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Jaya Kelly Wiki, Biography, Net worth, Family, Career Updates in 2023

Jaya Kelly is a famous American singer, rapper, Starkid, and business owner. He was born in 2000, so he is 21 years old. People all over the country know him as R. Kelly’s son. R. Kelly, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, is a very well-known singer, songwriter, and record producer.

BBC says that R. Kelly, Jaya’s father, was found guilty in a trial for sex trafficking. When we talk about Jaya, he can also sing and rap. But he doesn’t put out an official album, but he has played at a number of live shows.

Kelly got a lot of attention after she said she was transgender for the first time in 2014. Read this article to learn more about Jaya Kelly’s age, wiki, biography, gender, family, partner, height, way of life, and facts.

Jaya Kelly Biography 

Real Name

Jaya Kelly


Jaya KellyJaahBabyJaah Kelly

Famous for

Son of R. Kelly

Date of Birth



23 years old


Singer, Rapper, Starkid, and Entrepreneur


United States




High School

Current Residence

United States

Net Worth

$300k-400k (approximately)

Marital Status






Zodiac sign




Father Name

Mr. R. Kelly

Mother Name

Mrs. Andrea Kelly 

Brother Name

Robert Kelly Jr

Sister Name

Joann Kelly 


2 (Joann Kelly and Robert Kelly Jr.)

Social Media


Sexual Orientation


Jaya Kelly’s Height in Inches

5 feet 8 inches

Jaya Kelly’s Height in Centimetres

172 cm

Jaya Kelly’s Weight

63 kg

Jaya Kelly Wiki, Bio, Family, Career, Relationships

Jaya Kelly is a famous American kid who is best known as the son of convicted music star R. Kelly. Jaya Kelly also sings, raps is a Starkid and runs her own business.

He was born in Los Angeles, CA, in the year 2000. Jaya Kelly is 22 years old in 2022. Jaya Kelly, also called Jaah Kelly, is known as R. Kelly and Andrea Lee’s middle child.

He became well-known because his parents were well-known. His father is a singer and songwriter from the United States.

Jaya Kelly’s Early Life and Family

Jaah was born in 2000, which means she is 22 years old now. R. Kelly and Andrea Lee, who are both famous, welcomed him into the world. He was born in the United States and has African-American roots. Jaya was raised by his parents, along with his two siblings, Robert Kelly, Jr. and Joann Kelly.

To say more about his family, he was born into a wealthy family. His father, R. Kelly, was a well-known singer and songwriter back then. He is now known for getting into a lot of trouble with the law. Also, he has won the Grammy Award three times. During the 1990s, he was known as one of the best-selling musicians in the whole world.

Andrea Kelly, also known as Drea Lee, who is his mother, used to be a back dancer. Before she got married, she was a backup dancer for her husband’s band. After that, she appeared in many TV shows and movies.

Jaya Kelly Age

Kelly was born in the year 2000, but no one knows the exact month or day of her birth. She is 23 years old right now.

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Jaya Kelly Career 

Kelly has worked as a singer, a rapper, a sound engineer, and a music producer as part of her music career. Since she was a child, she was always interested in singing. Since he was born into a family of entertainers, it was only natural that he would follow in their footsteps.

Kelly was in many shows when she was in school. She hasn’t put out an official album of music yet, but she has put out a couple of songs on streaming services and wants to make a name for herself in the entertainment world.

Jay Kelly Net Worth

Being a famous kid has a lot of benefits. This is because their parents’ influence makes it easier for the child to start a career. So Jay Kelly was in the same situation. He and his family live in great comfort.

He also makes a lot of money from music. Even though Jay hasn’t said much about his net worth, we can guess that it’s between $300,000 and $400,000 USD.

Jay Kelly Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Height (approx.)

5′ 6″/1.67 m/167 cm

Weight (approx.)

55 kg/121 lbs

Eye Color


Hair Color


Jaya Transgender

Jaya was young when she realized she didn’t like doing things or living like other girls. She realized that she liked other women.

Here is what she said right before she had surgery to change into a man.
“I think I’m a boy, and I want surgery and medicine to help me become the person I was meant to be.”

Who is Jay Kelly Dating?

This is one of the parts that many of you might be interested in learning more about. We’ll tell you everything juicy about Jay Kelly’s love life here. So, as we said, Kelly recently came out as a transgender man. People have a lot of ideas about who he is dating because of this.

But Jay doesn’t say anything about his past relationships and dates. So it’s possible that he’s single right now or that he’s secretly seeing someone. At the same time, the celebrity hasn’t said whether he’d rather be with a man or a woman.

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You Should Know Seven Things about Jay Kelly

  • Jay’s other names are Jaya Kelly, JaahBaby, and Jaah Kelly.
  • He’s also worked with a lot of well-known singers.
  • Kelly and his dad have also been in a number of music shows together.
  • Jay lives in Georgia, which is in the United States.
  • He also has a cool tattoo on the back of his neck.
  • Reservoir was his first single, which came out in 2014.
  • At the moment, Jay doesn’t use any social media.

How is Jaya Kelly’s Relationship with his/her Parents?

We all know that Jaah became famous because his parents were well-known. He is not as close to his father as he is to his mother, though. Robert wasn’t a great husband, but he did a good job raising his kids. He tried to keep things good between himself and his kids. But their relationship ended when his children found out that their father had done bad things.

When people talk about his mother, Drea, they seem to get along very well. After she raised her children, they now live together. In many interviews, she has said that her kids are her whole world and that they mean everything to her. In other words, Jaya is very close to his mother.

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What was his Family’s Reaction to him doing Surgery?

Even though American society is pretty conservative when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community, Jaah did not face many problems when he told people he was gay. His family and friends were very happy with what he decided to do. Jaah always thought about what was best for his mother, who was a very caring person. He told me:

My mother told me, “You know I love you no matter what you are. You could be bi, gay, lesbian, or anything else, and I would still love you so much.” He talked about how happy his mother was with him. After he thanked his mother, Jaya said, “I’m thankful that my mother accepts me as a transgender person.”

Also, he is very happy that all of his friends and siblings accept him as a man. When his sister says nice things about him and her younger brother, it makes him feel great.

Jaya Kelly is a Singer and Rapper Like her Father R. Kelly

Jaya Kelly is a singer and rapper, just like her father was. She started playing music when she was in high school and is slowly getting better at it. She has put out a few singles, some of which are Reservoir and Focus.

The Star kid has also done live performances at a number of shows, events, and music concerts. She performs under the name JaahBaby. As the child of a famous person, Jaya Kelly lives in style. She is still trying to make a name for herself apart from her famous father. Jaya is putting more time into her music projects right now so that she can make a living from them. She also taught herself how to play the piano and make records.

As of the time this post was written in 2022, Jaya Kelly was not in a relationship. Many people are interested to know if her next partner will be a man or a woman. She doesn’t talk about her love life or the people she dates. Jaya Kelly is not using any social media at the moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jaya Kelly

Who is Jaya Kelly?

He sings, raps, and is a Starkid.

What is Jaya Kelly’s gender?

He is a transgender male.

Who is Jaya Kelly’s partner?

He seems to be on his own (as of September 2021).

Who are Jaya Kelly’s parents?

Father R. Kelly and mother Andrea Kelly (mother).

How old is Jaya Kelly?

23 years

Does the Kelly family still exist?

The Kelly Family is an Irish-American music group made up of people from different generations. They usually have nine siblings, and their parents sometimes joined them on stage when they were younger.

What nationality is the Kelly family?

They were the American and Irish Trapp family of Germany. Two parents and a bunch of their kids took a VW bus across Europe, sang and performed, and eventually became famous. Now, the Kelly Family is making a comeback that is sold out.

Where did the Kelly family come from?

Researchers found that the name Kelly was first used in southwest Ireland, south of Dublin, where the Kellys had lived for a very long time and where they still have a family seat. King Colla da Crioch, who died in 357 A.D., is thought to be the ancestor of the Kelly family. There have been many different spellings found.

Where does the Kelley family live?

Later, she started writing more about her family and how they lived. In December, when Novalee, their third child, was 5 months old, they moved back to Clarksville to be closer to both of their families.

How many people were in the Kelly family?

Between August and December 1887, the Kelly Family was a group of serial killers who lived near a town in Kansas called Oak City. William Kelly, who was 55, had a wife named Kate, a son named Bill or “Billy” who was 20, and a daughter named Kit (18).

How did Kelly get famous?

Kelly Clarkson put out a No. 1 single and got a record deal after she won the first season of “American Idol” in 2002. But that was just the beginning. Now 36 years old, the singer-songwriter has sold more than 25 million albums and won three Grammys.

What clan is Kelley?

The name is a play on the Scottish clan Clan Kelly or the family name Kelly in Scotland. Clan Kelley is the second group of bad guys in the series to have a wolf as their symbol. The Sons of Ragnarok were the first.


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