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What To Stock in Your Vacation Rental

The vacation rental supplies you provide your guests can impact your property’s ability to attract more bookings. If you want your guests to feel comfortable, here are some of the essentials to get:

Fresh Linens and Towels

Have enough bedding for each bed in the rental, plus a few extra sets. Depending on the number of people staying in the rental, you may need to provide towels and washcloths as well. Choose quality towels and linens that are soft and inviting. To make your rental stand out, you can offer guests luxury options like high-thread-count sheets, plush towels, and designer pillows.

Basic Cleaning Products

These can include sponges, paper towels, and all-purpose cleaners. This can help your guests clean up messes and spills. You can stock dishwashing supplies like scrubbers, dish detergents, and sponges. These vacation rental supplies can make it easier for guests to maintain a clean environment. Keep a vacuum cleaner or a broom in case the space needs deeper cleaning.

Kitchen Essentials

Glasses, plates, and mugs in the kitchen can increase the convenience of your vacation home and help it feel homier. Have some pans, pots, and baking dishes for cooking meals. You may include a few kitchen appliances like a coffeemaker, toaster, or blender.

You can also add cutting boards, dish clothes, and trash cans. Guests may appreciate extras like salt and pepper and other spices. For a special touch, offer a basket of snacks, tea bags, and coffee pods.

Bath and Beauty Supplies

This can include conditioner, shampoo, soap, shaving cream, body wash, and toilet paper. You may want to add some extras for your guests, such as cotton swabs, cotton balls, and lotion. Place items like toilet brushes and a bathroom plunger for larger bathrooms.

Entertainment and Comfort Items

You can provide your guests with a TV with streaming capabilities or books to keep book lovers busy. Board games can encourage guests to spend time together during their stays.

If your rental is near bike trails, consider including some bikes or maps of the trails. Invest in comfortable outdoor furniture, such as lounge chairs and patio umbrellas. You can also invest in pool supplies if your rental has a pool.

Garage Supplies

Stock items like extra bike and car racks, coolers, beach umbrellas, and fishing equipment. Guests may need beach chairs, toys, or snorkeling equipment if you are located near a beach or lake. Check with local regulations to see what is allowed at the beaches in your area.

Include a first aid kit in the garage for minor injuries. Stock basic tools like wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers.

Welcome Packet

You can customize the packet to suit the needs of your guests. It should include helpful information guests can use during their stay.

A welcome packet can include things like:

  • Local restaurant guide
  • Emergency contact information
  • Maps
  • WIFI passwords
  • List of amenities available

You may want to include items like a gift card or handwritten note. This thoughtful touch can be appreciated by your guests and make them feel welcome in their vacation homes.

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Tips for Buying Vacation Rental Products

  • Know Your Guests

If you are renting a family home, you might need to stock items that can accommodate the needs of each person. Stock up on toys for the kids and adult-friendly entertainment.

  • Do Your Research

Research online and check out reviews of different products. Get feedback from people who have used the products. This can give you an idea of which items are most suitable for your rental.

  • Look into the Location

If you rent a beach house in the summer, you might want to stock up on beach umbrellas and chairs. If you rent a cabin in the winter, you may want to include items like sleds and snow shovels. Think ahead to provide your guest with all they might need.

  • Buy in Bulk

Buying large quantities at once can mean discounts from wholesalers and vendors. You can save on costs and have enough items to cover all your vacation rental needs and then some.

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Stock Up on Vacation Rental Supplies

Stocking your vacation rental can require careful deliberation of what your guests might need during their stay. Buying the right vacation rental supplies can improve your guests’ experience. Create a list of all essentials, set a budget, and work towards making your rental property a vacationer’s dream.


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