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Things You May Not Realize Use Paper Cores

Paper cores are cylindrical tubes of paper that provide structure and stability to various items. These cylindrical tubes are an integral part of every household and commercial establishment. Paper core manufacturers make paper cores for multiple applications ranging from paper towel rolls to packing material. This article explores the different uses of paper cores.

Textile Storage

Paper cores are used in the textile industry to store and transport fabrics like carpet yarn and denim. There are two common types of paper cores in the textiles industry:

Convolute Paper Cores

Convolute paper cores comprise a single cardboard sheet and heavy-duty adhesives. Manufacturers roll the cardboard in on itself, with a layer of adhesive placed on each cardboard layer to create a circular tube.

The layers on a convolute paper core make it sturdy enough to support the weight of heavy fabrics. Convolute paper cores are ideal for storing material leaned up against vertical spaces.

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Spiral Paper Cores

Paper core manufacturers make spiral paper cores by diagonally rolling a single cardboard sheet to create a spiral-like structure. They place adhesive on each layer for maximum strength. The spiral design keeps fabrics from getting crushed when people stack many cores on top of each other.

Spiral paper cores provide suitable storage for fabrics shipped long distances. The cores retain shape when stored in tight spaces, keeping fabric from getting crushed in transit.

Storage for Small Engineering Products

Small engineering parts are delicate and break easily if not appropriately packaged during transport. Medium-sized paper cores are ideal for storing tiny engineering goods that must maintain proper balance and precision.

The right size cores provide a snug fit that keeps tiny parts from moving within the packaging when transported across long distances.

Food and Beverage Packaging

Many beverage industries package alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in strong paper cores. The cores keep cans and bottles from getting crushed or breaking in storage and during transport. Many food industries also use paper cores to store dry foods such as potato chips, coffee grounds, biscuits, and powdered beverages.

Paper cores for food packaging comprise composite fiber that protects delicate foods. The material used on paper cores also prevents moisture infiltration, which helps maintain the freshness.

Paper cores are a convenient food packaging material because manufacturers can make them in almost any size and shape. They are lightweight, making them easier to carry, and you can open them faster than metal cans.

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Paper Manufacturing and Printing

Cores have multiple uses in the paper manufacturing and printing industry during the production of labels, business cards, newspapers, and other printed products. Paper cores provide support and help maintain the shape of the paper during printing.

Paper cores are also useful for making thin sheets of paper, such as newspapers. When making newspapers, manufacturers use paper cores to thin the paper and separate it into sheets. They then dry the sheets of paper by rolling them around paper cores with roughened exteriors. The cores keep the paper from getting warped, which helps it maintain its shape for printing.

Jute Winding

Jute is a fiber used to make yarn, twine, carpet backing cloth, and sacks. You may also find jute fiber woven into curtains, rugs, and chair coverings, while textile industries use the finest threads to make imitation silk.

The fiber is spun to break it into thin threads that are easier to work with, then wound to produce yarn. Jute winding requires the use of several attached paper cores. This process stretches the material while winding maintains its quality. The friction from jute winding causes paper cores to lose their rough exterior, so manufacturers must change them after some time.

Tapes, Film and Cable Winding

Adhesive tape manufacturers wind the adhesive tape around a polished paper core. The polished outer skin on the paper core makes it easy for the tape to slide around it. Paper core offers a better alternative to plastic since it is easier to dispose of.

Polished paper cores are easier to handle, which makes them an excellent option for winding up polyester films and audio tapes. Foil and cling film manufacturers also wind their end products around paper cores before packaging.

Paper cores are also used for storing cables and wires and cables. Besides the plastic spools and cable drums, you can also find paper core spools and paper drums.

The Best Paper Core Manufacturers

Paper cores have versatile uses in various industries, with a demand that continues to grow. They are made from environmentally friendly materials. Paper core material is easily manipulated, and be can resized to fit customer preferences, which adds to its versatility.


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