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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Tanzanite is a rare gem whose distinct blue hues are enchanting. It is a captivating gemstone and when it is paired with modern designs, the final output is stunning. If you’re contemplating adding new jewelry to your collection then you should consider investing in jewelry made from tanzanite. You can take a look at the latest designs in tanzanite jewelry at Chordia Jewels Jewelry, as they offer a seamless blend of trend and high quality.

Recently, tanzanite has become highly sought after especially when it comes to engagement rings. The rarity of the stone has made it a massive favorite among brides who are looking for something that is more modern and customized. If you are looking for an engagement ring that veers off the traditional diamond yet has that sparkle to it, tanzanite engagement rings are perfect. The distinct qualities of Tanzanite Jewelry discussed below will give you an insight into why these gemstones make your investment worth it. 

A precious stone that was found in Tanzania, Africa, and subsequently named after the country.  Tanzanite has a brilliant blue color which rivals the shine and sparkle of a diamond and is one of the rare stones as it is available in very limited supply. It is a relatively softer stone compared to its other precious counterparts and hence has some amount of negative prejudices attached to its usage, especially when it comes to tanzanite engagement rings. People don’t opt for tanzanite thinking it would break or tarnish easily, which is hardly ever the case, provided you take care of your engagement ring every once in a while. So here are the top reasons why Tanzanite engagement rings should be your pick. 

1. Originality

Contrary to what people think, diamonds haven’t always been symbolic of eternal love, and the idea of diamond engagement rings was derived from a promotional slogan in the 1940s. Before that, simple gold bands were the classic engagement rings that people chose.

Recently, there has been a shift in the choice of an engagement ringstone, with more and more people opting for something original and different that reflects their own personal style and tastes. With its color, fire, and timeless style, buying a Tanzanite engagement ring is the perfect way of making your love and bond stand out from the crowd and a touch of your personality. 

2. Rarity

Tanzanite is one of the rarest stones and is found in only one place in the world, and that too in very limited quantities. The natural conditions that led to the formation of tanzanite took place millions of years ago and are predicted to never occur again, making it extremely rare and valuable.

Geologists have estimated the probability of Tanzanite ever being discovered again, at one in a million. Considering this, buying a Tanzanite for your engagement becomes a symbol of love, unlike any other. Having an engagement ring made out of one of the rarest stones in the world will definitely show your love. 

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3. Symbol Of New Beginnings

All precious stones are believed to hold some or the other mystical attributes that can impact the wearer in various ways. Among these, tanzanites are known as the stones of transformation or new beginnings.

Known for their positive properties, Tanzanites symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and renewed optimism for a future filled with happiness, making it the perfect stone to place in an engagement ring. It is also the birthstone for the month of December, so if your significant other is born in December, think no further and buy a Tanzanite engagement ring. 

4. Unique Color

Tanzanite is famous for its brilliant shine and reflective nature. With hues ranging from royal blue to soft lavender, this gemstone works as a marvelous fashion symbol. While the stone’s color depends greatly on its treatment and cut, lighting also plays a significant role in its coloration.

Your engagement ring will showcase different hues at different angles and daytime conditions making it eye-catching and unique. It has a charismatic color, which when paired with an intricate design, is bound to turn heads.

5. Style Statement

Tanzanites are clearly statement stones. The striking blue color, the cuts and the stone’s nature make it easy to pair with precious metals and other precious stones of all colors, making it a perfect fit for customized engagement rings.

It also works well with all types of attires and will level up your look in an instant. Not just in engagement rings, tanzanite jewelry looks stunning in earrings and as pendants as well. Tanzanite jewelry is also an upcoming fashion trend, so wait no more and make your purchase. 

6. Heirloom Charm

Rarity, symbolism, and timeless style are all gathered in this intricate blue gemstone. The passing down of engagement rings has been a lifelong tradition, highly symbolic of passing down love, values, and family legend.

A Tanzanite engagement ring is a perfect jewel to fulfill this ritual and transmit values, love, and heritage to the coming generations in your family. A Victorian-style tanzanite engagement ring will make the perfect family heirloom one day. 

7. Affordability

Despite being rare and beautiful, tanzanite is a surprisingly more affordable option as compared to other precious gemstones and makes for a good investment.

Has incredible resale value and is priced fairly. Since it is a cheaper stone than a diamond, it gives the buyer a lot of scope in terms of choosing a high grade of color, cut, and clarity and doesn’t break the bank. 

Despite several myths attached to them, tanzanites are some of the best stones in the market to get your hands on at the moment. They are rare, and stunning and make for the perfect symbol for your love. Buying a Tanzanite engagement ring will definitely be a good decision on your part. 


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