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What Does Pushing P Mean? Best Guide

If you use TikTok a lot, you may have seen the term Pushing P with a blue capital “P” emoji. What does it mean then?

Pushing P is actually a phrase that comes from a song by an American rapper (Gunna). P is short for “keep it real,” which means something positive. P means that something is good. If it’s not P, something is bad. So promoting positivity is the same as pushing P.

What does Pushing P Mean?

Gunna, who came up with the phrase, says that “P” just means “player,” and that Pushing P is when “everything you’re doing is basically player-material.”

If you know the rapper, you’ve probably heard this phrase on his latest album, Drip Season 4Ever, especially on his single, Pushing P, which features fellow rappers Future and Young Thug and has the same name as the phrase.

The song went viral, so it makes sense that it has been shared on sites like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. In a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, the Pushing P hitmaker talked about the meaning of his catchphrase.

“It’s just “player,” but you could also say things like, “I don’t like what he did, that wasn’t P.” It starts with “Player,” but then you say Pushing P. He said, “It seems like everything I do is just “P.” Urban Dictionary, on the other hand, says that the phrase is slang that was made popular by the Atlanta rapper Gunna and means Pushing pressure.

“One way to be Pushing P is to have money or own things instead of renting them,” he said.

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Who is Gunna?

Who is Gunna
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Gunna is signed to Young Thug’s record label, YSL Records, and is finally becoming popular. His album Wunna topped the Billboard 200 in 2020, and his new album DS4EVER, which came out on January 7, took the top spot again this year.

Some of the best rappers, like Drake, Future, 21 Savage, Young Thug, Kodak Black, and more, are on the album. “Pushin’ P” might be getting the most attention out of the 20 songs because its lyrics can be hard to understand at first.

Where Does Pushin P Come From?

After the American rappers Gunna and Future released the song Pushin P, it made Pushin P very popular on social media. Gunna said that he didn’t come up with the phrase, but that he heard it from other people in Georgia, where he is from. No one knows where the phrase came from.

Pushin P Song

Gunna and Young Thug recorded the song Pushin P for his album Drip Season 4Ever (DS4Ever). It also has Young Thug on it. The trap song came out on January 7, 2022, and it quickly went viral thanks to TikTok and the letter-P emoji-based social media campaign. It went straight to the top of the Billboard chart and had raps about money, drugs, women, and jewelry.

One Verse on Pushin P Reads:

“Pushin’ P, 

I’m pushin’ P, 

pushin’ P, 

I’m pushin’ P, 


Pop a P, 

I’m paranoid, 

I can’t just sleep

My pockets deep, 

got racks on me.”

“P” means different things to Gunna and Future. As you can see, Gunna didn’t put the letter in a box and give it one clear meaning.

In this case, Pushing P is used to show that Gunna and Future are players who keep things real. They also use the letter “P” to suggest taking Percocets, a popular painkiller.

Gunna also brags about his money in these lyrics when he says, “My pockets are deep.” As of October 2022, Gunna has a net worth of $4 million, and his DS4Ever album features artists like Drake, Lil Baby, Kodak Black, and 21 Savage.

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Pushing P Has Gone Super Viral on TikTok.

Even though Gunna has started to explain what his song is about, the song and the phrase at its heart have become a huge hit on TikTok. Because of how easily the phrase spreads, videos with the hashtag have been seen millions of times. Gunna has even joined in the fun by commenting on popular videos and giving them grades based on how well they used the term.

Pushing P is the latest piece of slang that became popular because it was used a lot on social media. Many phrases that have become popular because of TikTok were first used on the site, but that’s not the case here. Instead, pushing P went from being a phrase only used in one part of the country to being something that most people on social media at least know about very quickly.

“P” also stands for something that is a subtle sign of wealth or high earnings without being too flashy. Gunna told The Breakfast Club in an interview, “P is if I wake up and my back yard is the beach.”

It could also be used subjectively, so if someone is doing or feeling great, everything they do is pushing P.

How do TikTokers Use Pushing P?

The phrase Pushing P has become so well-known that TikTokers have picked it up and run with it. One of the things that people do on TikTok is say what they think Pushing P means. In some cases, Gunna has even replied in the comments section.

Another TikToker gave a better idea of what Pushing P looks like with a picture. The social media star put the “P” emoji over a funny clip from Spongebob Squarepants in which Patrick Star tells his on-screen friends to move Bikini Bottom to another place.

He put “how I’m pushing P all 2023” as the title of his video. Here’s where you can watch the funny clip:

Is There More Than One Meaning to Pushing P?

In some situations, pushing p is the same as “hustling” and trying to make a lot of money. This comes from the older slang term “P” for money. In this case, pushing P means “making money,” or “pushing” in English.

“P” doesn’t just mean “player,” Gunna said. P also stands for paper. This P can be pushed with paper.” For example, “We’re going for broke this year” could mean that the goal is to make a lot of money this year.

But “kicking P” and pushing P are not the same thing. Gunna said that kicking P is not as admirable.

This means that pushing P can mean different things in different situations. This lets you use the word in a creative way without worrying that other people won’t understand it. Just keep in mind that you want to push, not kick P.

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In Conclusion

The Pushing P trend on TikTok has become very popular. But many people don’t understand what this trend means. Gunna’s song “Pushin P” was written with Young Thug and Future, and the “P” stands for the player.

There is no clear way to explain what pushing P means. It usually means to be real and honest. Pushing P is a good trait that means friends and family members are loyal and people can trust them to be who they are without any hidden agenda.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pushing P

How do I start pushing P?

“Pushing Pressure” is a slang term made popular by the Atlanta rapper Gunna. “One way to be Pushing P is to have money or own things instead of renting them,” she said.

What is P emoji trend?

“P” can mean “Risking your life to feed your family is P” or “Being Loyal,” according to the rapper. Others on social media have just used the letter P at the beginning of words or in comments to say, “This is good.”

What does Pushing P mean in Urban Dictionary?

On the internet, the word “P” means “pushed” in Urban Dictionary. It is more of a way of life than a word. The website called it “a whole way of living.”

What does Pushing P mean Reddit?

Pushin’ P, where the P stands for “player,” means to stay real.

What does Gunna mean when he says Pushing P?

Gunna, who came up with the phrase, says that “P” means “player,” and “Pushing P” means that “everything you’re doing is basically player-material.”

What does pushing P mean on TikTok?

In this case, what P really means is “player.” It’s the name of a song that’s getting a lot of attention on the platform.

Who has initiated the phrase pushing P?

Gunna, who is from Atlanta, has a song called Pushing P. He said what it really meant on his social media accounts.

What does the P stand for in pushing?

The “P” in “Pushin’ P” stands for “player,” like in “keeping it real.” Gunna said in an interview with “The Breakfast Club” that it’s mostly used in a good way. For example, waking up to a beach view is “P. If you bought a Rolex watch for a lot of money, that’s P.

What does pushing P and B mean?

Gunna said on an episode of the Breakfast Club that the letter “P” stands for “player.” He then explained what Pushin P means on Twitter. ‘Pushing P’ is short for ‘keep it real,’ and is usually a good thing.

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