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Annabella Stoermer Coleman Net Worth, Bio, Career Updates in 2023

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is an American celebrity who rose to prominence as a result of her sister’s popularity. Her sister is the talented actress Zendaya Maree Stoermer, who is widely recognized for her role as MJ in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

She was born in 1999 in the United States of America; consequently, she holds American citizenship. However, she has not yet disclosed her exact date and place of birth to the media.

Quick Facts About Annabella Stoermer Coleman

Full Name

Annabella Stoermer Coleman



Year of birth



23 years

Place of birth

Oakland, California, United States of America
Current residence

Oakland, California








Net Worth

$15 million




Body Measurements


Hair Colour



Kazembe Ajamu Coleman


Claire Stoermer


Marital Status


Relationship status


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Who is Annabella Stoermer Coleman?

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is the famous actress Zendaya’s sister. In recent years, Zendaya has gained notoriety for her outstanding performances in Spiderman films. Annabella is one of Zendaya’s five siblings.

People argue about the urban legend that Zendaya is Annabella’s adopted sibling due to their dissimilar facial structures. This has never been confirmed, however. Annabelle has five siblings in total, including three sisters and two brothers.

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, and Katianna Stoermer Coleman are her sisters. Julien Stoermer Coleman and Austin Stoermer Coleman are the names of her brothers.


Annabella Stoermer Coleman is expected to be 22 years old in 2022, although this information has not been confirmed. We do not know much about her early life, education, or profession due to the lack of available information. As a result, nobody is aware of Annabelle Stoemer Coleman’s actual birthday.

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Early Life

Anabella’s family consists of eight members, including her parents, three siblings, two brothers, and herself. She was born and raised in the country, as was her entire family.

Throughout their childhood, their parents have provided adequate care and instilled in them the value of family. Due to their excellent upbringing, they are all still together, and Zendaya enjoys living with her family despite her fame.

Physical Appearance

Stoermer’s body is extremely attractive and seductive, with nearly perfect curves. She is a lovely woman who stands 165 centimeters tall and weighs approximately 55 kilograms.

In addition, her dark complexion and brown eyes complement her dark brown hair beautifully. Her bra size is 38B, her waist measurement is 33, and her hip measurement is 34.

Education Qualification

The daughter of Kazembe Ajamu Coleman is highly educated and completed her primary and secondary education in her hometown. After that, she earned a college degree from a prestigious institution. In addition, she is pursuing an advanced degree at the American University.

Net Worth

According to numerous sources, Annabelle is devoting the majority of her time to her job and performing well. However, her exact earnings and net worth remain unknown to the public.

Zendaya, her sister, will have a net worth of $15 million in 2023. Her acting career and diligence have contributed to her total income.

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Relationship Status 

Annabelle appears to be single at the moment, as neither she nor any of her publicists have ever acknowledged her dating history. Annabelle is currently more focused on her education and career than on pursuing a romantic relationship. Annabelle’s previous romantic relationships and adventures are similarly unknown. Coleman has never been involved in any scandals or rumors.

Life Style

Annabelle Stoermer Coleman was raised with the help of her father. Annabella grew up in a wealthy family because her father was a painter-turned-teacher and her own family became wealthy. After some time, her father quit coaching to become her half-manager sister and bodyguard, as well as her manager.

As Zendaya’s popularity grew, the spotlight started to fall not only on Zendaya but additionally on her family.

Social Media

Regarding her personal life, she has made it clear that she does not wish to be the subject of attention or rumors, and she does not have any social media accounts.

Annabelle Stoermer Coleman does not currently use social media, so there is no picture of her on the internet.

During a previous interview, Zendaya’s siblings stated that they dislike posting on their social media accounts and prefer to live a private life.


She is a well-known American character with international renown, but she is not a celebrity; therefore, why has she attained such renown? Her sister is a well-known character in a number of noteworthy television series. In addition, she has appeared in films alongside the renowned American actor Robert Downey, Jr. In contrast, Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s fame has risen due to her sister’s accomplishments.

Her family is among the most distinguished in the United States. Her father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, is a fitness instructor. In contrast, her mother is Claire Stoermer, and she is a housewife; however, numerous sources indicate that she is a teacher in the United States.

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Is Annabella Dating Anyone at Present?

The sister of Zendaya is currently single and has not yet shared information about her boyfriend or affairs on social media.

It appears that she is currently avoiding relationships in favor of focusing on her career. However, we will keep you informed if she reveals any information about her life to the media.

Who are Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s Parents?

Her father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, is an African-American fitness trainer. His father changed his name from Samuel David Coleman after reconciling with his Nigerian relatives.

Although Annabella’s biological mother is unknown, her stepmother, Claire Stoermer, is a primary school educator. Coleman and Claire wed shortly after Coleman met Claire while working as a high school teacher in Oakland. Annabella’s stepmother is a former educator who now owns the handcrafted jewelry business Kizzmet Jewellery.

Who are Zendaya’s Siblings?

Annabella has five older siblings: Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, Austin Stoerman Coleman, and Julien Stoermer Coleman; and Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, her half-sister. Almost all of her older siblings are married and have children of their own. In addition, her sister Zendaya is engaged to Tom Holland.

Is Zendaya a Twin?

No reports indicate that she has a twin. In late 2019 there were rumors that the Emmy Award winner had a twin sibling. This follows the appearance of photos of Aisha Mian, an actress, YouTuber, and social media star, online. Aisha Main has starred in several television programs, including Netflix Dreams (2020), 2020, House of Creators (2021), and More Than Just Me (2020). (2021).

Was Annabella’s Sister Zendaya Adopted?

Zendaya, the half-sister of Annabella, was not adopted by her family. The misunderstanding or myth stems from the fact that Zendya’s facial characteristics differ from those of her sisters.

Kazembe, the father of Coleman, wed Claire Stoermer, a white woman of German and Scottish ancestry. And she was the mother of the actress from Euphoria. Zendaya and Kazembe are not from the same womb, despite the fact that their father is virtually identical.

Who is Julien Stoermer Coleman?

He is the oldest child in the Coleman family. Julien, also known as EZ, prefers to keep his private life private; therefore, no information about him has been disclosed. Together, he and his wife, Sonja, have three children.

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Annabella Stoermer Coleman gained prominence due primarily to her sister Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. Therefore, it is required to mention her accomplishments here.

This was all about Zendaya Maree Stoemer Coleman’s sister Annabella. It is essential to recognize that Annabella is not a prominent social figure and that her sister Zendaya is her only social media presence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How old is Annabella Stoermer Coleman?

She will be 23 years old in 2023.

Is Annabella Stoermer Coleman Her Real Name?

Annabelle Coleman is not her real name. Claire Stoermer, her stepmother, gave her the surname Stoermer.

Does Zendaya Stoermer Coleman have a sister?

Katianna Stoermer Coleman, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, and Kaylee Stoermer Coleman are Zendaya’s three sisters.

Is Zendaya adopted?

Zendaya is the only biological child of her parents, but she has five older half-siblings, including her “EZ”-nicknamed older brother, Julien Coleman.

Does Annabella Use Any Social Media?

Annabelle has kept her social media accounts private because she values her privacy. However, her image appears infrequently on Zendaya’s social media platforms.

Where Does Annabella Live?

Annabelle is a very active individual. She travels frequently, and when she is not traveling, she resides in Oakland, California, United States.

Is Zendaya the youngest in her family?

Zendaya is the youngest sibling of six.

Who is Zendaya’s brother or sister?

Zendaya has five half-siblings, but she is the only child born from Claire and Kazeem Coleman’s own eggs. She has three half-sisters: Annabella, Katianna, and Kaylee. Do any of Zendaya’s family members reside nearby? Her two half-brothers are called Austin and Julien.

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