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Best 45 Dad Bloggers – You Should Follow for Inspire in 2023

A dad blogger is a father who blogs about his or her parenting experiences, opinions, and advice. Dad bloggers frequently share personal tales and ideas with their audience, covering issues such as fatherhood, family life, and child development.

The current environment for parents is difficult, but we stand with you in solidarity by bringing you the dad bloggers on the internet. These websites span a variety of viewpoints and provide a number of sound answers to important queries. Dad blogging can be a way to reflect on fatherhood, document cherished memories, communicate with other fathers around the globe, and even generate income online.

If you are searching for motivation, look no further than Instagram Mommy influencers. These individuals have mastered the art of taking photographs and compiling them into incredible journals that will motivate you to work harder, be more creative, and have faith in yourself. These bloggers have something to share with anyone who is intrigued, regardless of whether they are traveling the world or merely living life day by day.

What are Dad Bloggers?

A parent blogger is an online author who writes about fatherhood. The majority of dad bloggers will discuss their children, parenting advice for new fathers, and what it means to be a father in 2023.

However, most also publish content about other aspects of parenthood, such as tax filing tips for parents and commentary on social issues affecting their children.

The manner of dad blogs differs greatly depending on the dad blogger; therefore, whether you prefer to follow dad influencers on Instagram or via their website, you have options.

What is The Best Dad Blog Overall?

Even if you compelled us to select the greatest overall parent blog, we probably couldn’t! Each of the websites enumerated here has a number of noteworthy benefits. While it is true that some of us read more than others, it depends on your disposition and the type of father you are.

Some are more focused on the early years, so you can anticipate more information on excellent pregnancy announcements, for example, while others are more concerned with the later years.

Best 45 Dad Bloggers in 2023

Best 45 Dad Bloggers in 2023

1. Ruddy Bits

Ruddy Bits chronicles the voyage of one father as he raises his four children. It is an excellent blog to follow if you have elder children, as the author’s oldest child just left for college.

If you’re having trouble letting go or are simply regretful to see your children depart home, he offers a great deal of empathy and advice.

2. Fatherly

Fatherly is more than one of our favorite parent blogs; it is a full-fledged digital empire for adult men. It should therefore come as no surprise that one can find virtually everything under the sun in these popular areas. We are discussing entertainment, equipment, health, news, financial planning, and parenting advice, of course.

If you are a father, consider this your one-stop shop for all the insurance coverage you could ever need. “What I Wish I Knew About Myself Before I Became a Father” is an insightful guide for new fathers and one of our favorite articles.

3. Landon Deru

The “Deru Crew” has a combined total of 150,000 Instagram followers and 215,000 YouTube subscribers. The family consists of a registered nurse wife Julie Deru and a father Landon Deru. They are parents to five children.

The Utah-based family’s vlogs cover topics ranging from home organization to budgeting. In addition, they discuss the challenges and benefits of home renovations as well as the three-day toilet training method. Deru shares family photographs during bike excursions and trips to Sam’s Club.

Additionally, he frequently praises his wife. Recently, the Ph.D. candidate posted on Instagram, “I hope every father in the world takes that title seriously, because it’s a large and essential task.”

4. Fathercraft

Fathercraft, founded by dad bloggers and brothers-in-law Paul Zalewski and John Doht, is a massive daddy blog chock-full of product evaluations, parenting advice, and more, with a particular concentration on parents of infants and toddlers. It provides free, downloadable resources for new fathers and new parents.

In addition to affiliate connections, Fathercraft offers online courses, merchandise, and a fashionable diaper purse for fathers.

5. Doug

Doug (@Thetravelinggays) is one of the most prominent parent bloggers in existence. As a devoted father, he enjoys sharing his parenting experiences and advice with others. He shares thoughtful perspectives on how parents can develop stronger relationships with their children and how fathers can be better role models for their children when addressing difficult issues related to fatherhood.

His influencer posts are always sincere and from the heart, creating a genuine bond between him and his audience.

6. Luke Leonard

Luke Leonard is one of the leading parent influencers, with over 25.3K Instagram followers. Living in Los Angeles as a stay-at-home father to his two children, Ivy Rose and Logan Maxwell, he enjoys life immensely. Visit his YouTube channel to view Vlogs describing how he is the masculine Mary Poppins of today.

7. Mr. Dad 

Are you expecting Dad? New dad? Lone dad? Military dad? No concerns. Armin Brott has numerous recommendations to offer. (Not to mention webinars and best-selling books.) Brott’s mission is quite straightforward: to provide fathers with the “tools, support, and real-world support strategies to be the fathers they want to be—and the fathers their families need them to be.”

Whether examining topics such as stranger peril, addiction, sexual harassment, or post-traumatic stress disorder, Brott connects fathers to insights and perspectives that will empower and enlighten them.

8. DIY Daddy

Happy Father’s Day for 2022 to Nigel Higgins, the father behind DIY Daddy, who tops our list this year. “The trials and tribulations of raising five children while attempting to maintain my sanity” is what Nigel discusses on this blog, along with many DIY suggestions for the family home.

This DIY Parent has recently discussed how to choose the appropriate mattress for your children, how to encourage imaginative play, and when it is time to hire a tutor.

9. The New Dad

The New Parent is a one-stop destination for frugal parenting. While parenting, he provides advice for conserving money and living on a budget. This is an excellent resource for those who are curious about how to afford to have a child.

10. The Father Hood

Father Hood, our favorite blog for Australian fathers, is designed for Australians by Australians. This website is fantastic because it highlights the kind of proactive parenting that we can all support.

In other words, this is not a site for couch potatoes; rather, it is a destination for fathers who want to take their parenting to the next level, with topics ranging from fitness and exercise routines to relationship advice and workplace tips. Their interview with David Beckham will go down in history as one of our all-time favorite dad-reads.

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11. Triplet Dad Of 4

Chris Payne of the United Kingdom posts the cutest Instagram photos of his triplets and son Sullivan. The father updates his 100,000 followers daily.

Typically, IVF triplets are dressed identically (including hairstyles) and are beaming from ear to ear. We adore his reels of his older son Sully learning to ride a bicycle, the girls squealing with delight as their father picks them up from daycare, and cameos from their adorable dogs.

The father frequently posts photos of the children’s lunches, and now that summer has arrived, there are enviable backyard pool photos.

12. HighTechDad

At HighTechDad, gadget-loving and nerdy fathers will feel right at home. This example of a dad blog is run by Michael Sheehan and covers a wide range of gadget and technology topics, with a focus on parenting.

With a focus on technology and gadgets for parents, HighTechDad monetizes its blog through affiliate marketing. There are numerous reviews and product roundups, as well as a shop full of products with affiliate links, making this a fantastic example of a lucrative blogging niche.

13. Dad On Duty

This blogger for fathers is known as the Dad on Duty. On his fatherhood blog, which has 32,600 followers, you will find honest rants and reviews from your favorite father on topics such as automobiles, real estate, fashion, and lifestyle, among others.

14. Brian Nagel

As an actor and producer, Brian Nagel is best known for his roles in feature films. With 45,500 followers, he has one of the most popular Dad blogs on Instagram.

He has two adorable daughters and eagerly awaits the birth of their third child. His Instagram page details all aspects of his and his family’s lives.

15. Designer Daddy 

Depending on what you seek, Brent Almond is a father who can help make life and fatherhood more “informative, beautiful, meaningful, or fun.” From the perspective of a gay father with an adopted son, his creative blog covers “dad stuff,” “design stuff,” “LGBT stuff,” and more.

In addition to discussing his “obsession” with pop culture and superheroes, as well as occasional craft projects, Almond discusses openly the complexities of life, such as racism and depression.

16. Slouching Towards Thatcham

Tim Liew, who is anything but a slouch in the dad blogging stakes, will remain at number two for yet another year. Check out his “stories from the front lines of fatherhood” in sections such as A Dad’s Life, On the Box, Viewpoints, and even a Musical Parodies channel.

The evolution of family life over the past few years is a topic that this blog has not avoided covering. Check out Tim’s most recent posts to learn how he and his family have navigated their return to “normal.”

17. Wilderdad

Wilderdad is run by Steve, and if the name doesn’t give it away, it focuses heavily on mother nature and physical fitness. Numerous studies have demonstrated that both of these are crucial for the development of your children, so you would be insane not to read this blog. Unfortunately, he has not yet posted in 2022, but we hope he will soon.

18. That Dad Blog

Alan, a loving husband and father of six, began That Dad Blog as a way to share the joys and challenges of fatherhood and family life. He is a web designer by trade, so the website is well-designed and intuitive.

It is a wonderful blog for all fathers, but especially for those who have children with special needs. Wil, Alan’s child, has Down syndrome, and he discusses the joys and difficulties of having a child with special needs.

Check out his project Wil Can Fly for a beautiful and heartwarming depiction of a family member with Down syndrome.

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19. Skint Dad

Skint Dad is included on our list because it is an excellent blog for fathers looking to save time and money. You owe it to yourself to visit Skint Dad if you’re struggling to balance budgets and save money while still trying to have fun as a parent. Here you will find budgeting advice, moneymaking advice, exclusive offers, and contests, among other things.

20. DiaryofaDad

Ben Anderson has four children; their names are Arlo, Myla, Esmé, and Otis. Due to their online community, this family has become stronger following the loss of their twins. With a combined 45,000 followers, the Andersons document everything from attempting to dine in a restaurant with their children to a diaper blowout.

The relatable father shares genuine content while being candid about the difficulties of parenting (he openly admits to giving his kids iPads when he wants them to behave). Having four children in less than seven years presents challenges, but this family from the United Kingdom sees and shares the pleasure in it.

21. Days of a Domestic Dad

Days of a Domestic Parent is managed by Colby Shipwash, a father of five and grandfather of two. It is filled with family and home-related posts, ranging from advice on beginning a family to how-to guidelines on cleaning dryer vents. There is an emphasis on content related to automobiles, travel, technology, and amusement, which are common home bases for many of our best dad bloggers.

Similar to many other parent websites, it is monetized through affiliate marketing, with numerous product reviews, and Google AdSense blog advertisements. Colby is active on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, which account for the majority of blog traffic.

22. Zach Fack

Zach Fack is one of the most popular Instagram parent influencers, with over 122,000 followers. Zack shares the tender moments of his family, including his wife Anna and their twins, in their home and on their travels.

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23. Colby Shipwash

Staci Salazar is the spouse of Colby Shipwash and the father of five children. This father blogger has garnered 13,400 followers on Instagram, where he publishes content about travel, family, and lifestyle.

24. The Unlikely Dad 

“An adoptive parent. A gay parent. Or maybe just a dad? Tom is the father of an adopted son, whom he and his spouse Daniel nurture. While the adoption process is the primary focus of his blog, he also depicts the beauty and difficulties of rearing a young family, including love and marriage, being a working father, and “surviving Christmas with a teenager,” because God bless anyone who can survive life with a three-year-old.

25. Diary of the Dad

Tom Briggs’ Diary of the Father has moved up one position in this updated ranking. Tom began blogging in 2010 and, thankfully, “has the same enthusiasm for it as I did when I published my first post.”

What this means for his readers is an abundance of content about his family’s daily life, as well as a focus on the stressors and pressures facing parents and children in 2022. And if you’re looking for something a little lighter, Tom has also recently reported on his family’s performance with video games from the 1990s.

26. Lunchbox Dad

Beau Coffron was inspired to prepare special meals for his children every Monday. From Disney to Star Wars to every other theme imaginable. You can view his incredible creations on Instagram or his website, which is a tradition he continues to this day. If you’re searching for a way to spice up your children’s (and spouses’) cuisine, look no further.

27. Direct Advice for Dads

Direct Advice for Dads (or DAD for short) offers real-world advice from fathers who have seen and experienced everything. We’ve ranked it as the best blog for fathers of young children because it answers every query you could possibly have before you pose it.

Obviously, regardless of the number of children you are rearing, there is still much to learn from these articles. Ultimately, does a father ever cease learning about parenting?

28. The Dad Lab

Sergei Urban employs science experiments and a touch of sorcery to provide his children with a great deal of entertainment. Urban is originally from Latvia and is fluent in Russian, but he now resides in London with his wife and two children, Max and Alex.

His Instagram account has a staggering one million followers, and he has published a book titled “The Dad Lab” that contains “50 awesome scientific tasks for parents and children.”

He confesses, “I’m not a teacher or a scientist; I’m just a father to Max and Alex sharing my fatherhood journey, kids’ science experiments, and craft ideas.” His recent posts on five egg experiments and a simple 3D paper flower craft are particularly noteworthy.

29. DJ Hapa

DJ Hapa is a leader in DJ education who has garnered 29.3K Instagram followers. This DJ instructor is a successful daddy blogger because his account is loaded with photographs and videos of his three children.

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30. Binh Tong

Binh Tong is the father of a son. This father blogger’s over 14.7K Instagram followers see his travel and lifestyle content. Follow his Instagram to see his entire voyage, from getting married to becoming a devoted father.

31. Out With The Kids 

The title of Jeff Bogle’s blog accurately describes its subject matter: family outings. Bogle, a world traveler, storyteller, and award-winning photographer, has integrated work and life into his blog. From road travels to international flights, this father is documenting his voyage as a father to two daughters with a dash of humor and an abundance of cool imagery (especially on the OWTK Instagram).

32. The Yorkshire Dad

The Yorkshire Parent by Karl Young, a book for Yorkshire-based families, is a further ascendant in this ranking. Having chosen to share, learn, and grow with other parents’ posts on ‘fatherhood, humor, and reviews’ Upon discovering the world of parenting blogs in 2013, I chose to share, learn, and grow with other parents.

This self-described “restless father, prankster, and golfer” share the finest of his region. But regardless of where you’re from, there’s something for you – learn about common parenting blunders and everything you need to know about redesigning your living space.

33. Dad Pad

The Dad Pad was released as an app that was created with the assistance of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service and practitioner input. Contrariwise, their blog has not received any professional attention, but it is still excellent.

Briefly, their goal is to provide dads with engaging and well-written blog posts on all aspects of fatherhood and parenting, from babycare – including breastfeeding and bonding – to comprehend the changes and challenges that both mother and dad will experience during the perinatal period.

34. Dad Info

Searching for parenting-related answers? Free advice from professionals? A community where you can interact with other fathers? You will discover all of this and more at Parent Info. Since 2008, this website based in the United Kingdom has provided a variety of support, including the fundamentals of being a father, information on remaining healthy, and mental advice for divorce and separation.

35. Detroit Father

This father grew up without a father and now strives to be the greatest possible father to his daughter, Jenesis. In 2015, he and his wife, who had recently become a police officer, endured the tragic loss of their first son.

Now, he honors his family by spending as many precious moments as possible with his daughter. He attends her swimming lessons and dance performances. In addition to documenting significant events, he also records smaller occasions, such as informal ice cream gatherings.

Recently, this sensitive individual has discovered solace in horticulture. He also enjoys spending “papa and daughter days” with Jenesis, which he deems essential so that she can feel comfortable opening up to him. In addition, “Fathers and daughters need an opportunity to have joy!”

36. Peter Holland

Peter Holland is one of the most prominent father bloggers with a son. He is a father in addition to being an entrepreneur. Peter has created an Instagram account as a blogger where he posts about parenting his son, being his companion, and spending time with his family.

37. Travis Clark

Travis Clark is a Nashville musician and the main vocalist for the popular band ‘We The Kings.’ This multitalented father’s Instagram account is filled with pictures of him and his daughters having fun.

38. Men’s Style Pro 

Sabir Peele is a father and spouse who has an affinity for men’s fashion. His blog offers men wardrobe advice and hints, as well as lifestyle nuggets. Did I mention that you must follow the MensStylePro Instagram? Not only does Peele’s son make the cutest debuts, but it is also evident that his 61k+ followers appreciate the stylish photos he routinely posts.

39. Devon Dad Adventures

Andy M’s Devon Dad Adventures has risen two positions since our last review of the UK dad blogging landscape. Andy maintains a blog about “life and exploits in and around Devon, England” and updates the series frequently. That Week Just Past recommends activities to keep your own children occupied and entertained.

In his most recent GeeKast content, he discusses whether the new Doctor Strange film is appropriate for children (possibly not), the family’s favorite Star Wars moments, and gaming in general.

40. Canadian Dad

Casey Palmer is a Black Canadian father, which immediately distinguishes him from the others on our list. He proudly embraces his heritage and recently assisted in the creation of the Black Canadian Creator Directory. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t be on this list if he wasn’t a wonderful father and if he didn’t share helpful information, so check him out.

41. Life of Dad

Life of Dad, which positions itself as a social network for fathers, has assembled a terrific community of fathers who share their experiences and collaborate to create a one-stop parent shop. With a podcast archive, entertainment articles, geeky toy recommendations, and profiles of prominent sports dads, there must be something here for you, or you’re not searching hard enough.

42. How to Be a Dad

How to Be a Dad approaches fatherhood with amusement and satire, offering amusing listicles and instructional diagrams. According to its authors, Charlie Capen and Andy Herald, the blog is “not so much a ‘how-to’ but a ‘how-not-to’ entertainment site for dads, mothers, soon-to-be parents, or really anyone who has ever had parents.”

How to Be a Dad attempts to alleviate the tension and anxiety associated with being a parent.

43. 2 Dads With Baggage 

Self-described as “family travel with a homosexual twist,” 2 Dads With Baggage chronicles the travels and daily lives of two gay fathers and their Latina daughters as they travel the globe. In addition to their exceptional adventures, this LGBTQ family’s blog features excellent cuisine and parenting articles.

44. All Pro Dad

As its name suggests, All Pro Dad is a blog that provides “expert advice for fathers.” You will receive guidance on parenthood, marriage, and other topics.

45. Dads Blogs

With 49,500 followers, Anthony has one of the most popular Instagram diaries for fathers. He shares every basic moment of his life with his family on his Instagram account, and he celebrates and values the ordinary.

How Much Money Can You Make From Being a Dad Blogger?

The quantity of money you can earn as a dad blogger is heavily dependent on your audience size and reach. Through brand partnerships, affiliate programs, and ad space, the average blog could generate between $200 and $1,000 per month.

It may take a couple of years of hard work before you can earn anything close to a full-time salary, but it’s a fantastic side hustle for fathers seeking extra income. The universe of parent blogs is your oyster in 2023.

While the mother blog market is becoming increasingly saturated, there is still ample room on the dad blog side of the Internet for fathers who wish to chronicle their fatherhood experiences. You can develop your dad’s blog into an empire if you start modestly with consistent and genuine blog posts.

How to Start a Dad Blog?

If the parent blogger examples in this guide have inspired you to start your own blog, it’s time to get started. This will be a breeze compared to changing soiled diapers and navigating toddler outbursts, and it will only take 10–15 minutes to set up.

Here’s what you need to do to start a dad blog, step by step:

  • Step: Pick Dad Blogger Name
  • Step: Choose the Domain Name
  • Step: Select Hosting Website
  • Step: Set up a WordPress Blog
  • Step: Customize Your Blog Design
  • Step: Download Important WordPress Plugins
  • Step: Check Other Dad Blogger’s Competitors
  • Step: Writing Your First Blog Post
  • Step: Promote Your Dad’s Blog


Overall, parent bloggers have integrated themselves into social media. They offer a fresh perspective on parenthood and serve as a much-needed reminder that fathers deserve equal recognition with mothers.

Whether you’re searching for advice, humor, or inspiration, you can find it in the Instagram feeds of these leading father bloggers. They demonstrate that parenthood is an ever-evolving journey that should be celebrated, from new fathers to seasoned veterans.
Utilizing the Ainfluencer marketplace, it is simple to locate the top father bloggers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are blogs so popular?

People of All Skill Levels Can Start a Blog – One of the reasons blogging is so popular is that it is shockingly simple. Creating an online presence used to need some knowledge of web design, but blogging makes it easier than ever before.

Who was the very first blogger?

(Justin Hall) The origins of blogging – According to most experts, the first blog was Links.net, which was founded in 1994 by then-student Justin Hall as a platform to promote his writing. The site was solely made up of small posts, each of which shared a link and some of his comments on the subject.

What makes someone a successful blogger?

Successful bloggers pick a niche and stick to it. They write on their chosen subject on a consistent basis, with a consistent voice and approach. Even when they write about something seemingly unrelated, they link it back to the specialty in which they know their readers are interested.


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