the most-read recipe or post on her blog. Stella loves this Mexican dish, and when the recipe comes out, it will make your mouth water.

What are The Fitness Advantages Of Warm Chillies?

Capsaicinoids, which are the active ingredient in chili peppers, increase daily energy use by about 150 calories. Most people know that chili peppers speed up the metabolism and help burn more fat. Since this effect lasts as long as the body is exposed to them, eating spicy foods will help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

When you eat a lot of chillies, your LDL cholesterol level goes down, which makes you less likely to get a heart disease. Researchers agree that it’s because capsaicin makes the body make more bile acid, which makes the body get rid of more LDL cholesterol.

Also, if you have diabetes or are on the verge of getting diabetes, eating a lot of chillies may help lower your blood sugar levels. One look showed that taking half a teaspoon of pink pepper every day for three months was enough to make a difference.

Men and women with type 2 diabetes had lower blood sugar levels when they woke up and were more sensitive to insulin. But there needs to be more research on these possible good things. So the next time someone asks if you’d like a little heat with your food, say yes. Why no longer say yes? It could be great for your health.

Important Tips To Eat Hot Chilli Food

  • If you don’t usually eat spicy chili, start with a small amount and add more as you get used to it.
  • Slowly add hot chili sauce to your food so you can control how spicy it is.
  • Try different kinds of hot chili sauce until you find one that you like.
  • To balance out the heat of the chili, you can add cool ingredients like yogurt or coconut milk.
  • To keep from getting dehydrated, drink a lot of water.
  • Don’t eat too much spicy food at once; instead, spread it out over the course of the day to keep your body cool.
  • Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your body hydrated and full of vitamins.

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Final Thoughts

The Hot Chilli food and travel blog will be interesting to anyone who likes to try new foods and go on exciting trips. It has everything you need, whether you’re looking for a new recipe, TripAdvisor, or just some tips on how to enjoy yourself more when you travel.

A food and travel blog, also called a Hot Chilli and Travel Blog, talks about everything that has to do with chillies. The blog has everything you need to know about these tiny but dangerous berries, such as reviews and recipes. Chili peppers, which are grown in America, have been used in food for a very long time. They come in different colors, sizes, and textures and can be used fresh, dried, or pickled.

After using chili peppers in a recipe, it’s important to wear gloves and wash your hands well. Try out different kinds of chili peppers to see which one you like best, as they can add a lot of flavor to your food. If you like to eat and travel, reading blogs like Hot Chilli Food and Traveling Blog and Continuing Exploring will be helpful. Putting these kinds of blogs together can give you more ideas about where to eat and where to go on vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why is spicy food enjoyable?

Capsaicin, which is found in spicy foods, makes you feel pain and makes your body think it’s in danger. When you eat spicy food, your body releases endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel good. This is how your body tries to get rid of the “threat” it feels when you eat spicy food.

Which country eats more spicy food?

Thailand is known for its spicy food, and it is also one of the most visited countries in the world. Its street food has a lot of fried foods and spicy soups.

Which country uses the most spices?

India, which was at the top of the list, used 39.2% of the world’s spices.

Which country hates spicy food?

(Denmark) A look at the origins and fiery future of a cuisine that is known for being bland. If you were raised like I was—an American Jew with little faith and a lot of worries based on history—you have a plan for “When they come for the Jews.”

Who is the spice king in the world?

Chef Keith Lorren is known around the world as “The Spiciest Man in the World,” “The Duke of Delicious,” “The Kaiser of Curry,” “The King of Spice,” and the man who “Invented Cooking.” But most importantly, he is the World’s Top Spice Designer.

Why is chilli popular in Asia?

In the past, chillies were easier and cheaper to grow than black pepper. This is why the Indian poet Purandara Dasa called it “the savior of the poor.” Even rice could be a part of the dish. Many Asian dishes are built around rice, and chilli makes the bland starch taste better.

Who is the largest consumer of chilli?

Chilli is an important spice that is used in one way or another all over the world. Indian chillies have been the most popular around the world. India is not only the biggest producer of chili in the world but also the biggest consumer and exporter.

What is the importance of chilli in food?

Studies have shown that the capsaicin in hot peppers can reduce swelling and lower the risk of getting heart disease. If you are one of the many obese people in the world, you might be interested to know that chili peppers are thought to help people lose weight.

What is the national dish of chili?

Cazuela. This soup is made with chicken, beef, or lamb, and it may also have squash, corn cobs, or potatoes in it. It tastes just as hearty as it sounds. Peppers, chili, and corn give it a good, warming taste. Chile’s national dish is called cazuela de ave and is made with chicken.


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