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Zachary Taylor Warner Net Worth, Bio, Career Updates in 2023

Zachary Taylor Warner’s net worth is $10,000. He is famous for being the stepson of former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, who played for 12 seasons. In addition, he is the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl as the starting quarterback. In his playing career, he has set numerous milestones, including the greatest average passing yards on Monday Night Football and the highest percentage of games with 300+ passing yards.

His mother Brenda Carney Meoni (now Brenda Warner), like his father, is also a career-oriented individual. Zachary’s mother is a former member of the United States Marine Corps, a philanthropist, and a social media influencer. As the son of prominent figures, Zachery has always been in the spotlight. In addition, as the news of his infirmity spread to the media, he became a big topic of discussion. What is the actuality?

We are here to answer any of your questions about Zachary Taylor Warner, the eldest son of Kurt Warner and Brenda Warner, including his age, the truth about his infirmities, his interests, and his net worth.

Who is Zachary Taylor Warner?

Many recognize Zachary Taylor Warner as the son of Kurt Warner. Zachary, however, is the step-son of Kurt. Taylor was Brenda Warner and her ex-kid. husband’s After Brenda remarried Kurt, though, Kurt embraced Zachary as his son.

Zach’s unique journey began when his biological father unintentionally put him on his head as an infant. He barely survived, but the accident rendered him partially blind and disabled.

Zach eventually became the first resident of the Treasure House and a crucial founding member of the Treasure House. Currently, Treasure houses an increasing number of individuals with cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Quick Fact


Zachary Taylor Warner

Nick Name

Zack, Zach

Birth Date

 29 April 1989


33 Years Old

Place Of Birth

United States Of America

Current Residence

United States Of America

Zodiac Sign




Marital Status


Net Worth



Aspiring Footballer




6 feet 2 inches


69 kg


Kurt Warner (Adoptive)Neil (Biological)


Brenda Warner


Jesse Jo, Kade, Jada Jo, Elijah, Sienna, and Sierra

Favorite Colors


Favorite Sports



Zack was born in the United States and reared with his siblings by his parents. After birth, he was a healthy infant, and nothing was wrong with him until several months later. Zachary grew up with a sister named Jesse before his mother married Kurt Warner and gave him a brother named Kade.

Taylor’s childhood was difficult because he had to live with a condition he did not inherit. As a result, he has only attended special schools, for which his mother and stepfather have made significant sacrifices. He attended a private high school in the area. Zachary entered the institution and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He attended a private high school in the area. Zachary entered the institution and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

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Early Life

Zachary, who was born on 29 April 1989, as the son of Neil and Brenda Carney Meoni, is of white ethnicity. Some astrologers assert that he was born under the Taurus zodiac sign. Regarding his nationality, Zachary is an American citizen.

Zachary’s biological father fell him on his head when he was a baby, resulting in a severe injury. Taylor and Jesse, his sister, grew up together. During his mother’s marriage to Kurt Warner, he received a new sibling named Kade. Jesse Jo Warner, Kada Warner, Jada Jo Warner, Elijah Warner, Sienna, and Sierra Warner are his siblings.


2021 saw the appearance of Zachary Taylor Warner in the American sports biography American Underdog. The film is based on the life of Zachary’s father, Kurt Warner, hence he is associated with it. Even the entire family attended the movie at the theater. Hayden Zaller, an actor, portrayed the character of Zachary in this sports film.

Being completely blind during his career, the stepson of an NFL player appears to be unemployed. Yet, Zachary’s excitement for singing is genuinely individual. His mother Brenda once posted a video of him singing along with the description.

Net Worth 

Zachary Taylor Warner has a net worth of around $10,000. The majority of his money comes from his parents. In addition, he is a social media influencer.

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Relationship and Girlfriend

He does not appear to be involved in any romantic relationships, nor is he married. Physically handicapped, he enjoys his single life with his large family of six siblings and parents with whom he shares a strong bond.

As her firstborn, his mother adores him greatly. According to his mother’s Instagram stories, he is a devoted uncle to his niece and a devoted sibling to all of his siblings.


The parents of Zach Taylor are Brenda Warner and Kurt Warner. Zach has a biological father who is nameless. But, once Zach’s biological father cheated on his mother, they eventually divorced.

Kurt was a struggling 21-year-old quarterback at the University of Northern Iowa when his mother met him. Each was battling in their own endeavors. Brenda, a single mother of two, and Kurt, a struggling quarterback, were not interested in romantic relationships.

Yet, as if the cosmos willed it, they were forced into a dancing partnership against their will. Their 29-year romance has now inspired the new drama American Underdog.

After retiring from the NFL, Kurt has taken a backseat to Brenda, who is now the center of attention. Former actress Brenda is now a well-known evangelical speaker who draws inspiration from Christian women and spreads the message of hope and faith.


Zachary has six siblings in all. Brenda and Kurt are the parents of seven children, including him. He has one biological sister, Jesse Jo, and five half-siblings. Seven Warners consist of Kade, Jada, Elijah, and Sienna and Sierra, who are twins.

How Did Zachary Warner Become Blind?

Zack was between three and four months old when he sustained severe brain damage that rendered him crippled. According to the legend, his birth father, Neil, was holding him in the bathroom when he fell and struck his head on the bathtub. Landing on his head as an infant was devastating and left him with life-threatening injuries.

Zachary Taylor Warner is still alive 33 years later, but as anticipated, his life is anything but regular. Owing to the brain damage he sustained, the young boy’s motor abilities are impaired and he is nearly blind. He struggles to perform even the most basic duties, such as feeding himself.

Is Zachary Taylor Warner Active On Social Media?

Warner does not have accounts on any social networking sites, including Facebook or Instagram. But, this does not mean that people cannot observe him performing his duties.

Although he does not have a personal social media account, we can find him on his mother’s Instagram with 17,2k followers under the username @brendawarner. Brenda, his mother, continues to share images of Zachary via Instagram.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Zachary Warner Famous?

Zach got recognized because of his father, the former NFL player Kurt Warner. He was born with his vision, but his biological father placed him on the floor, causing him to hit his head. Zach lived but had a lasting brain impairment known as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), which resulted in his blindness. He was also the impetus behind the founding of the Treasure House in Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Is Zachary Warner Married?

There is no record of any past relationships between Zachary Warner and any other person. With his situation, it may be challenging but not impossible to find someone who will accept him as he is.

What is Zach Warner’s Age in 2023?

The age of Zach Warner is 33 years old. On April 29, 1989, he was born to Brenda Warner and her ex-husband, Neil.

How did partial blindness happen to Zachary Taylor Warner?

In January 1990, her ex-husband dropped 3-month-old Zach into the bathtub, resulting in a severe brain injury that left him partially blind and with developmental difficulties.

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