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The 7 Most Common Financial Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Introduction Of The 7 Most Common Financial Mistakes And How To Fix Them

The 7 Most Common Financial Mistakes And How To Fix Them. Care of our money are also a matter of knowing that at least if we talk about promotions many companies constantly, possibly I can find that promotion later or that there are things that.1

The Second Financial Error In The Assertive Low

I do not need to have at this time and that it is because of the way they are advertising me but I can decide to wait and see what happens and calm that compulsive decision a little of buying the second financial error in the assertive low of purchase how many times has it happened to you that suddenly you find a seller either on the street or in the mall.

Who wants to offer you something and practically to take it off you tell him that if he accepts About shopping like this, you think that, well, it was not that expensive, the product or the end is not that expensive. the street that is trained to get the xi by force being assertive when buying can save you a lot of money being assertive when choosing.

Which car to buy when you go to a dealer and they convince you with a discount and That appeared at the last minute and they tell you then that if you don’t take advantage of it now, then you are going to lose it and it turns out that that car ultimately you analyze if it is more expensive than the others or whatever It is assertiveness.

The Third Financial Mistake Is The Self-Degrade Attitude Towards Income

That can help you develop financial skills, including making money, the third financial mistake is the self-degrade attitude towards income, think about what your life would be like or how you would feel and you will start to earn 20 thousand dollars a month free in utility how would you feel would feel is that you deserve them.

That you are worthy of having all that amount of money perhaps you would think things like this money where did it come from or is it that other people were affected by civil aid that is a self-denigrating attitude and is a drop in your financial image because if we understand the game of money and how it moves in the world we know that to make money.

I need to give value for example when you go to the supermarket to buy food that food provides you with a very clear value you do not think which the supermarket is getting richer with what you are paying to eat you think that you are doing an exchange just in which you receive something of value equivalent to the value you give in money and then.

If Your Entire Financial Strategy Is Based On That Introduction

If your entire financial strategy is based on that production of value and in which other people benefit from your income, therefore, regardless of the amount, they are you are going to deserve and you are going to be worthy of them but you have to get to the point where it compensates you for it and with increasing amounts.

The fourth mistake is not having a savings plan now I tell you savings in quotes because for the vast majority of the people in the others save money and then spend the savings that truly serve to create wealth is the saving of money that will later be used in investments are those things in which I put money and they return more than.

I put Now for me to learn to invest, I am good at investing and my investments are profitable. And I am also wrong so that well I know what works, what is not there, what I also like to do because there are different types of investments and there are thousands of ways to earn money in the world, then the truth is that I have to be clear about.

The Fifth Financial Mistake Is Not Having Abundance

How I am going to systematically manage the money so that a portion of what I earn from whatever my source of income is, a salary for him, the profits of a business or whatever, I am going to reinvest either in the same business that does in a different source but that I have a strategy of multiplying money because if.

It is not going to be impossible for me to create true wealth, the fifth financial mistake is not having abundance as a priority to think that there are things more important than money now This does not mean that money is the most important thing, love is important, family is important, money is important. or right or your left hand your arm or your leg both are important equally important agrees.

The same happens with money and therefore many people simply do not consider that abundance prosperity that goes one well in life financially goes hand in hand with success with harmony with well-being with the family I don’t know how anyone can think that financial life has nothing to do with the family if many times because of work.

We Analyze His Wallet As Such His Bank Account

They stop dedicating time to it or many times as I can have enough money not to worry about basic expenses is that I can spend time with my children that can pay for good health for them for me for my husband for my parents in short, then anyway I have to know that abundance can be a priority and that it will not be above anything else than based on the same level of the other things.

That are important to me and The sixth mistake is one that I love to emphasize because the vast majority of people make it, even people and it does not have a detailed follow-up of their finances, perhaps they have those of the business, what are the costs and expenses of the business.

What is the income the utilities and when we analyze his wallet as such his bank account and we ask this person how much was spent on the food he does not know how much was spent on this he does not know what percentage of the expenses went to the largest spending block Or in other words, they spend more money monthly for some, it is food for other things, you know the answer in your case because if there are not many applications that you can install on your cell phone, you can do it in a notebook, paper, and pencil, to write down daily the most important thing?


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