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Archie Heaton Matsuura’s Net Worth, Bio, and Career Updates in 2023

Archie Heaton Matsuura is a celebrity child because his parents, Charlie Heaton, and Akiko Matsuura, are both well-known figures in the entertainment industry.

Charlie is an actor, whereas Akiko is a musician from Japan. Archie Heaton Matsuura’s father appeared as Jonathan in the Netflix series Stranger Things and had an important role in the plot. As a result of this series, Archie Heaton gained prominence.

In this article, we will examine Archie Heaton Matsuura’s biography, date of birth, age, parents, and other details. Let’s begin with a summary of her profile.

Quick Facts About Archie Heaton Matsuura


Archie Heaton Matsuura

Date of birth

19 May 2014


8 years

Zodiac sign












Famous For

Celebrity’s child


$5 million





Eye Color

Dark brown

Hair Color


Sexual Orientation



Charlie Heaton


Akiko Matsuura

Marital Status


Favorite Game


Archie Heaton Matsuura Biography

Charles Ross Heaton, also known as Charlie Heaton, is an English actor and musician. While he is best known for his role as Jonathan Byers from Netflix’s popular Sci-Fi series Stranger Things (2016), he is multi-talented. He began his professional life as a drummer for the rock band Comanechi.

He had also acted in many other movies even before he starred in Stranger Things. Notable projects on which he has worked include AsYou Are, Marrowbone, The New Mutants, No Future, and the second installment of The Souvenir.

Archie Heaton Matsuura’s Age

On May 19, 2014, Archie Heaton Matsuura was born in London, England. Heaton is eight years old at the time of writing and will turn nine years old in May 2023.

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Early Life and Childhood

In their youth, Archie’s parents, Akiko Matsuura and Charlie Heaton dated. During their professional collaboration as members of the band Comanechi, they fell in love.

On May 19, 2014, their son Archie Heaton Matsuura was born as a result of their successful romance. Unfortunately, they separated a year after Archie’s birth because Charlie was not prepared to be a father at age 20.

After his parents’ divorce, he lived in London with his mother. He attends elementary school because his mother has met his requirements. She is a courageous woman seated next to her son, serving as the pillar.

Height, Weight & Body Measurements

Archie is a boy of age eight. He has dark brown hair and eyes. He is approximately 1.15m tall and weighs approximately 44lbs (27kgs).

Archie Heaton Matsuura’s Education

Archie has recently begun his education. He is currently enrolled in an elementary school. As the only child of his parents, he will receive the best education. Archie excels at athletics and has a strong passion for sports. He enjoys playing both soccer and basketball. Both of his parents are pleased, and his father also enjoys basketball.


Archie Heaton Matsuura is a prominent figure in British culture. Both of his parents are well-known; his mother is a professional Japanese musician, and his father is a well-known actor. When he was just one year old, his parents divorced.

Following their divorce, his mother obtained custody and raised him with love and care. Because of his father, who rose to prominence after starring in the 2016 television series Stranger Things, he became well-known.

Net worth

Archie Heaton Matsuura does not have an estimated net worth, which is understandable. His father, however, Charlie Heaton, has an estimated net worth of approximately $5 million. As a multiple-award-winning film actor, Charlie earns a living in the film industry.

Too young to own and manage social media accounts is Archie Heaton Matsuura. Additionally, his parents have not created a social media account in his name, so there is no official Archie Heaton account.

While you’re still here, please share your thoughts on Archie Heaton Matsuura in the comment section. Is he one of your favorite young celebrities? What is your favorite characteristic of him? Inform me about it.

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Social Media

Due to his father’s fame, he is a socially active individual. He utilizes various social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram page has more than 6,300,000,000 followers. He enjoys sharing his work-related posts. If you are a fan of him and want to know more about him, click on the following links to get his updates.





Who is Archie Heaton Matsuura’s Parents?

Charlie Ross Heaton (Father)

Charlie Heaton, who was born on February 6, 1994, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, is a well-known actor in the series Stranger Things. His mother raised him in a small coastal town in Yorkshire.

Before joining his acting career, he used to involve in different bands. Then he began playing drums for the noise-rock band Comanechi. In 2013, the Comanechi band released an album. Following this, he joined the London-based band, Half Loon.

Regarding his acting career, he began appearing on British television. Initially, he appeared in ITV crime series such as DCI Banks and Vera and medical dramas such as Casualty. In 2016, however, he made his debut in the thriller film Shut In, following years of struggle and effort.

Finally, he landed the role of Jonathan Byers on the supernatural drama series “Stranger Things,” in which he starred. The premiere season was released in July 2016 and gained worldwide popularity.

In 2017, he was presented with a “Screen Actors Guild Award” in recognition of his rising popularity due to the success of Jonathan Byers.

Akiko Matsuura (Mother)

The mother of Archie Heaton Matsuura is Akiko Matsuura. She was born in Osaka, Japan, on November 2, 1980. She has 42 years of age The name Keex is also associated with her participation in multiple British rock bands in the United Kingdom. Akiko Matsuura is the only offspring of her parents. They used to make a living in a barbecue restaurant.

She is a drummer and singer from Japan. Akiko Matsuura previously played drums for Big Pink. She also collaborated with Simon Petrovich and performed with bands such as Pre and Comanechi.

As a member of Pre, she has released a variety of singles and EPs, including Treasure Trails, on labels including Skin Graft Records, Lovepump United, Blood of the Drash, and Merok. She also runs the Sperm Javelin side project.

Archie Heaton Matsuura’s Parents’ Marriage

Akiko Matsuura is the drummer and backup vocalist for the English electronic rock group The Big Pink. Charlie and Akiko met while Heaton was the drummer and Matsuura was the lead singer of the noise rock band Commanechi. During his tour with the band, he fell in love with Matsuura.

After the birth of Archie, the couple separated. Regarding their breakup, neither of them has ever made a statement. Charlie is not only notoriously private but also notoriously reluctant to share photographs of his son.

Archie Heaton Matsuura’s Parents’ Separation

A source told The Sun that Charlie was only 20 years old when he became a father. According to the source, Charlie and Matsuura met when they were teenagers. They crossed paths while working for the band Comanechi.

They soon became guardians; however, they were unable to advance their relationship and were immediately isolated, despite their separation occurring many years ago. In addition, the former sweetheart and boyfriend have not discussed their feelings or the reason for their breakup.

Despite their separation, Charlie and Matsuura have maintained a cordial relationship with their child. Currently, the Japanese-born performer is not known to be involved in a romantic relationship, whereas Charlie is dating his long-term sweetheart Natalia Dyer.

Where is Archie Heaton Matsuura Now? 

Currently, nine-year-old Archie Heaton Matsuura resides with his mother Matsuura in London, England. The mother of the child is a drummer and singer for the English band Pre.

In contrast, Charlie’s father spends the majority of his time in Los Angeles, United States, due to work obligations. Due to this, Charlie spends relatively little time with his son.

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This article discusses Archie Heaton Matsuura’s family and private life. In addition, you can obtain some interesting facts and all the pertinent information regarding Archie Heaton. The only reason he is a celebrity child is because of his parents, Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura.

His father is a musician and a well-known actor, and his mother is a musician and expert on the drums in Japan. He currently resides with his mother because his parents are divorced. He studies and plays games, and he may become an actor like his father.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Archie Heaton Matsuura?

Who is Archie Heaton Matsuura, the son of Charlie Heaton? According to GQ, Archie Heaton was born in his father’s native England in 2014, when his father was 20 years old. Charlie’s son is reported to live primarily with his mother, Akiko Matsuura, who Charlie met and dated as a teen.

What is the net worth of Archie Heaton Matsuura in 2023? 

He was born into a wealthy family. He is too young to earn even a penny. In addition, his father’s estimated net worth as of January 2023 is between $5 and $6 million.

When was Archie Heaton Matsuura born?

2014-05-19 He was born on the 19th of May.

Why is Archie Heaton Matsuura Famous?

Yes, Archie is a celebrity child, given that his father is a ‘Stranger Things’ star and his mother, Akiko Matsuura, is a Japanese rock drummer and British vocalist.

Does Archie have any Official Social Media Accounts?

No, he currently has no official social media accounts.

Who is Archie Heaton Matsuura’s Father?

The father of Charlie Heaton is an English actor and musician.

Who is Archie Heaton Matsuura’s Mom?

The mother of Archie Heaton Matsuura is named Akiko Keex Matsuura. Akiko, a vocalist, and drummer based in the United Kingdom was born on November 2, 1980 in Osaka, Japan, and is 42 years old as of 2022. She first met Charlie when she was a teenager; they quickly became friends and began dating, but for unknown reasons, they broke up shortly after the birth of Archie.

Where is Archie Heaton Matsuura now?

His mother is raising him in London after his parents divorced shortly after his birth, although he still sees his father.

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