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How to invest in Pokémon cards

There are several places where you can potentially find old maps. If you decide to invest in Pokémon cards, you need to be sure of the quality of the cards you have purchased. As a reminder, a card in poor condition will be difficult to sell and recover. For this reason, I advise you to turn to professional sites where the sites or the reputation of the seller is at stake.

Card market, the best place to invest in Pokémon cards
Card-market is a great place to buy and sell collection cards. Not just Pokémon by the way. You can also find information on the ratings of the maps. Each seller is rated, so you can buy from serious sellers without too much trouble.

Vinted is an application for buying and reselling clothes (mainly) but it is also used for movies, games, but also Pokémon cards. You have to be really careful because the number of false cards on vinted is really very important. If you have any doubts, don’t buy. Clearly, if you see a $ 10 first generation Charizard it is probably a fake card. However, the rating of vinted members allows us to deal with people who are often very serious and careful in their submissions. A good alternative.

The good corner
For the right corner, and this is valid for all generalist classifieds sites, I advise you to buy only if you are sure of the quality of the card (for example, if you can check the condition before to buy). While there is an on-the-go user rating system, I personally find it less successful than on vinted.

The good old attic in the street
This is probably the best place to find a good deal. These are the places where you can, sometimes, with a bit of luck, find entire decks of Pokémon cards in varying degrees of good condition. But it’s probably also in these places that you’ll have the opportunity to find real nuggets at ridiculous prices.

Investing in Pokémon cards: What expected profitability?
The investment in Pokémon cards was an exotic investment par excellence, it is impossible to speak of profitability. In reality, we don’t have enough setbacks yet except for the absolutely exponential increase in the price of some cards. But if I had to give my opinion for two cents, which is obviously only my opinion, I would say this:

We are only at the beginning of the democratization of Pokémon cards
Pokémon is an extremely popular series even 25 years later and which continues to break records.
It’s a series with international resonance, (in all countries you have fans)
It is also a transgenerational series.
Anyway, I’m one of those people who thinks Pokémon cards are here to stay. And investing in Pokemon cards is no nonsense. If you obviously keep in mind that this is an ultra exotic investment (I don’t know how many times I have said this) and that it should be seen as a pleasure above all else.

What advice for investing in Pokémon cards?
Here is a non-exhaustive list of some tips that might help you get started if you want to buy a few pokemon cards.

Really don’t spend all your money on it, it’s really risky. We usually hear that exotic investments should only constitute 10% of the FP. Well I will say that it must not represent even less than that.
If you have any interesting cards protect them with cases or binders.
If you have very (very) interesting cards, have them rated by an independent body as mentioned above.
Really watch out for fake cards, they are EVERYWHERE. And sometimes they’re really hard to spot. (And I say this knowingly, as I bought fake cards with too much confidence).
Don’t buy just any card you can find, try to put together sets (which can be resold), or just buy cards that you are sure are worth.
Have a look in your attic, there might be some interesting cards lying there.
And, above all, do not play with cards …
Investing in Pokémon cards, in conclusion
Investing in Pokémon cards should, in reality, be considered a pleasure purchase and very little like a real investment from which one can hope for a strong profitability. Nevertheless, given the craze for old cards from this legendary series which continues to exist and to please (more or less) fans around the world, we can assume that these cards will always be appreciated by fans and collectors.


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